‘Ya gotta believe.

Remember when I posted this?

… If I had to put my finger on what’s wrong, I’d call it a crisis of faith.  I don’t mean that in a religious sense.  (By the way, of all the arguments I’ve seen about what’s wrong, blaming Coach Richt’s religious convictions for the slide has to rank as the dumbest.)  Rather, it’s a systemic doubt:  the coaches lack faith in the players to execute and the players lack faith in the coaches’ ability to deploy them efficiently and effectively.

Kinda like this:

Georgia coach Mark Richt thinks his team’s two most improved players since the spring might be safety Shawn Williams and linebacker Darryl Gamble.

You’d expect a sophomore, like Williams, to be making major strides at this point. But Gamble’s progress is particularly noteworthy since he’s a fifth-year senior who started 11 games last season and switched positions in the final week of spring practice, shifting from inside linebacker to outside.

Gamble credits the influence of defensive coordinator and outside linebackers coach Todd Grantham.

“I guess it’s like finding love for the game again because I was in a slump,” said Gamble, adding that he and former linebackers coach John Jancek “didn’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Having Coach Grantham here just gives me an extra boost of energy.”

I’m not saying that a change in attitude solves everything in one fell swoop.  But it’s sure a good place to start.


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  1. Jim from Duluth

    Something else regarding Gamble .. he actually does have one big noteworthy game on his resume. He earned various national player of the week award – overall or specifically for defense – from the 2008 LSU game in Baton Rouge. Gamble bookended that game with 2 ‘pick 6s’ and we won 52-38 in a Tiger Stadium afternoon tilt on CBS.



  2. 69Dawg

    John Jancek worst hire of the Mark Richt Era. He was going to red shirt Renne until Mark ordered him to play him. This guy was just awful at coaching them up. His LB’s could not recognize any delayed passes nor cover any RB or TE out of the back field. He and Fab’s loss of mind after too long coaching kick offs are the main reasons CMR had to fire Willie.

    I watched the 1981 Sugar Bowl on ESPN Classics this afternoon. The D should have to watch it over and over to see how an undersized bunch of guys beat a bigger and really better team without any help from their O to speak off. Vince Dooley should be placing flowers at Erk’s grave until the day he dies because by Dawg Erk’s guys won that game.


    • DirkDawggler

      Amen to that. Erk’s guys absolutely laid down their life in that game. Too bad Erk wasn’t around against Penn State in the ’83 Sugar Bowl. We played horrible defense that game.


  3. Chadwick

    Jancek completely lost the respect and support of his linebacking corps. You can’t be an effective coach without having the respect of your players. To say he was not an effective coach is an understatement. Kudos to Gamble for sticking it out under the circumstances and poor coaching he received.


  4. Prov

    I just tackled the dog. Can’t wait for the season.


  5. RumDawg

    “I’m not saying that a change in attitude solves everything in one fell swoop.”

    Don’t say it then, Senator. I’ll say it for you –

    A change in attitude solves everything in one fell swoop.


  6. Brandon

    Our major problem in recent years has been that our defense sucked, you can call it a crisis of faith of coaches in the player or players in the coaches but I don’t think that has really bled over into the other side of the ball. The offense has generally been good enough to win big, the defense not so much.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      YES ! The D sucked …..but through the turnovers they had the O created a lot of vacuum as well.


      • Brandon

        I certainly understand your frustration about the turnovers, I think turnovers are more of a function of personnel and luck than bad coaching though. Joe Cox just periodically lost his mind and made bad decisions I don’t think his proneness to the pick was indicative of bad coaching by Richt and Bobo. Offense also depends extremely heavily on the QB position, if Murray struggles this year its going to hurt our production even though we have 10 other returning starters that’s the worst place to have an unproven guy, he should improve as the year goes on though.


  7. Zdawg

    Anyone think it was also a testament to the d’s character that we didn’t hear more griping from them when we had Willie and co? Even when the coaches seemed to throw them under the bus?

    I get a sense that this D is just biting their tongue and wanting to go out and prove something this year.


  8. jferg

    I wonder if the opposite is true for any players. You know how some recruits are very attached to and in sync with certain coaches. And when they leave, the recruits are no longer interested in the school. Are there any D guys who preferred the old coaches to the new? Just curious…