“Those other cats, they have to slay their own dragons.”

From a great Mike Leach interview with Richard Deitsch at SI.com, you gotta love this:

SI.com: Have you soured on college football?

Leach: No, not at all. Even at Tech, there was a lot of great years. In the 10 years I was there, a lot of the disruption was the revolving door. Tech is a school that has both a Chancellor and a President, and in 10 years we had three chancellors and five presidents. And I got along with two chancellors and four presidents, which I think is pretty high, really.

Pretty good batting average… although he didn’t take a swing at this fastball:

SI.com: Can an analyst who is involved in litigation with a school be objective about a school’s football team?

Leach: I think they can about the team, certainly. Anything that I had going did not involve the team. There are a couple of administrators at the top who had agendas of their own, and bottom line wanted to save money to the extent where they have not even paid me for last year. So I think that’s on them and not the team. When I was there I thought we had the best fans in college football and it was the most prosperous 10 years Texas Tech ever had. We won more bowl games than Texas Tech had in all the rest of their history combined. We had the highest graduation rate of any public institution in America for the last two years of any Top 25 team. I think there was a lot to be proud of for our players, our fans and our coaches who contributed to that. Those other cats, they have to slay their own dragons.

The cool response would have been, “I think that’s a better question for Craig James.”



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4 responses to ““Those other cats, they have to slay their own dragons.”

  1. Siskey

    I believe that Texas Tech will really regret this. What more could he have done at Tech? While I doubt that they were ever going to win the Big 12 or a National Championship, Leach did bring alot of attention to a program that at least for me was best known before his arrival for beating the hell out of Spurrier and Duke the year before he took over at Florida. I foresee a Texas Tech that is no longer relevant and joins the Mountain West or WAC when Texas screws the rest of the Conference and joins the Pac 10 or SEC in 2014-2015.

    I think that Leach will make a fine College Foootball commentator. They should pair him with one of their more over the top commentators. He will make a hell of a straight man to one of them.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I must respectfully disagree. While I am sympathetic to Leach in the litigation and feel he did a good job at TTU, I also believe TTU made an excellent hire in TT. Look for TTU to be a contender in the Big 12-2 really soon.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Senator, you nearly got yourself a computer repair bill there. I nearly shot coffee all over my laptop when I got to the “I think that’s a better question for Craig James” line.


    • Macallanlover

      Kudos, the best response possible, Senator. Hope someone shares it with The Pirate as he will undoubtedly get that question again.