Wednesday brunch buffet

Umm, umm good…

  • Chris Low says, “This signing class could be what puts Auburn over the top this season.” How reasonable an expectation is that in the SEC?
  • And the final word from Arkansas on Hatgate – hey, don’t accuse us of being as over-the-top as some of our fan base is!
  • John Pennington says Dawgnation shouldn’t read too much into Darryl Gamble’s comments about the coaching change.  I guess if Gamble had said the new coaches didn’t know what they were doing, that would have been significant.
  • Once you get past the insults and craziness, Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog makes some good points about what’s wrong with the Coaches Poll.
  • This general look at what’s involved in changing from a 4-3 defensive scheme to a 3-4 is worth a read, but some of the comments are hilarious.  Gallows humor is alive and well at Washington State.
  • Poor ole Corch Meyers “Meyer said Tuesday his team’s abundance of highly rated freshmen is a challenge in Florida’s current recruiting efforts.” I’ll bet you there are over 100 head coaches who’d be happy to swap problems, Corch.
  • Mark Richt updates the depth chart, sort of.
  • Neat piece by Year2 at Team Speed Kills about the end of first time national champs in college football.
  • I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see A.J. Green’s momma give Mark Curles a piece of her mind.


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16 responses to “Wednesday brunch buffet

  1. Ben

    Great piece about A.J. I don’t usually peruse the WWL’s site, so I appreciate you aggregating all the good stuff!


  2. The Realist

    Pennington is such a Negative Nancy.

    It may be sour grapes, but it’s not exactly news that the UGA linebackers have grossly underperformed the last few years under Jancek’s watch. Whether he or the players are to blame is still up for debate, I suppose. But, if your position seems to be where talent goes to die, the position coach needs to be canned. I haven’t heard many UGA fans pipe up in Jancek’s defense over the past eight months either.


    • Vindexdawg

      Yes, he is an urnge dork. I guess that from his viewpoint, the more time he can spend thinking up non-reasons to snipe at UGA, the less time he has to spend on things like that criminal brawl at Bar Knoxville. Title of his website is a total misnomer; why doesn’t he just call it Mr. and have done with it?


  3. anon

    That AJ piece makes me want to look up his class schedule just so I can block for him.

    Hurry up and get here, you football season!


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Marc Curles should burn in hell.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” profiled the Mulkey/Summerville story the day that those seniors graduated. AJ’s interviewed in the piece. It’s powerful, powerful stuff.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:


  6. Ward Eagle

    ESPN/Low/Signing Class/AU – Whatever. Chris Low is a decent writer at a craptacular media organization. Somedays decent writers pull out the “HEY FANS I NEED SOME WEB HITS TO JUSTIFY MY JOB” articles for their craptacular media organization.

    Serious question – Beyond terrific football coverage (anyone remember the 70s/80s) what value has ESPN to the college football fan?

    All that to say, I’m not clicking a link with the brilliant insight that a group of incoming freshman will put an SEC team “over the top”.


    • Exactly. Dyer sounds like he’s going to be a contributor, and that’s great, but where Auburn really needs help is depth on the defensive side. As to that, I doubt the Auburn coaches are thinking true freshmen = problem solved.


      • Ward Eagle

        Regretfully, it appears they are thinking incoming player (true freshmen, jucos, paid professionals, et al) might be better than what I had last year.

        …with all due respect to the fellas that played their butts off last year with little or no 2nd team support.


  7. Pumpdawg

    Happy Greg Blue day everybody!


  8. 69Dawg

    Ok I’m going to invoke my inter-Munson. I’m worried about the D. I know anything is better than last year but I’m still Munsoned. CTG has been a pro coach for 11 years which means he has not faced the types of spread options that are going to be common place in the SEC. Look no further than last year and the senior Kiffin, a great D coach but he had problems scheming the spread. He had absolutely no problems with the pro style as evidenced by his D’s killing us and fighting Ala to a standstill. How is CTG going to get the feel for a defense of the spread using the 3-4 until he has had some time to face it. Like it or not Groht (sp) at Tech has an advantage over CTG because he has coached against the spreads with the 3-4. I will now subdue my inter-Munson and hope like heck I’m wrong.


    • UGAmuffinman

      I have to agree with you in that I am worried about the D a whole lot more than in years past (not so much because of Grantham not being used to the spread, but because of personnel).

      I hate transition periods/growing pains and this season is going to see a lot of them. The D is going to get beaten some this year (reminiscent of last year) and we will all throw up our collective hands and yell some choice words.

      I’m confident it will all be fine once we recruit for the 3-4, but this year still has me plenty worried about how the D will play. We have talented guys playing, but they are learning a whole new system and that takes more time to learn than they have got.

      Not trying to be negative, just putting in my two cents. Glad to be here and I enjoy the blog very much, Senator.


  9. RE; Joe at Coaches Hot Seat
    What is it about Crazy People that feel They must randomly Capitalize words.