Big men at a big position

I was invited to take part in my first podcast – at the fine Oklahoma blog, Blatant Homerism (yes, the subject of a certain former defensive coordinator did come up) – and one of the subjects for discussion was the state of Georgia’s defensive line.  My thought was that DeAngelo Tyson had the lead in starting at the tackle position, but that the coaches seemed to hint that they wanted an excuse to play him at the end position.  That “excuse”, of course, would have to be confidence in Kwame Geathers/Justin Anderson’s ability to succeed in manning the tackle spot.

After the interview ended, I fired up Twitter, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t come across this story:

During his first two years at Georgia, Justin “Bean” Anderson made 12 starts as an offensive lineman. If the season started today, Anderson would make his 13th start — but his first as a defensive lineman.

Anderson, who converted to defense before spring practice, is in line to start at nose tackle, defensive line coach Rodney Garner said after Wednesday’s practice. DeAngelo Tyson, a starter last year at defensive tackle, would switch over to end.

Needless to say, that’s good news.  Even if the coaches are still sounding tentative about it.

“We are hoping (Anderson) he will continue to improve. He is not where we want him to be and where we need him to be,” Garner said. “I think Bean’s come along; he’s ahead of Geathers. But we need for Geathers to come along and keep working, too, because he has some ability.”

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said Anderson and Geathers have both stood out.

“Kwame and Bean have done a nice job, I noticed them in Saturday’s scrimmage, and that’s a good thing,” Grantham said. “The closer you are to the ball, the faster things happen, and as the nose, you’re right there. You have to react to the blocking schemes, and they’ve done well.”

If Grantham and Garner can fashion a functioning rotation at tackle, that’s a big step in putting a defense together that can play an effective 3-4 in the aggressive way Grantham wants.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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13 responses to “Big men at a big position

  1. DirkDawggler

    If these guys click, then that whole newfangled 3-4 thingy might just work out…


  2. Brandon

    Unrelated but I thought you guys would like this, Florida Democratic Senate Candidate channels Urban Meyer:

    “But Meek, a four-term congressman, whose mother once held the seat, sees a bigger difference: morals.

    “I have always said that Greene is a bad man, and you know that’s the only way I can put it because a lot of this stuff that he is known for is not good for people under 18,” Meek said.”

    See the full story at:


  3. 69Dawg

    Rodney seems to coach by negative comments. You are never good enough for him. He was always on the DT’s they were never ready, never much praise. At least CTG seems to praise players when they are trying. I think Garners guys get worn down by him. For all the pro DT’s we have we have never dominated on the line like that talent should have. Maybe it was the scheme he was made to coach to but we seem to be developing great pros but not great college DT’s.


    • Dog in Fla

      Rodney whose version of Live at Leeds was being raised by gunnery sargeants east of the perimeter in Birmingham and college ball under Head Coach Pat You’re Not Man Enough Dye east of nowhere at Auburn may not always use affimations as part of his motivational arsenal.


    • Noonan

      The d-line with Stroud, Seymour and Grant dominated.


      • Sanford222View

        Really? I don’t recall that line being dominant. I thought they under achieved as I feel with that much NFL talent they should have controlled games. I don’t recall them doing that.


  4. Mike

    The key to an effective 3-4 is the nose tackle position. (and of course, the two inside LBs) Without a fireplug at that spot, running teams can defeat that scheme with regularity.


  5. shane#1

    Ownes, Atkins, and kade played well last year. Nobody ran for much up the middle and Atkins did pretty well in the sack department. The problem with the D line was the defensive end spot. Other than Houston the Dawgs didn’t have one, just some linebackers playing end. I thought the Dawgs should have converted to the 3-4 last year to get some heat on the QB and have there three best linemen in the game at the same time. I thought the 3-4 would also free Curran up to hawk the ball more. My concern was at nose tackle. The Dawgs tackles were athletic but small.


  6. shane#1

    Should be their, sorry. My point was that the under performance last year came more form the ends, which was up to Coach Fabs.