“But that kind of got out of our control.”

By the time everybody in the state of Arkansas gets done weaseling out of responsibility for the insanity of Hatgate, Renee Gork will have been found to have fired herself.


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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Senator …. in HS I remember going to Northside HS to pick up a girl while wearing a Warner Robins Demons practice jersey. I hopped out of the car and said hi to someone I recognized on my way into the gym to find her. He stopped me and said….. “Hey pal… you do know where your at don’t you”.. I went back to the car and took off the jersey and put something else on.

    • I think that’s it exactly – all anybody had to do was pull her aside and ask her what she was thinking. Instead, they brought the crazy.

      • 69Dawg

        Senator one of her own co-employees ask her about the hat at the beginning of practice and she told him she wasn’t going to be around long that day. Later after not pulling the hat off even after Coach P said his thing she interviewed Ryan Mallet and asked him how he liked the hat. She either is a total Gayturd bi*ch or she wanted to be fired. This was reported on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday.

  2. Dog in Fla

    “Gork said Monday that she wrote a letter of apology addressed to Petrino.
    ‘I am truly sorry for disrespecting him and his team,’ she tweeted.”

    Gork makes graceful exit having learned how to apologize from the birdshot incident,

    “[T]he 78-year old Texas lawyer, who was peppered with birdshot by “Dead-Eye” Dick Cheney, apologized for the stress the accident had caused the vice president over the past few days.”

  3. jw

    well if you look at EVERYTHING she did in her short tenure at the station, firing was absolutely the right course of action. It actually sounds like it is what she WANTED, either that or, this girl is missing a gene.

  4. reipar

    I could not agree more jw. Based on the postings she made on her public FB page and choice of apparel it seems like she went out of her way to get fired.

    If that is the case it certainly worked for her.

    • I’m not really sure what you guys are referring to, but I might suggest that seeing the school and Petrino bailing out from claiming any involvement in her firing is a good indication that things went too far.

      • reipar

        FACEBOOK POST: “Renee Gork Capshaw really wishes I didn’t have to get ready and work this early on a Saturday..even if it is media day for the Razorbacks..if it was Florida that …would be a totally different story.

        “Renee Gork Capshaw is thinking how wrong my current status is…I’m sitting here in a Gator shirt, drinking lemonade out of a Gator glass, looking at the big Gator on my diploma yet am researching and reading stuff about the Razorbacks….this new job really is a job!!!:) ”


        The above are allegedly two examples of her posts from her FB account, which is now gone (along with her Twitter account suddenly being blocked). I personally did not see them, but per the radio call in shows after she wore the hat, Arky fans went nuts and started looking her up on the good ole internet. They came across these public comments and some others similar to them and then all hell rained down on her employer in the form of complaint calls (which makes sense when your employer is the Arky Radio Network).

        Like I said the only first hand info I have is one saved screen shot of her FB page with the very top quote on it. That screen shot is no longer visible either. Sooo either she really did make these postings and is now taking everything down or there are a massive amount of people in Ark involved in the largest cover up since Roswell (the one in NM not GA).

        This back-story is also readily available by a simple internet search, but I suspect the “main stream” media has no desire to report this aspect. The story is a lot better if it is about a poor innocent reporter that makes a simple mistake and is fired by football crazy southerners. In fact, that was one of my favorite lines in a Chicago Sun Times blog about the situation. In the south we are just too stupid to realize football is not important & this poor girl has a huge lawsuit just waiting for her.

        I think the second part of that comment might be why Ark is backing away. In this economy I am sure an attorney will be glad to file suit in an effort just to extort settlement money from anyone they can (regardless of the merits of her case). If I was counsel for Ark (with all the open records requests the last couple years that job must pay really well) I would advise them to make statements like this so when we are named in any litigation we can file a MSJ based on no involvement in her dismissal.

        If you assume (I did say if) all these facts are true and still think her firing went too far then we just have a difference of opinion. I know I would not want a UF wonk complaining about UGA and how they wished they were at UF who shows up at UGA media events inUF gear (although it would be good to see some jorts at these events as they can get so boring) while working for the UGA radio network.

        • Is the problem that she has feelings about Florida, or that she expressed them? Are we at a point now where we expect reporters to be full-throated supporters of the programs they cover? Or that they’re expected to excise any loyalties they had before the job?

          The issue for me isn’t what she posted on her Facebook page; it’s how she comported herself on the job. Did anyone complain that she was unprofessional in her reporting work? If she was professional in her duties, the rest of this is silly stuff, IMO.

          • reipar

            I tend to think we are at a point where we expect a report who works for your team’s radio network to be a full-throated supporter of that team. While part of that support is to criticize the team it does not include speaking derogatorily about your current job/assignment because of your prior loyalties. Do you honestly think Larry Munson would have lasted very long at UGA had he discussed how much he missed vandy and how much better it was there than here?

            I also think wearing UF gear to a media event could fairly be categorized as unprofessional. In addition, I assume the improper tweeting during practices may be considered as unprofessional (although a better category for that might be violation of policy/rules).

            All that said I certainly get where you are coming from. I just disagree that it is ok to flaunt your true loyalties when they run down your current job (and as a result employer) and not to expect you will be fired when it becomes known. Just a different perspective on the matter is all.

            • Do you honestly think Larry Munson would have lasted very long at UGA had he discussed how much he missed vandy and how much better it was there than here?

              Didn’t you just make an apples to oranges comment a few minutes ago?

              Gork wasn’t doing play-by-play on Arky’s official broadcast.

              • reipar

                She does not do play by play so you could argue she is not the face of the Arky radio network (as Munson was for the GA Bulldawg Radio Network), but she does work for the Arky radio network. As such, it is logical that the listeners (and hence her employer) would want her to be loyal and not run down Ark.

                If you like, would a better comparison be Jeff Dantlzer? He was very critical at times of UGA (see suspension for comments during basketball game), but his loyalties were always to UGA. He was not begrudgingly covering UGA athletics for the UGA radio network while publically posting how much he hated it there and wearing other teams clothing.

                Now he did find his own way to be run out of town, but I think you have to agree it would have happened immediately if he had acted like Gork.

                I am sure you can come up with a comparison on your own of a radio personality who covers UGA sports for the Bulldog radio network and has their own call in show. Just substitute this name for Gork and Gork’s actions for that name. If you are ok with the people who work for our radio network acting like that you must love ESPN.

                • The difference is that Gork didn’t do any of the behavior you object to during her on-the-air job.

                  A more apt comparison would be if you overheard a Georgia radio or TV personality mouthing off about something at a bar. (Something I’ve witnessed.) Would I fire such a person for that? Not without at least a warning and the opportunity to behave more carefully.

                  • reipar

                    I did not ever say her behavior occurred while she was on the air. In fact, I specifically stated,

                    “I am sure you can come up with a comparison on your own of a radio personality who covers UGA sports for the Bulldog radio network and has their own call in show. Just substitute this name for Gork and Gork’s actions for that name. ”

                    If someone takes an action(ie. wears other team gear to media event), which brings their personal feelings about their job to light (ie. the info she posted on FB and Twitter accounts which were not set to private) then say goodbye (and deservedly so). Now she can collect unemployment while she tries to get a job covering UF, which is what she really wants anways.

                    As I previously said I do not dispute you have a legitimate point that you feel it is an over reaction. The only reason I ever said anything was you did not have all the “facts” (I use quotes as I do not have first hand knowledge) in your original posting, which you seemed to be basing your opinion on. Now that you are armed with this additional information you still feel the same way, which is a perfectly legitimate position to have. I just respectfully disagree and so do a lot of fans and businesses in Arky. I am pretty sure if this occurred at UGA, UF, Bama, etc. the same thing would happen to the reporter (at UT their would likley be a witch burning).

          • 69Dawg

            Senator you surly can understand Economics 101 within hours of the incident sponsors were calling HogSports and threatening to cancel their advertising. Let see fire an employee for being a smart ass Gayturd fan or go bankrupt?? I vote to fire her butt.

          • heyberto

            I think having, and expressing feelings in a non-public forum is fine. If her FB and/or twitter page is for her family and friends, then I’d say that’s fine. Expressing publicly that she’s a Florida Fan is probably ok at certain points, but so many of her comments were over the top and unnecessary. With my work I have to have the good sense to keep my political views on the down-low. No one makes me or asks me… but I know its the best thing to do, and she should have known the same about walking into an Arnkasas presser with that hat on. She doesn’t have to be a supporter of Arky, but she does have to be respectful, and that behavior was not, and she apparently didn’t heed warnings she was given. Kind of hard to feel sorry for her on that front.

        • Dog in Fla

          Not to mention that Gork’s lack of dedication to duty and wanting to take Saturday mornings off chapped Pork Rind Jimmy almost as bad as Houston’s phone records did

  5. Section Z alum

    she was on the dan patrick show earlier this week, after the station gm was on the show. and if her story is the accurate one – after what the gm implied on national radio – she should get a lawyer.

    • JaxDawg

      That would be typical of a Gator. Deny accountability and the run to the nearest litigator you can find.


      • Dog in Fla

        I think at times like this it’s important to remember that gators and even lawyers have to put food on their families too and that we all take a deep breath and go over the annotated edbxyz degrees of craziness measured by the method and manner of car bombings and take pleasure that we are next to last:

        “This is your Public Service Announcement for 2010: Remember, No One’s Buckass Snitshit Crazier Than Arkansas Fans. For your safety, please review the varieties of crazy in the SEC as arranged by car bombing preferences.

        1. Arkansas: Would blow up your car with you in it. Then ashes would be placed in a separate car, and re-exploded. [Like they used to do in the old Southwest Conference days and in Kill Bill.]

        2. Alabama: Would blow up your car, and then be placed on NCAA probation for it while claiming it was the best car bombing ever in the history of car bombs, and then would erect statue commemorating the occasion. [And then try to make the statue longer so they could put a Coke bottle, a bag of Golden Flakes and a Marlboro on it.]

        3. Ole Miss: Would want to blow up your car, but merely set it on fire with some lighter fluid due to athletic department spending cuts. [But then get distracted by the women and lose interest in bombing cars.]

        4. South Carolina: Would anticipate blowing up other team’s cars every weekend, sell out stadium, and then shriek in horror as their cars were blown to smithereens. Repeat on a weekly basis forever. [And Steve would blame it all on Stephen’s lack of focus on the bomb-squad missions.]

        5. Tennessee: Would attempt car bombing via contract hit man, but would have hit man hired away mid-job by West Coast operatives. [Hamilton dodges yet another terminate with extreme prejudice attempt.]

        6. Florida: Blows up car but dies in blast when leg is caught in bear trap left by Auburn in immediate vicinity. [And gnaw off its short reptile leg thinking that the Zook Memorial trap game was always in Starkville.]

        7. Mississippi State: Plot foiled by pants loaded with clanging, guard-dog-alerting cowbells. [But then gets a fever and needs even more cowbell.]

        8. LSU: Blown up in attempt due to timer error. *[Because Das Hat was preoccupied with how the theories of greyshirting and professional baseball contracts combine and interact with each other.]

        9. Vanderbilt: Suspects filthy anarchists and labor unions of starting this “bombing” craze, and will stick to the gentleman’s method of trouble disposal, arsenic. [But will soon use turkeys artificially inseminated with toxic chemicals as IED’s.]

        10. Auburn: Successfully blows up car, but bursts into flames and perishes due to flammable, booze-scented Pat Dye fumes in clothing. [Until flames extinguished by a Trooper wearing a hat like a catcher]

        11. Georgia: Blows up car successfully. [OFFER NOT GOOD IN JACKSONVILLE.] [Just wait until this year.]

        12. Kentucky: Kentucky does not blow things up successfully. Ever. [Who cares. They’ve got Ashley Judd.]

        *Not old yet. Nope.


        • JaxDawg

          I didn’t say all lawyers, I said litigators.

          And I don’t give a shit about a Florida Gator and their quest for food, money, survival for them or their families, or the happiness.

          I want them to lose at life.

  6. Normaltown Mike

    I love the myopic fans that are promoting the “she was asking for it” line.

    Reminds me of the ABC after-school special where the nice preppy guy date rapes and defends it with “look at the skirt she was wearing, she was asking for it…”

    • reipar

      Apples paging oranges….apples paging oranges anyone?

      • Normaltown Mike

        remind [rɪˈmaɪnd]
        (tr; usually foll by of; may take a clause as object or an infinitive) to cause (a person) to remember (something or to do something); make (someone) aware (of something he may have forgotten) remind me to phone home flowers remind me of holidays.

        com·pare (km-pâr)
        v. com·pared, com·par·ing, com·pares
        1. To consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous; liken.
        2. To examine in order to note the similarities or differences of.
        3. Grammar To form the positive, comparative, or superlative degree of (an adjective or adverb).

        Apples remind me of New York City. Oranges remind me of Florida.

        An edible fruit is no comparison for a city of 10 million or a state of block houses with jon boats in the yard.

    • Dog in Fla

      I thought that was always the theme of the ABC Sunday Night Family Movie.

  7. 69Dawg

    She’s getting off easy If it had happened at Ala she would not have made it out of there alive.

  8. Russell

    Too much high falutin’ talk around here for me. The fact of the matter is, she knew where she was. She was stupid. Best wishes to her. Now go home and hit the reset button.

  9. Dawg19

    69Dawg is right.

    Imagine if she had worn an Auburn hat in front Nick Saban (or an Alabama hat to interview Gene Chizik). She would targeted for termination…and I don’t mean her job.

    Those of you who think she wasn’t “asking for it”, have obviously never worked in sports media. It is well known that you DO NOT show favoritism for any team while working. You are there to report…period. Had it been a Penn State hat, it wouldn’t have been as bad. But it’s still D-U-M-B. Go ahead and feel sorry for her if you want but she should have known the rules of professional media and followed them. In my opinion, a lawyer is not going to be able to do anything for her.

    • It is well known that you DO NOT show favoritism for any team while working. You are there to report…period. Had it been a Penn State hat, it wouldn’t have been as bad. But it’s still D-U-M-B.

      I agree with you that it was stupid to wear the hat to the presser. But let me ask you this: do you think she would have gotten in any trouble at all if she had worn an Arkansas hat instead? After all, that would have been just as unprofessional.

      • NCT

        Senator, what troubles me as I read the comments hither and yon is the notion about journalists that we expect not just a point of view but partisanship. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but this brouhaha speaks volumes to me about how people view journalism, generally. It would appear that no one understands the difference between the roles of Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams, of Glenn Beck and Chris Wallace. We insist that ever person presenting information on TV, on radio, on the Interwebs, or in print must align himself with a partisan agenda for or against that which they’re covering. Whether he actually does or not, he is perceived to have done so, so we’ll all know before he speaks or writes whether to believe him. The fact that the expectations are often justified by reality doesn’t help at all. I’m a little scared by the development.

        All of which is to say that the views of this Gork situation are a symptom of a very sad trend.

  10. I think some of y’all are forgetting one of the cardinal rules of college football, which is that if Arkansas fans do it, it’s probably a dumb idea. (See also “If Chan Gailey does it,” “If Paul Finebaum says it,” and “If Mike Hamilton so much as thinks it.”)

    The Senator is right: The only thing that needed to happen here was for Gork’s programming director, editor, or whoever to take her aside and say “Look, for the sake of your job security and my blood pressure, cool it with the Gator accessories. And you might want to tone down your Facebook page while you’re at it.” Instead, Petrino called her out and the Razorback fan base obediently followed his lead, and now an entire state has revealed that it doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

    Think about this: If Gork had been on the Georgia beat, can you honestly imagine Mark Richt uttering one word about what she was wearing? I can’t — he’s got more important things to worry about, and more class than either Petrino or his minions ever will.