Meanwhile, in the land of the dipshits

In what has been the most bizarre of offseasons, nothing should surprise any of us at this point, but the shenanigans in the Mountain West and WAC in the wake of BYU’s decision to leave the former to become an independent in football and play all other sports as a member of the latter have been something to behold.

In what should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, the second of two schools offered official invitations to the Mountain West Conference has responded in the affirmative.

Citing multiple unnamed sources, the Reno Gazette-Journal is reporting that Nevada has accepted the Mountain West’s invitation and will leave the WAC following the 2010-2011 school year…

… With the addition of Fresno State, Nevada and Boise State — along with the definite loss of Utah and the potential loss of BYU — the MWC would become a ten-team league: the three new schools, plus current members Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico, San Diego State, TCU, UNLV and Wyoming.

It’s like watching Mary’s Lemonade Stand attempt a hostile takeover of Jimmy’s Newspaper Route.

By the way, that Thompson presser didn’t really add much clarity to the situation.  I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what the suddenly mysterious Gary Patterson claims to know:

Let’s see what happens in the next two weeks before you make any judgments, see what happens on the national landscape. Things I know that maybe you don’t know.”

This is all small potatoes for the brain trust at Boise State, though.  School president Bob Kustra and athletic director Gene Bleymaier have found much bigger fish to fry.

“We’re doing a study of non-conference scheduling in Division I football. There is a fairly compelling case to be made that the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and Pac-10 over the years have controlled the scheduling. All the large conferences … What Gene will tell you, there’s an overwhelming number of home games for the big guys but no home-and-home. We’ve been able to get a home-and-home with Oregon and Oregon State. We want to propose to the NCAA a mandated home-and-home scheduling arrangement for I-A non-conference football games. Why should Boise State go to Georgia, but more than likely they’re not going to return it?

“I think we’ve really dropped the ball as an organization. The NCAA could mandate this at any time. Oregon, Oregon State are return games. Ole Miss (next year), Washington, Arkansas and Arizona State are not. It’s so simple to legislate.

“We’ll play anybody in the country home-and-home. You’ve got to do a better job of scheduling. You want us to go play three non-conference games on the road and they don’t have to come here. Texas isn’t going to do that, Oklahoma isn’t going to do that, USC isn’t going to do that, Florida isn’t going to do that, Ohio State isn’t going to do that, nobody’s going to do that.”

My first thought upon reading that:  who the hell do these guys think they are? There’s an old line SEC fans used to throw out to describe Florida – the arrogance of Notre Dame combined with the tradition of Vanderbilt.  Well, these guys make the Gators look more humble than Mother Teresa.  “Not only does Bleymaier believe his program is beyond having to play those one-and-done games, but he plans to introduce NCAA legislation to mandate return games.” Beyond having to play? Well, la-di-freakin’-da.

My second thought:  for all the talk about antitrust violations these guys throw out when it comes to the BCS, they don’t have a clue about antitrust law.  The NCAA isn’t looking to have its ass handed to it in antitrust court, fellas.  They’ve been there and done that before.

Of course, it would likely never get that far, because five minutes after the NCAA announced such a rule, the Big Six conferences would take their ball and go home, for many of the reasons that Year2 cites in this post.

Of course, that’s when visionaries like Orrin Hatch can step in.  Look for this in your nearest Congressional hearing soon.



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27 responses to “Meanwhile, in the land of the dipshits

  1. Dante

    Bob Kustra might not know everything about anti-trust but you just try to go toe to toe with him on bird law and see who wins.


  2. “It’s like watching Mary’s Lemonade Stand attempt a hostile takeover of Jimmy’s Newspaper Route.”

    Great line


  3. ToccoaDog

    Bleymaier and Kustra are almost begging the big conferences to stop scheduling them. Does Boise State actually think that Georgia or Clemson or Michigan or Texas, (all schools that seat over 90k) would think its economically viable to go play in front of 32k? All of 90k vs part of 32k is not a toigh choice.


  4. BadM

    Why? Why? We all know this. It’s all about the Benjamins. These guy don’t have FANS! Everyone makes more money playing in a 92k seat stadium vs a half full 37k purple field in the middle of nowhere.


  5. Mike

    “There’s an old line SEC fans used to throw out to describe Florida – the arrogance of Notre Dame combined with the tradition of Vanderbilt”

    Well, Florida fans are now just glad that the Gators have added some tradition and accomplishments to go along with that arrogance. 🙂

    Seriously, Boise State seems to ignore one salient point about business deals; both sides have to agree to the deal. The schools in the Big Six do not have to schedule OOC games, but when they do, the other program gets a pretty big pay-out.

    Everybody wins


    • Macallanlover

      Accomplishments yes, but “traditions” can be both good or bad. Rude and obnoxious doesn’t usually get rewarded with the positive spin of a word like “tradition”. While I realize every Florida fan isn’t obnoxious, or have a mullet, there is no question UF has become the most disliked and disrespected fanbase thoughout the SEC…….and it doesn’t matter if you are in Fayetteville, Nashville, or Knoxville. Not applying this to you, but the perception of UF fans as a whole.

      That doesn’t mean UF replaces everyone’s bitter rival as the most hated. It is more about who you might like to hang with, or what your reaction is when you first see someone wearing another school’s hat, or polo (tank top for UF). Perhaps it is the “new money” effect of having too much success in a short period of time, or the northeastern heritage of many of the fans’ families, but it is pretty obvious that “you boys ain’t from around here are you” and just stand out as being…… different, you know, queer. Foreign, sort of. Right curious acting.


      • Mike

        Sorry Scotch lover, but you are chanelling other Dog fans. Talk to a Tennessee fan (and I do as I live in Atlanta), and they will say UGA fans ar ethe worst in the SEC. Auburn fas will say Bama fans are the worst. Etc, etc.

        In addition, Scott Van Gundy used to say;

        “No one loves you when you are whipping their ass.”

        Florida has owned the SEC for 20 years and the SEC East since 1992. It is no surprise that there is a lot of resentment against Florida


        • Macallanlover

          Actually, the W/L record, which we still hold, has nothing to do with it. Bama has always held a sizable lead over us, but I have never had any disrespect for the vast majority of their fans (over 30). That goes for all other SC schools, except UF. A sizable percentage of UF adults act like punks, that is what separates them.

          Look, this a UGA oriented blog, and I have no intention of jumping on you specifically, you generally hold your position, and state it civilly. No problem, but while anyone can find fans that don’t like other programs, particularly if they lead them that way, it takes no effort to hear a universal dislike for UF fans throughout the conference. I can understand people in Atlanta getting tired of UGA, if that is not their team. That would happen anywhere in the US.

          I don’t care, believe what you want, I travel enough around this country to know what I hear. And I don’t ever bring UF up, you just ain’t that much on my mind, or in my head. Good luck this year.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Personally, I dislike UT as much or more than FLA. I think UT’s fans are as bad or worse, only in a different way.


            • Dog in Fla

              Personally, I think UF fans are great but that could be just because I live in enemy territory and my girlfriend, super-hot with an itchy trigger-finger when younger, always keeps yammering away about the time she was in the army and they made her do a string of bank robberies and look like she liked it


          • Mike

            This particular series of posts is rather ironic, given the assertion that many Florida fans act like punks.

            That assertion may well be true about adult Florida fans, but clearly punk behavior is not confined to just them.


  6. Prov

    Senator – Any idea where Dodd got the quotations from Kustra and Bleymaier?


    • I assume they made themselves available to the press to publicize their Big Idea. Matt Hayes talked to them about it, as well.


      • Prov

        Wasn’t sure if Dodd just made it up. He doesn’t really give any insight into where he got them.


        • Dog in Fla

          While Dodd would never tell, here is the true-story fantasy on what he would say if he were threatened with a Kahlid Shiekh Mohammed day of waterboarding fun at the amusement Park 51:

          Dodd was sitting in Orrin’s kitchen and asked some of Orrin’s wives for a 3.2 beer. Some of the wives who were paying attention to him, the eleven adopted from Russia

          said in unison, “All we have here is milk on draft,” so Dodd took multiple glasses of milk to the face, blew the foam off and asked, “Do you girls know what’s up with BYU, Donnie and Marie and all that stuff?”

          Just then Orrin, Secret-Agent Man Gary Patterson, Utah AG Shurtleff and Country Joe Barton entered the kitchen fresh off a round of golf. Orrin, interdicting Dodd, asked, “What are you doing with my wives?”

          Dodd, quick like a cat, said, “Larry Scott sent me on an undercover mission to ask if Utah State and BYU want to hook up with the PAC 12.”

          Of course, that calmed Orrin down and he loosened his tie, unbuttoned his Frenchman cufflinks and the top button on his shirt and called in his Mexican wife Joy for help on arithmetic to get ready to make a deal.

          One thing lead to another and they got to talking about how much the Boise State Blue Man Group and the Idaho Vandals just good unclean old-fashioned hate each other like they’re living in Deadwood and there you have it.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Tell ya what, jackass, build a Division I football stadium, and we’ll think about coming out to visit. Your stadium seats about… what… 32,000 people? That’s our ENROLLMENT. We can literally fit three of your stadiums into our place and still have room for the media. You’ve got a potential expansion in the planning stages to bring it up to 50,000 seats. Even Georgia Tech laughs at that.

    It’s not that anybody is scared of you. They’re not. We’re all pretty excited about watching Virginia Tech whip your ass on a neutral field in Maryland. The fact is, nobody’s going to take a financial hit that large just so you guys can feel good about yourselves.

    Tell ya what. You give us 10,000 tickets so enough of our fans will have a chance to see our team in person. It’s important to us, and playing in high school stadiums limits our ability to do so. Then, give Georgia the entire gate, not just the sum you hand out to your MWAC or WAC or Conference USA or whatever the hell you play in visitors. Then we’ll think about it. Otherwise, accept that you’re Boise State, and upset wins over an underachieving and disinterested Oklahoma team and a Pac 10 fraud from Oregon notwithstanding, you’re one of the little guys. Stop reading the columnists who say yo’ure a national title contender. You’re not. Shut up, junior.


    • Vindexdawg



    • Brad

      Boise State is the reality tv star of college football. They have become famous for really doing nothing. They whined their way into a bcs bowl against Oklahoma, a disinterested team as you pointed out. I would also add that OU is/was known for underachieving in bowl games since 2000.
      Since that game they have lived off of gimmicks. “Look at us, we have trick plays, blue turf, our coach makes imaginary guns with his hands like he’s Frank the Tank. We are Boise State!”


    • Ouchie.

      I hope one of those dopes reads that.



      • oh, it's a lady

        couldn’t have said it better myself, fellas. you guys nailed it!

        beamer & his hokies better make them look like the whiney nobody that they are!


  8. I always heard it as “the arrogance of Notre Dame with the tradition of Wake Forest.” I’m not sure which is better.


  9. While I m sure that these universities would enjoy raking in the money from the Bix Six’s fans, would they offer us the same compensation that is provided to them to play on our home turf.

    I will admit, the thought of flying out to Boise to join 20-30,000 of the bulldog faithful to see a game would be quite a sight to behold. I think it would certainly open Kustra & Bleymeyer’s eyes to discover that home field advantage may not be what they thought it was cracked up to be.


  10. Connor

    Does anyone know what will become of the remaining WAC schools if they don’t have 8 members? Assuming they don’t poach or get poached by CUSA or the Sun Belt or something. Besides the rules about attendence, is there some mechanism for forcing a team or teams to I AA because they are can’t schedule a full season? Could they just float around the bottom of Div I, playing 8 road games a year as cannon fodder for BCS conference teams who don’t want the stigma of playing I AA schools?