I see your cute girls, and raise you a nerd.

That “Orientation Live” video on YouTube made the rounds a couple of weeks ago on the Georgia Tech boards and elsewhere as an object of a certain amount of mockery.

In that same spirit, I bring you this.

I could be wrong, but I think that manages to touch on every stereotype in the Yellow Jacket playbook.  Well played, kid.


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  1. dean

    Watching that I almost feel bad for the nerds. Almost.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    LMAO! That takes a little of the sting out of the UGa video. What were we thinking anyway? Surely, we have some people on campus that could have put together something a little more attractive.


  3. Brandon

    I am pretty much speechless. Is that a joke? Is it someone pretending to be a Tech student for purposes of making them look foolish? If not that is simply unbelievable and another example of how mockery of them is seldom actually needed just let them be themselves and roll tape.


    • Kevin

      I was sure it was someone posing as a GT student until the bit at the end where the orientation leader is filming the group.


    • Brandon

      I went and looked at the actual youtube page, this comment by stingem103 made me laugh harder than the video, enjoy the sense of panic which comes through in the post:

      “Dude take this down for the love of god. You are embarrassing the institute and yourself. There is nothing wrong with being nerdy but you are perpetuating a negative stereotype and just giving GT’s rivals more ammunition. In case you haven’t noticed yet you are on the AJC….that’s not a good thing. Not all Tech students are this nerdy…this is an extreme case…take this down kid.”

      and this one by pdiddyGT is also exquisite:

      “Oh goodness. Please get this off the tubes before the ugays find it. Nevermind looks like they already have :/

      I mean, I love Tech as much as you (May 2009 BSIE) but this is too much.


      As is the kid in the video’s response to pdiddyGT:

      “@pdiddyGT ugays? Seriously, is that what we call them?

      Seems a bit stupid.


      You know your cut down is pretty lame when even this kid recognizes it.


  4. I think I actually saw a female enginerd…I think.


  5. X-Dawg

    Did they invent this Zombie “game” just to give them another excuse to play that “Zombie Dance” song that permiates all their “athletic” events?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Damn. Just… damn.


  7. NCT

    I live mere blocks from the Trade School. If I can figure out when this zombie event is, I’ll try to get some pictures.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Searels needs to make sure Zach DeBell doesn’t see this. At Tech, Humans v. Zombies is like Left for Dead but even better and perfect training for a real-life zombie apocolypse now.


  9. The Realist

    When the person you are making fun of actually embraces the very thing you are mocking… it takes the fun out. At least try to hide it and be indignant. Otherwise, I get bored and move on to poking Alabama and Florida fans who get provoked by the silliest of things…

    For example, Alabama claims made up championships. Denials and explanations in 3…2…


    • JW

      I agree. This kid plays it right. He couldn’t care less that you make fun of him. He is proud to be a nerd, and I commend him for it. It takes all kinds, and I saw a few guys like him at UGA. Not in business school, though.


  10. MT

    UGA and most other schools have on-campus games similar to ‘Humans v Zombies’; the UGA version is something like ‘Ninjas v Assassins’ and involves squirt guns instead.

    I remember the UGA PD had to issue a statement clarifying the use of squirt guns on campus in the paper


    • Kevin

      yea but after the game is over we party and bang chicks. so it’s cool


      • Go Dawgs!

        Well, so do the Tech guys. It’s just that, at Tech, the chick banging takes place within the “World of Warcraft”, and the “chicks” are probably actually 40-year old dudes in Wisconsin.


      • Normaltown Mike

        Yeah, the Georgia version (when I was there) involved going to Sky’s Place and drinking pitchers of Ole Milwaukee ($3.75 ea) or maybe splurging on a 40 of Crazy Horse until you became a drooling mindless zombie.

        You then left Sky’s, walked up the cobblestone, sprinted through the projects (to avoid being mugged) and stopped at the gas station to buy a slice of fresh pizza from a crack head for $5.00.

        Next you went into Russell and went on a zombie like destructive tear, breaking ceiling tiles, knocking over trashcans and urinating in the stair well.

        Same concept.


  11. GeorgiaClub

    Hey, Senator, I watched some more of this kid’s vlogs, and he explains what a “nerdfighter” is. Turns out, it’s a group of nerds who fight for other nerds.

    Is there any better nickname for the Georgia Tech football team? I propose that we ditch “Yellow Jackets” and refer to them as the Georgia Tech Nerdfighters forever more.


  12. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    GeorgiaClub…That is absolutely PERFECT!!! In Nov. we will welcome the GT Nerdfighters to Sanford Stadium! That’s awesome! GO DAWGS!!!!!


  13. gernblanski

    Honestly, I find nothing wrong with the kid. He seems like a nice boy who embraces the fact that he is a nerd. He is comfortable in his own skin and seems to have a sense who he is.

    Gosh knows the world could use few more kids like him – honest, smart, hard working, polite, and decent. He is not going to get up in someone face and start acting like a idiot over some minor injustice or dis.

    Hopefully, he will make good grades, graduate, and find a cure for cancer or something.


  14. ugafan

    I say we play this bad boy on the big screen in Sanford when the Nerd herd comes to town.


  15. Carter

    If I lived in Techwood, I’d probably mug these kids too.


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  17. Siskey

    This kid is a nerd but he is cool with it. He is involved in the nerd community but he does’nt run from what he is. I would actually like Tech more if they were all humble card flourishers like him.