Paul Johnson’s memory loss

Just because you get defensive about your coaching scheme doesn’t mean you have to blank out.

“How many NFL quarterbacks are at Virginia?” Johnson asked. “How many NFL quarterbacks are at Duke? How many NFL quarterbacks are at North Carolina? How many NFL quarterbacks were at Georgia before Matthew Stafford?… “

Looks like there’s been a few.

It’s a selective argument he makes there anyway, as I don’t see him asking how many NFL quarterbacks are at Southern Cal.  Maybe he just forgot.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    That guy … he’s passed Urban Meyer as my most hated college football coach. He knows good and damn well that there have been many NFL quarterbacks at Georgia, just not many stars.

    Hey, dick, how many NFL quarterbacks have *YOU* produced? That’s the question. The answer? None!

  2. Gen. Stoopnagle

    I wonder… is he still “hoping” for a “competitive” game from Georgia this year?

    He’s a heck of a coach, but I’ve rarely seen a program – from the HC to the last fan – get more mileage out of a 3 point win than Tech’s ’08 win at Georgia.

    I hope that between high dives our staff remind our players about that game.

    • Brad

      I was at a sports camp at tech this summer (not my choice) and in the dining hall they had pictures hanging up of football players with hedges in their mouths from the ’08 game. They are obsessed.

    • Dawg N Suds

      See West Virginia. Sugar Bowl. 2006.

  3. Reptillicide

    He just forgot with all the fish fry’s he had to attend

  4. Dawgy45

    Hyper-sensitive? Check.
    Thin-skinned? Check.
    Always defining himself by comparison against UGA? Check.
    Oh yeah…he fits in perfectly with the rest of the nerds.

    • Seriously

      You have a blog post and 20+ comments (currently) devoted to what a coach said to a dumb ass reporter in defense of his offense. Hyper-sensitive? Thin skinned? Yes, you (all) are.

      • Dawgy45

        Care to point out where I have expressed any sense of having been offended?

      • adam

        georgia fans defending georgia is a lot different from another school’s coach baselessly attacking us. we just find it a lot more annoying because it was that jackass from the trade school.

        but… then again you probably already knew that and just wanted to talk some trash. or maybe you didnt. to quote the aforementioned jackass, “are you that stupid?”

      • And yet, just like a moth drawn to a flame, here you are.

        Gentlemen, I think our work is done here.😉

  5. Looks like there’s one fewer quarterback – NFL or otherwise – at Tech now. Anyone left behind Nesbitt?

    This isn’t the same as Georgia’s situation – the option QB is INTENDED to get hit on most every play.

    • Will (the other one)

      I recall they struggled to score on Gardner-Webb when they were down to the 3rd string QB 2 seasons ago.
      DCs playing Tech, if your first and last words to your players aren’t “hit the QB, even if he’s made the pitch” you should be fired on the spot.

      • Bill

        Or twist his ankle in a pile up

        • 81Dog

          maybe if you nerds don’t want your QB to get hit on every play, you should run something besides the option. Or, failing that, put him in a skirt. You know. Like most of your fan base. I swear, GTU has been the unluckiest program in America ever since Vince Dooley took over in Athens in 1963 and UGA started kicking your mustard asses 7+ years out of every 10.

        • Rival

          Maybe you should switch sports and watch figure skating.

          Less contact there so you won’t get the vapors so easily.

        • Rival

          Also, STFU:

        • Dawgy45

          I’ll go out on a limb and assume this is in reference to Nesbitt getting his ankle all the way turn’t up during last year’s game against UGA. My wife and I had a great laugh at some of the blog comments. Some suggested that they had witnessed “the attempted murder of Josh Nesbitt”. No, I am not joking; those comments really were made. They even provided video clips as evidence…only there was nothing in the clips that looked like any UGA player intentionally twisted JN’s ankle. Of course I’m sure that my red and black tinted glasses prevented me from seeing the truth. So laughable, yet so pathetic.

      • Seriously

        Intentionally planning to break the rules of the game and injure an opposing player is a UGA tradition, but other teams (i.e .the schools with class) don’t do that.

    • JaxDawg

      I thought they picked up a QB in last year’s recruiting class who is supposedly a good fit for their system.

  6. Siskey

    I was at the game two years ago and more than perhaps any Georgia game except the Florida game in 1994 that loss hurt the most. It could be the weather- which sucked, it could be that we had the game well in hand, or it could be the fact that we started so highly ranked and then lost three games but whatever the reason, Tech once again became the team that I feel we must beat every year. I understand that Johnson has to say what he says but I know that everytime we beat them it hastens his exit to a Big 12 school. I can see him now sweating through a dry fit shirt at Texas Tech or Oklahoma State.

    • Dawgy45

      Does he really have to say what he says (at least in the way he says it)? I don’t think so. Calling out other schools by name to show that they are failing to produce NFL QB’s too is just tacky.

  7. (a) Matt Schaub went to UVA
    (b) Bringing up Duke in your argument immediately invalidates it
    (c) You’re saying this on the heels of Jordan Luellen transferring within the week and the QB who recently committed has to constantly defend his decision to want to play QB in college.

  8. Macallanlover

    I am willing to say while the guy was a decent coach at Ga Southern and Navy, he is a total prick as a human. (He was in Statesboro so this isn’t new just because he is mired in a desperate situation.)

    What has he really accomplished at gt? He has fared well in the ACC….wow. Wake did that with 2 and 3 star athletes. Let’s face it, if FSU and Miami EVER get off their duffs, tech will not sniff another title, even in that little league. It took a total collapse by UGA’s players in the 3rd Qtr in 2008 to even keep that game close. It wasn’t a win by tek players, or johnson, it was a giveaway by UGA’s tacklers and a dumb fumble….period. Even then, it was a 3 point win after handing them 21.

    I remember having gt and 18 points on a 3-team teaser in that game and thinking I had lost it before half time! That is how those teams compared. If that is what the false bravado is based on, analysts and gt fans better grab their ankles because the sad stories will continue. Johnson had better change his haughty attitude, he will get many more doses of humility before he exits Atlanta.

    I realize how much envy there is on North Ave, but winning an occasional game against UGA doesn’t put you in the same class, we overlook Kentucky and Vandy occasionally too. I would drop your little queer butts from the schedule if it were me. Why should we help you sell-out that little bandbox of a stadium you play in every other year? I would give you an occasional money game in Athens, but no home and home, sort of like ULL, UAB…..and a lot like GSU (you know the place, where pj had his best success.)

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Mac, I agree that we should only play Tech in Athens. Bigger stadium, bigger gate. Treat them like they treated Clemson all those years.

    • Bill

      You devote 4 paragraphs to a team you try to convince yourself is irrelevant.

      • Macallanlover

        They are, and have been since Dodd ruined their program with his greed. The funny thing is nerd fans idolize the guy who deep-sixed their beloved team.

        As to the 4 paragraphs, the first three dealt with johnson’s shortcomings and what they have begat. The last is the only one about the little-program-that- would. Many UGA fans my age wouldn’t dump them, I would….instantly. Why should we give gt a chance at credibility? When we beat them, regularly, everyone says we should have anyway. We have nothing to gain from this series any longer.

        • BeerMoney

          Bullshit. I gain the sheer satisfaction of seeing them leave knowing their (backseat) place in society each and every time they lose, especially to UGA. I would not trade the feeling of beating Tech for anything in the world. Hate is not a strong enough word.

          • Macallanlover

            But, if you beat them none of ten times they still claim relevance. What’s the point? Their willingness, or desperation, to be relevant again means they grab at the tiniest of straws. Or they simply make up things to convince themselves they got hosed/cheated.

            With the increasing scarcity of Americans among their fanbase/alumni, they should just try to compete in soccer, martial arts, or cricket while adopting UGA as their “in-state” football power to cheer for. They would be much prouder of supporting a winner for a change, and could focus on sports they understand.

            • Macallanlover

              “Nine of ten” of course, but everyone knew that. None of ten, applying to them, could fit the trend though, damn near happened this current run! Oh well, back to big boy football talk.

  9. gatriguy

    Everyday, he’s more and more like Jim Donnan. Keep talking shithead.

  10. Bulldog Bry

    Move over, Saban. Paul Johnson does not have time for this shiat.

  11. 81Dog

    how many QBs at UGA were NFL QBs before Matt Stafford? Ummmm…how about the last 3? DJ Shockley, David Greene, and Quincy Carter all spent multiple years on NFL rosters, didn’t they? Ever hear of Eric Zeier? He was a UGA quarterback who played in the NFL in the 90s.

    Come on, Paulie. It’s not that hard to figure out. I can hardly wait until November. Maybe another applied lesson in humility will help his apparent problem with ADD.

  12. Dawgfan17

    And since he is talking about Richt by talking about UGA you might want to add a few qbs that Richt coached at FSU to the list of guys who made it to the NFL including a Super Bowl Champ in Brad Johnson.

  13. dawg1976

    As a player, Ray Goff was special. He was named SEC player of the year in 1976 when we won the SEC title.

    He lead us to a championship. I played on that 1976 team and it was a great year. Except for the…. Well you know what happened in the bowl game

    • NCT

      I didn’t make it to that game, but I made it as far as Baton Rouge while my folks trekked down to NO. Lucky us for getting Dorsett both at the beginning and end of his college career.

      Thank you, sir, for the championship.

  14. Barry


    Before you start talking about the righteousness of your program, google “Paul Johnson” and “chop block”. Perhaps your eyes will be opened about the coach your institution has employed.

    Or maybe just look at:

    Tech is rapidly developing a reputation as the dirtiest school in the ACC. Perhaps you should look at the mote in your own eye.

    • bort

      A few well placed knees to the top of the offensive linemen’s helmets will keep them from diving so quickly on the snap.

  15. the Coondawg

    Tech Sucks

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