You probably didn’t expect this. (Or at least some of it.)

Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit break down the SEC heading into the 2010 season. Herbie goes along with half of the conventional wisdom on the SECCG matchup, but catch his darkhorse surprise for the conference.



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18 responses to “You probably didn’t expect this. (Or at least some of it.)

  1. 69Dawg

    Yet he did not rank us in the AP poll. Herbie needs an assistant to keep up with his split personality. Herbie you can’t say that; you don’t even think they deserve to be ranked in the top 25. If Mark hadn’t taken that dive we would have gotten less love on ESPN than Vandy, heck they had Mullens from MSU in studio. God help us if we lose to the bizarro bulldogs.


  2. Brandon

    He’s just trying to raise a spectre of doubt about Alabama to open a door for Ohio State nipping at their heels. Herbie probably picked us as the dark horse because he is secretly tired of Lou Holtz slobbering all over the news desk.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    * Herbstreit’s opinions subject to change without prior notice


  4. kckd

    Herbstreit: If I pick everyone, I’m gonna be right.


  5. Prov

    You’re right, I never knew Nick Saban was a defensive Guru.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Any of you fb stat wizards got a number on how Herb’s projections stacked up against real life results over the last 5 years?


  7. This will show you his ap ballot as far back as week 7 in 2007. That is the best I got.


  8. John From Texas

    Did Herbstreit even have Georgia on his AP preseason Top 25 ballot? I think not. Guess his assistant must’ve filled it out.


  9. Mike

    Picking Auburn in the west is pretty gutsy, imo


  10. Spike

    Herbie is still pissed at UGA since we beat him and the Buckeyes in the Citrus Bowl game in 1992.


  11. Dawgwalker07

    “Georgia’s a forgotten team”

    That explains why we weren’t on his ballot. He forgot.


  12. OnTap

    Yeah, Herbie can’t have it both way. Either we could win the conference or we aren’t even a Top 25 team.

    This let’s him have his cake and eat it too.


  13. Mike

    This is not surprising to me…1. he picked everyone 2. We are becoming a fashionable dark horse in the SEC. And Kirk is nothing if not fashionable.


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