She’s said it all.

ESPN’s Heather Dinich tells you everything you need to know about Georgia and Georgia Tech this season.

In less than two minutes, to boot…

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  1. Prov

    Funny how Joshua will be the defference in the game, yet QB had nothing to do with the Dawgs’ victory last year. Did Tech have the edge at QB last year?

  2. Scott W.

    ACC queen thinks the bugs can take UGA out. Shocking.

  3. DavetheDave

    When we lose Heather Dinich, we’ve lost all of America’s 10th graders.

  4. Spike

    Didn’t Tech have Nesbitt last year in the fourth quarter with the game on the line and throw three incompletions?

  5. MWO

    UGA runs this state and will continue to do so-even if the hottest girl to ever attend Tech thinks they won’t.

    • BMan

      Speaking of hot girls and Tech, I work near the Tech campus and was out for a run at lunch. It’s rush week at Tech, so you know what that means: ugly sorority pledges in aviator sunglasses. Good lord, they have no hot cat on that campus.

    • rbubp

      I think she’s a UVa grad, actually. Regardless, you would think she would have taken a look at this before sending it off and maybe noticed that she’s off-center in the camera, very poorly lit, and has the camera so far away she looks like a 10-year-old. Not to mention the echo…

      Good grief. I can’t even get to what she’s actually saying beyond all the amateurism.

      • baltimore dawg

        she’s an indiana grad. she wrote for the indiana daily student as journalism undergrad when i worked there in the late 90s. she has not become a more sophisticated thinker in the interim.

  6. Uga the Ocho

    Let me get this straight…the team that got steamrolled by the Dogs, then man-handled by Iowa, that returns the same QB who made Joe Cox look like Joe Montana, will be favored?

    Interesting concept…maybe GT should have concentrated more on stopping the Hawkeyes’ third-string tailback…

  7. FisheriesDawg

    Thanks, Kige’s sister.

  8. The Realist

    If I had a 3rd & 10 late in the 4th quarter, I would take Aaron Murray with his supporting cast over Joshua Nesbitt with his motley crew of characters on offense. As many have said, Nesbitt had the ball in his hands with the opportunity to win the game at home last year, and he failed. Why on earth would he be the factor in 2010 in Athens? The depth of her analysis is astounding.

    • Bill

      Because he beat you in Sanford one year ago. I think Murray will be a good QB when all is said and done. But it is foolish to choose a RS Freshman who hasn’t thrown a pass versus a guy that has played in a BCS bowl, has averaged 10 wins in his two seasons as a starter and already has one victory over UGA in Athens.

      • Seriously, Bill, Georgia beat Tech last year behind a QB who went 8-14 for 76 yards. You honestly don’t think Murray can do better than that?

        I’m not saying Tech can’t win the game, but to boil the game down to a matchup of quarterbacks is lazy analysis at best.

      • The Realist

        My point was that the supporting casts for each player were faaaaar more likely to determine the outcome of the game than either of the QB’s. If you’d like you can base that on 2008 or 2009. Stafford outclassed Nesbitt by a whole freakin’ bunch, throwing for over 400 yards & 5 TD’s and still Georgia lost the game. Last year Cox handed the ball off all but 14 times and Georgia won.

        And, Stafford actually won a BCS game…

  9. Jason

    The fact that this is ESPN’s ACC blogger says a lot about the state of the SEC.

  10. hailtogeorgia

    I’ve got a feeling numbers 3, 4, 7, and 8 might have something to say about who the difference makers in that game will be.

  11. Jason

    Whoops, meant ACC in the above post.

    Momentary lapse of reason, sorry.

  12. Go Dawgs!

    So… ESPN gives this chick a webcam, and then just tells her to point it at herself and say the first thing that comes to her mind? I think the Worldwide Leader isn’t even trying anymore.

    Also, hey, Heather… Georgia Tech doesn’t run the “Spread Option” offense. They run the “Triple Option”. Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass and learn about the subject you’re covering before you turn on the trusty ol’ desk-cam again.

    • ChicagoDawg

      Actually, I thought she at least sounded as though she had a reasonable command of the subject matter. I know that sounds patronizing, but it is what it is. While I may disagree with her final conclusions, she was amazingly articulate as compared to Erin Andrews who is a complete door stop who spouts platitudes, cliches or incoherent ramblings (when she takes a stab at analysis).

    • hailtogeorgia

      Actually, GoDawgs, Paul Johnson doesn’t refer to his offense as the “triple option”, as he thinks that his option as more than that. He prefers that it be referenced as either a “spread offense” or a “spread option”.

      • ChicagoDawg

        Of course he does, because he knows that the “triple option” is a stone age offense. It is an effective niche offense for programs that need a niche deal due to being outmanned (see Navy). However, selling this to recruits at a BCS D1 school is tough and it has more cache if you refer to it as a “spread option.”

        • adam

          people have gotten way into using the word spread to define offenses. it’s like everything that’s not i-form is called spread nowadays.

          most spread offenses have pretty big gaps on the oline… tech usually doesn’t. sometimes they have a SE that’s way off the line, but that’s about as close as it gets. they just run the veer out of the flexbone 98% (rough estimate) of the time. pretty sure cavemen drew out that offense on the walls of caves.

          didn’t coach richt call it the wishbone at some point and johnson got all pissy about it?

        • hailtogeorgia

          Oh, I’m not arguing that it is anything other than a flexbone…I’m just saying that in Dinich’s defense, she’s just covering her own rear-end in this situation. If your job were to cover the ACC and deal with their head coaches on a regular basis, would you call Paul Johnson’s offense the triple option if you knew he didn’t like that terminology? I don’t think so.

  13. BroRogan

    This is like my 7 year old niece picking games. I wonder if she knows that this game is played at the end of November? I’m ppprrrreeettttttyyyy sure that both defenses and offenses should be well-oiled by then so “inexperience” would be a moot point and talent/depth will prevail.

  14. X-Dawg

    Heather Dinich + Andrea Adelson = ESPN (Estrogenically Speculative Propaganda Network)

  15. God I hate that bitch.
    (sorry for the language, senator. Just had to get that out.)

    But as far as attractive ESPN workers go, I suppose she could work as a poor-man’s Erin Andrews.
    And if you could get your hands on both of them…. mmm….

  16. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    I have to say that was hard to watch and even harder to listen too…I had to fight off the urge to stop her monotone ramble just to make it through the “less than two minutes”.

    I agree with BroRogan & The Realist…by the time these two teams meet up I believe that the learning curve is going to be about flat and our boys will have a great idea of what their doing out there….if not we’re in BIG trouble! And, I would take our Aaron and our whole team any day of the week over GT’s squad….NO DOUBT!

    As for Bill’s comment about what happened in ’08…that can be chalked up to Willie’s D letting’ the Bulldog Nation down. Plain and simple…there’s no excuse to get up like they did and blow that game.(Just like against UK last year) NO EXCUSE!!! That’s why the changes were made, and that’s why the players are raving about the change in mentality and philosophy….

    I have a feeling the Bulldog Nation will be too! 10 AND COUNTING FOLKS! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!! LET’S GET IT ON!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!!

    • Macallanlover

      Actually, I don’t think that one can be put on Martinez at all. Two UGA players were in perfect position to make simple plays, and whiffed for no obvious reason, and a fumble by our fumble. Complete fluke in a game we were blowing them out, nothing GT should beat their chest over. Bad execution, or lack of focus, during a 110 minute stretch that distorted the outcome. They are a pretty desperate fanbase to isolate on that while ignoring a decade of futility. Yeah this broad doesn’t get it, but girls and football are excusable, Bill and the other CFB retards are on North Avenue are problematic. As I said the other day, they worship Dodd, the guy who put a stake through their football hearts made them forever irrelevant.

      • adam

        poor fundamentals you say? weren’t they guys in the secondary? what positions did he coach on the defense?

        also… cox played a huge part in the loss to UK.

  17. Joe

    This really should have come with a warning that this would be two minutes we would never get back Bad Analysis, no eye candy. WTF!!!! Where’s Erin.

  18. Dog in Fla

    Without having to study more film on her than a minute of the ACC biggest hitters and the Tech-Georgia film it got me thinking that Heather is an ACC automaton

    I think The SEC needs its very own reporter

  19. Chuck

    Something tells me Heather hasn’t always been brunette and that she changed from blond so she could get more respect.🙂

  20. Mike

    How did Tech beat UGA two years ago?

  21. Dawgfan17

    I think if it were game two or three the qb experience difference would be a much bigger advantage for Gt, the reasons I am worried about Carolina and Arkansas, but being late in the season Murray will have a full season of starting and be at the end of his third year in the program. The experience difference by that point won’t mean near as much and the overall talent of the two teams will make a much bigger difference.

  22. the Coondawg

    Tech Sucks

    My wife said it best. “Kinda hard to be the heart of the team when your getting pounded into the ground”

  23. Brandon

    “First time since 2001 Georgia Tech has been ranked higher than Georgia”…and we beat them by 17 points in that year’s game on their home field. And by 44 on our’s the next year…and that as Paul Harvey would say…is the rest of the story.