Weslye Saunders, rocket scientist

When you’re the subject of an NCAA investigation, it’s not the brightest idea to use said investigation as a false excuse for being late to practice.

I wonder if Spurrier still insists Saunders isn’t a distraction.


UPDATE: John Pennington adds some observations.

* A couple of weeks ago, Spurrier said that discipline on his team had improved going into Year Six.  He said that in the past he’d had a hard time getting players to show up on time for team funcions.  Perhaps the fact that Saunders — a talented player who has yet to live up to his hype — remains on the team despite numerous issues explains part of the problem in Columbia.  This isn’t Saunders’ first time missing or being late for team functions.  Yet he remains on Spurrier’s squad.

* It’s interesting that quarterback Stephen Garcia has been publicly criticized by Spurrier all offseason… while Spurrier has gone into very few details regarding Saunders’ multiple suspensions, the NCAA investigation surrounding him, or his living arrangements at the Whitney Hotel.  In fact, he bristled yesterday when asked for more information.  It would seem that Garcia’s recent issues lie with decision-making in the pocket and off-field study habits.  Saunders has broken team rules, (apparently) lied to coaches, and drawn NCAA scrutiny.  I would think Saunders would have been the coach’s whipping boy in the press, not the guy who threw 10 picks in 432 attempts last season.

* Coaches don’t like being lied to.  Lying to a coach is akin to saying the magic word to basketball official.  It often leads to ejection.  Example: Zach Mettenberger — it is believed by those in Athens — would have survived his misdemeanor sexual battery charges had he not lied to Mark Richt when the coach asked him what happened on the night he was arrested.  If it’s true that Saunders lied to his coaches and survived, that’s an interesting precedent to set.


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9 responses to “Weslye Saunders, rocket scientist

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  2. JasonC

    Well, unless the NCAA does anything, you know Spurrier will have him back for the Georgia game.


    • Lying to Spurrier’s face? I’m not so sure about that.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        You’re confusing Spurrier with somebody who has moral fortitude. Unless Saunders leaves the team he’ll be playing the Dawgs. No doubt about it.


    • Ubiquitous GA Alum

      “Weslye, I guess you could say, has been temporarily suspended for a violation of team rules,” Spurrier said. …

      While Spurrier didn’t lay out a timetable for Saunders’ return, a source said Monday afternoon that the suspension could last at least a week.

      Looks like he will be back before the first game … staus quo for The OBC …


  3. 69Dawg

    It was always a laugh when your high school would suspend someone for cutting classes. That was like throwing Ber Rabbit in the thorn patch. Suspending players during the off season or during camp which they all hate anyway is just stupid. At least at UGA you know what you are going to get so if you do the crime you’ve got no complaints.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “Coaches don’t like being lied to [unlike the rest of us]….if it’s true that…lied to his coaches and survived, that’s an interesting precedent to set.”

    How is Mr. Pennington unaware of the gestalt of selective enforcement when Steve, Stephen and Weslye already know of it?


  5. The Mettenberger comparison isn’t a good one–they both lied, but Mettenberger has a criminal record.

    That said, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Saunders gone.