Fun rumor of the day

No idea how much of this is true, except for Pouncey’s comments to the media.  (Good for him, by the way.)  But it’s worth pointing out that the Gators have already lost two members of this year’s class of the ages to transfers.  So maybe there is a little fire with the smoke.


UPDATE: So much for that.


UPDATE #2: I know this is out of the timeline, but it contains a quote worth sharing.

… Easley compared himself, Powell and fellow freshman defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd to the Miami Heat’s free-agent haul.

“Ronald Powell is Chris Bosh, Sharrif (Floyd) is Dwyane Wade and I’m LeBron (James),” Easley said at UF’s Media Day.”

I can’t say how talented their on-the-field play will be, but the members of this year’s class clearly have the potential to be the biggest assholes in Gator history.  Which, when you think about it, is saying a lot.


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29 responses to “Fun rumor of the day

  1. 69Dawg

    Wow I am shocked that the freshman are not embraced by the upper classman at UF. After all St Urban took a shot at poor old Ron Zook for the way the freshman were treated under his watch. Urban had better hope all those Gayturd playa’s think they can get drafted otherwise they might just let the Freshman see how bad college football can be when your teammates don’t like you. How would you like to be just a good player on a team full of Prima Donnas.

  2. Tommy

    Apparently, it was a one-day protest. Way to make a first impression, lads.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s been a void since Miami in the 80’s. Bout time somebody stepped up and showed us classic jackasses again.

  4. gatriguy

    Biggest assholes in Gator history? Gonna be pretty hard to wrestle that away from the trinity of Steve Spurrier, Emmitt Smith, and Fred Taylor.

  5. JaxDawg

    “the biggest assholes in gator history”

    that’s saying a LOT.

  6. Dawgfan17

    If it is true these guys are way too full of themselves for not having done a thing. Aside from possibly loosing some future talent for UF it could really mess with their team chemistry giving UGA an even better chance at winning the east this year.

  7. Ricky McDurden

    How would St.Timothy have embraced such egotistic notions?

  8. Mike

    If you are not the lead dog, then the view is boring.

    • Ray

      I don’t know man, there’s a girl that works at Frys and I would never complain about her being the lead dog.

  9. dawg1976

    damn braves lost. we’ve now lost 3 in a row😦  are we in trouble?

    Go Brav

  10. dawg1976

    good song… wondering if the senator likes if

  11. zdawg

    Pre-Madonnas…the afterbirth of championships. We need to start having those problems.

  12. Russell

    Does the BAIGH have room for the fans? Or does it need to be a separate category, the BAFIGH?


    “Ronald Powell is Chris Bosh, Sharrif (Floyd) is Dwyane Wade and I’m LeBron (James),” Easley said at UF’s Media Day.”

    I wonder if someone can find room for that quote in the weight room.

  14. 12-2

    The reason why this blog talks like this about the Crocodiles is that we are 2-7 against them and over the last 20 years have 3 wins with the win in 1997 by Mike Bobo.

    • Russell

      Thank you, Dr. Freud.

    • Hackerdog

      Right. Because otherwise, we would ignore three 18 year-old kids discussing how they are the greatest things in history. I mean, those kinds of quotes come out of Vandy all the time, right? We just ignore it because of our winning record against them.

      Give me a break.

    • The Realist

      12-2 talks like this about this blog because it has 4+ million hits and has a regular fan following that usually has a reasonable discourse about football regardless of fan affiliation. The man with many monikers does not understand the concept of reasonable discourse.

      /stating obvious

  15. Brandon

    Too bad these guys couldn’t have played for Junior and Coach O. It would probably have done science a lot of good to see what happens when you concentrate that much assholism in one football program.

  16. Mike

    For Florida, the bad news is that highly ranked recruits might have an inflated opinion of their worth. The good news is that for most of these guys, the high rankings, especially the DL freshman, seems to be justified. The further good news is that the senior class is exhibiting a bit of leadership and providing an opportunity for the news guys to gain a bit of humility.

    • The Realist

      Freshmen with attitude problems get broken of said attitude problems. By the end of their careers, they’ll be the heart and soul of the program… should they stick around — which seems to be the rub right now.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Actually, I like that they are fighting among themselves.

        • Benjamin

          I think it will lead to these guys learning humility and respect. These two came in with an idea of what they thought life was going to be like. The new enviroment was a culture shock and under duress its natural to fold your hand. I saw this happen first hand when I went entered the gates of Paris Island on my path to becoming a Marine. Guys would be full of bravado, but after a couple weeks they were crying for a release from the Corps. Naturally, those releases were not granted because their reaction from the culture shock is human nature. Anyways, point is that they came back, stuck it out, and became Marines. I would think that things will work out fine.

        • Mike

          Any ray of hope, right Mayor?