Narrative, come to papa.

Bruce Feldman posted this on his Twitter feed yesterday:

Boise St has surpassed ND and the SEC as the most polarizing topic in CF right now thanks to BCS critics and irked fans from power confs.

I can’t say that I’ve really noticed that, but I’ll take him at his word about it.

But the comment got me to thinking – if you’re part of ESPN’s production staff, aren’t you quietly rooting for Boise State to beat Virginia Tech on September 6?  A Bronco win insures a season-long debate about BSU and the BCS (unless the Broncos turn around a couple of weeks later and crap the bed against Oregon State) that you’ll be more than happy to try to beat to death.  Lose, and there’s nothing left with which to stir the pot.

I know which option I’d pick.


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  1. Lawrence

    If Boise is a national title contender, then go out and smoke Virginia Tech. Smoke Oregon St. Win the WAC games by 40.

    I went to Florida and realize we slogged and caught some breaks on the way to the 2006 title game. But if you think going through an SEC schedule is the same as a WAC schedule, I have some land in New Jersey to sell you.

    Look at the last four national title teams. All of them, 2006 Florida included, smoked teams on their way to the title. We beat Ohio St. 41-14 in the title game. LSU beat Va Tech by 40 at home in 2007. We crushed teams left and right in 08. Bama whipped us in the 09 SEC Title game. Even the teams that lost the BCS Title games dominated teams on their schedule.

    Being a cute story isn’t enough for me. I want blood and guts Boise, especially in the WAC.


  2. Brandon

    I don’t know about you guys but the destruction of ESPN/Sports Media narratives is pretty high on my list of priorities as a college football fan. It comes only after pulling for the Dawgs first and then pulling for the SEC teams when they play other conferences. After that I like to see media dreams meet cold hard reality, here’s to hoping that happens on labor day night, Hokie Hokie Hokie High!


  3. Bulldog Bry

    Because I live in SW Virginia, I get my fill of Hokie fever. There are times when these fans are unbearable (not to me, thanks to the 2006 Chick Fil A Bowl). So normally, I only cheer for VT once a year – when they play the Nerds.
    But I have added September 6th to my “Cheer for the Hokies” calendar. Will it hurt? Of course, but it’s for the greater good. Personally, I don’t think it will be close. I keep hearing the same things about the ’10 Bronco team that I heard about the ’05 team. I’ve never gambled on sports before, but I am SERIOUSLY considering laying money down on this game.


  4. Fear not if you’re an ESPN exec–TCU will provide almost as pristine a pot-stirring stick should it come down to it. Maybe an even better one, since despite the MWC’s advantages over the WAC, the Frogs have just have the one nonconference measuring stick rather than two.


  5. Macallanlover

    Don’t confuse me with anything related to promoting ESPN’s well-being, but I am pulling hard for Boise to make it through unscathed this season. Anything that further exposes the need for a limited playoff is great, imo. Time this sham was ended and a solution adopted. Go Broncs!


    • If BSU runs the table and finishes first or second in the BCS standings, what “need for a limited playoff”? They’d be in the title game.

      What you’re really hoping for is that the Broncos run the table and finish third in the BCS standings.


      • Macallanlover

        No, I think the outcry would be much louder if the BCS invited Boise and left a one loss conference champion out. Boise has the credentials if they run the table: a winning streak goes back to 2008, wins over the PAC10 Champion last year (pretty dominating in holding Oregon to zero 1st downs in the first half), wins in their last two BCS Bowls (including Oklahoma and a highly rated TCU). With a win over Top 10 Va Tech, Top 25 Oregon State, I don’t see how you keep them out if other teams have one loss.

        With 21 of 22 starters back, they are legit, imo. Certainly as much as many of the Ohio State and Michigan winners of the past, as well as USC. They didn’t play any more ranked opponents in a few of the seasons they made it to the finale. I know I am in a small minority on the Boise issue, and I am not predicting a BSU win Labor Day night, but I will likely be taking Boise and the points.


        • Gen. Stoopnagle

          I think either way: Boise in the BCSCG or being “left out” nothing will change. I feel that way because I know that after this season ends, the commissioners and presidents of the AQ conferences are going to be counting their $, considering splitting it further with other schools and leagues and then, rightfully – should current popular economic theories be employed – decide that a playoff is a crummy idea.


        • Hobnail_Boot

          “a winning streak that goes back to 2008”

          This is so misguided. The 2010 BCSCG should be played between the 2 teams who have had the best 2010. Period, end of discussion.


          • Macallanlover

            Of course it doesn’t (or does it if you are OSU, Bama, Miami, etc., and are the defending champion until knocked off.) My point was Boise has continued to prove themselves against some decent teams, when available, and have beaten all comers for a pretty long period of time. They are deserving of a shot if they continue another 12 games including Va Tech on the road. No one wants to give them any credit, but they are pretty darned impressive. Peterson has done a helluva job since taking over.


            • “No one wants to give them any credit”? Um… they’re ranked fifth in the Coaches Poll and third in the AP.

              What kind of credit are you looking for?


              • Macallanlover

                I refer to the “outrage” from fans across so many blogs and message boards to the high ranking. I didn’t mean the “no one” literally, but I certainly feel pretty lonely projecting this to be a competitive contest on Labor Day.

                I am generally against teams that play a weak schedule and demand respect, but that is more the ones who have loud, obnoxious fanbases and receive the overranked status. I admire what the Boise program has achieved with 2, 3, and 4 star players and envy the lack of drams during the off season. I remember when the summers were boring around UGA.


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    The current meme is that if Boise State wins against VA Tech they’re likely to be in the title game … However, no one is saying the same for Va Tech – meaning if they win that game then they still have go through the ACC and come away unscathed and that’s not likely.

    That’s just wrong IMO … Boise has no business being considered a title team until they play in a legitimate conference .

    Put Boise in the ACC and they’d average 9 wins … just sayin.


  7. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Oooof. The idea of listening to a whole season of Craig James arguing with Mark May about this makes me want to jump out my office window. Of course, we all realize that these two tremendous wankers are going to find a meme and beat it to death regardless, right? Right?

    Is it wrong that I like Lowell and Luginbill’s ESPNU show? It just doesn’t seem to carry the same level of dbaggery as CFB Live.