At least it was nothing personal.

Regardless of whether you feel Jim Donnan got a raw deal when he was dismissed as Georgia’s head coach, you’ve got to admit that the man wasn’t without flaws about how he ran the football program.  For one thing, people handling skills were never Coach Donnan’s strong suit.

Dunta Robinson gives us one example.

… and the Athens product will forever stew over having been passed over by the hometown Bulldogs.

“Their coach, Jim Donnan, has said he had nothing to do with it,” Robinson said. “He said it was the recruiting coordinator [Rodney Garner]. I still blame Donnan. He’s the coach. He should have overruled everybody.”

Seriously, how lame is it for a head coach to tell an eighteen-year old that he has no control over who gets a scholarship offer?

I bet Garner loved getting thrown under the bus, too.



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13 responses to “At least it was nothing personal.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Okay, but how reliable is Dunta Robinson?


  2. LRGK

    Lost to Tech three years in a row.
    Rest my case.


  3. Siskey

    I think he was over shadowed by Damian Gary. Also there was alot of transition at that time as CCHS changed coaches twice in a few years after having Billy Henderson there for so long. Wished we would have got him though and hope he does well with the Falcons.


  4. Scott W.

    According to Donnan nothing he did here was his fault (except for the winning) especially his firing.


  5. All I’ve got to say on the subject is, “Dunta, let it go already. Seriously.”


  6. Chuck

    This is one of those kinds of things that could be true on both sides because there is certainly room for interpretation, and the passage of time has not narrowed that room. In the end, it has worked pretty well for all concerned. Let it gooooooo.


  7. Cynical in Athens

    While I would love to bang on Donnan about missing Dunta, it’s hard to say much about his 2000 recruiting haul…
    Reggie Brown
    Nic Clemons
    Chris Clemons
    David Greene
    Arnold Harrison
    Sean Jones
    Musa Smith
    Johnathan Sullivan
    Will Thompson

    We only signed one true CB in the class, and he played a HUGE role in UGA’s first SEC Title in 20 years. Too bad Horace couldn’t stay off the weed.


    • Cynical in Athens

      We also did not go after Ronnie Brown in that class but got Musa and Albert Hollis who were 2 of the top 4 RB’s in the country.


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Hindsight is always 20/20. You can’t sign everybody and the coaching staff has to make a decision about whom to go after and not. Sometimes you try to sign a guy and he goes elsewhere, too. Get over it.


  9. Scott W.

    How raw was Donnan’s deal anyway? Wasn’t he paid handsomely, he hangs around Athens to this day.


  10. Donnan was an ok first step towards cleansing the palate of Ray Goff.

    He couldn’t beat Tech, Auburn, Florida, or Tenn, so he had to go. It is that simple.

    Richt has dominated Tech and Auburn, is pretty much even with Tenn (though for a while he was dominating them also), and just has to figure out Florida.