Lane Kiffin is gone and I miss him (well, sort of).

I have to admit that, between Spurrier’s crack about Tennessee dropping North Carolina from the schedule and the not s0 veiled criticism that’s starting to crop up about Hotel-gate, had Junior stuck around this year, his witty repartee would have been blogger heaven.



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  1. Dog in Fla

    Lane the road goes on forever and the party never ends Kiffin –

    “I can’t hear you; Rocky Top is playing”

    “Great call on the pass interference. That was definitely pass interference. Commissioner Slive, I appreciate that call.”

    “The ball is intercepted. I thought that was a great call by the ref throwing the pass interference there. I’m sure that we were at fault.”

    “I’m blown away by all the hate”

    “I wasn’t going to let the refs lose the game for us there and some magical flag appear”

    “I’m sure I will get one of those letters that doesn’t mean anything”

    “I guess we’ll wait and after we’re not excited about a performance, we’ll tell you everybody was sick.”

    “But Florida and Alabama live on”

    “We don’t suspend them for half a game.”

    “We made it 11 months and 11 days without any incidents”

    Above annotated in

    “There is peace in Pahokee.”

    “I’m going to turn him in now.”


    “I never said that to Alshon, nor would I say anything like that….That’s just not something I would say….That’s not the way we’re going to do things here, and it’s something I don’t condone,” Kiffin said, ESPN reported. “Things get said all the time in recruiting, but I don’t know where (the pumping gas comment) came from.”


  2. 69Dawg

    Show of hands now how many of you think that any of those players miss the UGA game!