Loran, whaddya got?




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  1. Castleberry

    Somewhere out there…. Jim Donnan is smiling.


    • HVL Dawg

      It was a shocker and an instant classic at the same time:

      Loran said, “What about all your players with cramps? Awfully disturbing. What is wrong here?”

      Coach Donnan replied,”I’m SICK and TIRED of all your negative talk. We just won a game and that’s all you can ask.”


  2. Russ

    I just hope Chuck doesn’t wear any Georgia State attire or tweet about them.

    Seriously, I hope Loran is well and this is a move he wanted. I’m not the biggest Loran Smith fan, but the man is devoted and has put a lot into the program over the years. DGD!


  3. Scott W.

    This makes me sad.


  4. Brandon

    Someone must have finally stolen the incriminating evidence Loran had on the Board of Regents back, although he is a Georgia staple and tradition, let’s put aside emotion and be honest purely on merit (i.e. informativeness and acumen for the business) he is one of the worst football sideline reporters in the history of the world, but alas Chuck ain’t much better but at least he will probably deliver more news than: (heavy southern drawl: “the cheerleaders are wearing red and black today”


  5. Dawg the Booty Hunter

    Let’s just hope Chuck doesn’t ask Justin Houston if he likes boiled peanuts.


  6. Jack

    That’s awful news! My seats are pretty low, and Chuck is so tall I’m sure he’ll block my view! Dadgummit!


  7. Ben

    Well, that’s kind of sad. I guess this truly marks the end of an era of Georgia football.

    Go in peace, Loran.


    • dawg1976

      I’ll damn sure miss Loran on the field. I love Loran Smith. He’s a Damn Good Dawg. Good to hear he will still be doing thw pregame show.

      Chuck Dowdle will fill in and do a good job. I like him


  8. Chadwick

    Good grief, Dowdle is awful. I know it’s a bit part, but Dowdle? Ugh.


  9. RusDawg

    My favorite Loran moment came from back when I worked at WRFC and it was a noon game that didn’t matter. Early in the morning in the pre-game radio broadcast we cut to Munson and Loran, Munson throws it to Loran and all we hear is:

    “I can’t find my damn clipboard!”

    Munson doesn’t miss a beat and replies “Allllllright”


  10. hey to goober ...

    Used to be this Larry Munson Sound Alike Contest in the late ’80’s. Bes tone i ever remember was a guy getting up there and doing Munson and Loran. To wit:

    Munson: Whatta got Loran …

    Smith: Well, I have this high, squeaky voice everyone hates.

    Gotta love Loran!


  11. David

    Loran was replaced because Richt is on the hot seat, and they couldn’t afford to let loyalty override changes that had to be made.

    Someone had to beat Mandel to that conclusion….


  12. JasonC

    Gosh, I didn’t realize that Chuck had left WSB (in Asia for the past 2 years). Was that his decision?

    And remember it could never be as bad as hiring Eric Dickerson to do the sideline reporting.


  13. I’d like to see some collection of all the crazy and out-of-left-field quotes by Loran. They’d make me chuckle on bad days!


    • WFdawg

      I seem to remember there was a comment thread on GA Sports Blog a year or so back that was full of Loran memories. I laughed til I cried. At any rate, I’d love to see one here.


  14. JC in Powder Springs

    Can’t believe some Dawg fans seem pleased about this. Guess they prefer bubble headed skanks on the sidelines. Loran has always been a true class act. We’ll never have anyone like him again, and its depressing to think this icon won’t be doing the sideline and locker room reports any more. It’s like loosing a member of the family.


  15. dawg1976

    I will miss Loran on the field. Gkad to see he’ll be still doing the pregame. I love Loran Smith… he’s a Damn Good Dawg!

    Chuck Dowdle will do just fine. I like him


  16. dawg1976

    l’ve had a few drinjs tonight. I’m celebrating on a deal i closed. I made a good bit of money today. So im feeling good 🙂 been a damn good dawg day


  17. dawg1976

    Quote of the week

    “His passes were on the money and high praises to him. I would
    say that we are a little ahead of where
    we usually are and Aaron is getting
    everything and stepping into a leadership
    role. He took command and he was
    getting the formations correct and he was signaling the plays and that’s just a signal of his hard work.” – Kris Du


  18. dawg1976

    Kris *Durham…i blame the iphone. hell im going to start blaming the senator