Program FEI: the Bizarro World Stewart Mandel

One thing you can say about Football Outsiders’ Brian Fremeau – when it comes to determining élite college football programs, he’s not from Montana.



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5 responses to “Program FEI: the Bizarro World Stewart Mandel

  1. Cynical in Athens

    It is really sad what has happened to Washington. They really filled the USC void on the West Coast in the early 90’s and were damn-near dominant.

    Perhaps the most beautiful setting in all of college football, very good recruiting base, a good school in a metropolitan area-they have all the ingredients.

    It’s strange that they have sucked so long now. It is eye-opening to see them that high on the list. If Sarkisian can coach at all, we may see the other “Dawgs” become the dominant Pac 10 team again.


  2. Mike

    Wow, what a great web-site. I am a numbers guy and this kind of analysis is very interesting.


  3. dean

    The only teams not appearing among the Elite-21 that claimed a title were BYU in 1984 and the split champions Georgia Tech and Colorado in 1990.