Friday morning buffet

It’s hard to believe, but real college football is less than a week away.

  • PH™, Yellow Jacket style:  Sure, 90% of what appears on Bleacher Report is the lowest of low hanging fruit, but, still, it’s hard to pass up the keen insight and grammatical sharpness on display in this piece comparing the quarterback situations at Georgia and Georgia Tech.
  • Good post by Groo on the other side of oversigning.
  • Here’s another good strategery piece on the 3-4, this time in the context of what Ohio State runs.
  • Can the North rise again?
  • Things are getting pretty messy at North Carolina.  And that’s not good for Butch Davis, contractually speaking.
  • Is this the first hint of the McGarity-ization of Georgia football scheduling?
  • His work is done:  Texas Tech’s athletic director announces his retirement.
  • This is just too bizarre for words, on so many levels.
  • This just in on Hotelgate:  “We haven’t really been distracted.” The man sounds like a broken record.


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11 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Nothing is going to stop the chickens from another National Championship run not even discounted hotel rooms.


  2. Sefdawg

    Ok, you lose me when you can’t even spell the names right. It’s “Hutson”, not “Hudson”. And then go on to the old cliche, the backup quaterback is more talented than the starter. Really? Then why is he the backup? Wow.


    • Normaltown Mike

      “but UGA is in a rare situation where they have no real idea of what to expect from their young QB this season”

      Rare? Really? I guess if you were unaware that Georgia was in this situation in ’01,’05,’06 & ’09. And yes, I said ’05. After DJ’s lackluster performance against Trek in the ’04 Nerd Beatdown, many Dawgfans were a bit nervioso about Shock.


  3. Josh

    Just reported by ABH…..Ealey arrested for hit and run and driving on suspended license. How dumb is that?


    • hayduke

      That just simply sucks.

      I have a theory that all the offseason transgressions and the excessive on-field penalties last year are directly related.


  4. Ward Eagle

    Re: TT AD… TT(uberville) overcomes yet another administration.

    Look for them to hire a former SEC AD.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    SOS takes time from his off-season ‘Garcia bashing tour’ to find out half his team is staying in a hotel(?) and not paying their bills! What, no jokes about ut, Steve? C’mon, give us some of those famous one-liners now.


  6. Ben

    That Gainesville story is bizarre. Too bad Tim Tebow isn’t there to give a sound theological response. Also, does anyone else notice the smily face near the top of the page on the right had side?


  7. 69Dawg

    The Muslim extremist have now done it. If they mess with St Urban’s team they will be punished, they will be bad guys and Urban will not forget.