Reality sucks.

Presented without further comment:

Q: South Carolina football sucks? You suck. Why can’t you see that we have been good over the last few years and why don’t you keep on kissing Alabama and Florida butt all the time. How dare you write something like that. I’m never visiting this site again. You suck. – HT

A: Yes, I do suck, and so does South Carolina football compared to most BCS-level programs.

Go back to what I wrote and explain, exactly, why South Carolina football doesn’t suck.

“ … the last ten-win season was in 1984, which accounts for the only ten-win season in the program’s history. In fact, there have only been two seasons in school history of more than eight wins (1984 and 2001) … the same number as Vanderbilt. The Steve Spurrier era has been considered a disappointment, yet the 35 wins from the Ball Coach represents the best five-year run in the history of South Carolina football. Meanwhile, Florida has won 35 games in the last three seasons.”

The fans are some of the most loyal in all of college football, sitting through thick and, well, thick to watch a mediocre product year after year after year. I’m not dogging the people around South Carolina football, I’m not ripping on Spurrier (one of the coaches I like), and I’m certainly not firing on the fan base. But the wins aren’t there, and while the program has been decent, it hasn’t done enough. Yeah, saying South Carolina football sucks is too strong, but it certainly could stand to be a whole bunch better.

Now, if you want to explain why I’m wrong, I’m all ears.



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12 responses to “Reality sucks.

  1. the Coondawg

    Someones got thier feathers in a ruffle. Gotta hand it to them Cock lovers, they support that program but…….the numbers don’t lie. They suck.


  2. RedCrake

    What I got out of that whole response:

    Pete Fiutak: “Yes, I do suck”


  3. paul

    Perhaps the most demoralizing aspect of their mediocre performance is the fact that they’ve hired two of the most successful college coaches in the modern era and neither has been able to take the program beyond merely acceptable. I know little about the school. However, something (facilities, location, administration, whatever) seems to be holding them back.


    • MT

      I’m slowly figuring it out as a grad student at SC… UGA and SC are night and day in terms of commitment to improvements.

      They have nothing in the last 20 years that can evidently be considered a major building project on campus. Everything has the air of late 60s/early 70s construction/renovation. From when I started school, it took SC almost 2 weeks to paint over graffiti on a campus retaining wall. UGA maintenance would have painted over that in 12 hours max.

      Think about what’s been built in the last 10 years at UGA… SLC, East Campus, O-house dining hall renovation, the Bio Center over near Aderhold and Tate 2, just to start with.


      • Not to mention that their flagship facility, Williams-Brice Stadium, is an outdated pile located right in the middle of the state fairgrounds (translation: three square miles of asphalt and dirt parking lots surrounded by copious junkyards and other crappy, industrial objets d’art) which is, as far as I could tell, only accessible by one, ONE, road that stays in terminal bottleneck.
        We could see the stadium for literally an hour parked on that wretched expanse of road before we finally gave up and turned into a, you guessed it, junkyard to tailgate. Then we walked the last mile faster than we ever could have driven it.
        It’s nowhere near the campus. In fact, I never even saw the campus. It was hotter than eight bitches on a bitch boat and the visiting seats were the closest to the surface of the sun as I’ve ever seen.
        It is inhospitable to visitor and home fan alike. It is a dreadful place.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    True. They’re the suckiest sucks that ever sucked. Something everyone around the nation knows, except sc fans.


  5. JaxDawg

    The past is gone. I just hope they suck when we play them.

    However I believe they won’t. We’re going to have our hands full.


  6. Russell

    “Shoot the Messenger”, and what have ya and all like that.