Like a sore thumb

With all the “hot seat” garbage swirling about (or “need to step it up” chatter, if you prefer), it’s almost bracing when you read something this straightforward from Chris Low, who, whatever else you might say about him, isn’t a Georgia homer:

Jake in Birmingham, Ala., writes: Mr. Low, how do you think Georgia looks overall with the start of the season here in a little more than a week?

Chris Low: Great news on defense for the Bulldogs with the way Justin Anderson at nose and Darryl Gamble at outside linebacker have played this preseason. Obviously, redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray can’t turn it over, but he has plenty of weapons around him. The Bulldogs are a little beaten up right now in the offensive line, but their kicking game should be one of the best in the country. If Murray is steady and keeps his interceptions under 10, I think Georgia can win 10 games.



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4 responses to “Like a sore thumb

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Peyton Manning had 16 int’s (1 per game) and made it to the super bowl last season. I’d expect the Dawgs to depend heavily on their experienced O line and backs, so we shouldn’t be passing too much. But still, isn’t 10 int’s setting a heck-of-a-high standard for a RS? If Murray starts all season and ONLY has 10 ints, I expect us to be undefeated! (unless they all come in one or two games).


  2. austintwo

    I think many are underrating what Murray can give us – the kid is a playmaker, not a caretaker. Go check out Sam Bradford’s RSFr stats – OU was coming off a year similar to the one we’re coming off of – we could be scary good this year.


  3. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Chris Lowe has described Georgia accurately with too many “ifs”. Georgia under Mark Richt is more likely to continue to average 3 conference losses as it has over the last four years. Which is in line with the consensus in the upper twenty something in the polls.