Stat stories

I’ve got a couple of good statistical exercises to share with the interested Georgia fan.

First, Year2 finds – again – that penalties don’t have much of an effect on wins and losses over the long haul.  I know a lot of Dawg fans like to harp on the high number of penalties Georgia has incurred over the past couple of seasons as a key factor in why things went awry, but the truth is that plenty of winning teams draw lots of flags.

On the other hand, I doubt there’s a single person who followed Georgia’s 2008 season who would be surprised by this:

Here is the bottom line. There is value in determining who gained worthwhile momentum during the last 3-5 games of the season, but you should not spend even five seconds attempting to derive value in bowl performances.


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10 responses to “Stat stories

  1. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Off the field arrests,suspensions,dismissals and penalties over the last two seasons have made Mark Richt look like a knucklehead!


    • Bulldog Bry

      I know another knucklehead……


    • Please go on line somewhere else & give us Dawg Fans a break.


      • Mrs. College Football Returns

        Get your ass back here and clean this house up! You on that damn computer again? What you doin’? That posting stuff? You know damn well you don’t know sheeiit about no damn football! Quit wastin’ time trying to pretend you do. Those other people on that blog are just laughin’ their asses off at you, you stupid redneck! Now get on over here and wash these dishes before I slap a knot on your head!!! And if I catch you doin’ this again I’ll do the same thing to ya again!


  2. Cynical in Athens

    I don’t think that people directly correlate W/L’s directly with penalties, however, the penalties are a symptom of the endemic problems that exist within the entire program’s infrastructure.

    Just as Washaun Ealey getting a hit-and-run at 3 AM is not that big of a deal if it were an isolated incident, the fact is, it is not an isolated incident.

    As much as we love CMR as a man, the kids clearly do not listen to him off the field, and the continued problems with the yellow flag are evidence that they don’t listen to him on the field much either.

    This is why the “hot-seat” talk actually has legs. It remains to be seen how the new defensive coaches work, and hopefully they return to ’02 form, but if we continue to see the same sloppiness and poorly prepared squad on the field in 2010, there won’t be any more scapegoat assistants to fire.


    • 69Dawg

      Yes there will be because the majority of the on-field penalties occurred on the offense. There is no excuse for the Oline to move before the snap and we do it at the very worst times, in the Red Zone. So yea I could see a change in the O staff if it continues.


      • JC in Powder Springs

        I think the O coaching situation is still in flux. Am I the only one who considers Bobo to the sideline a demotion and reflection on his booth playcalling? Bobo survived the pink slip, but the trust level in his abilities has definitely taken a hit.


  3. You are in the majority. I am in the minority who believes CMB has been & is still doing a very good job coaching the QBs, installing a game plan, & calling plays. I must be wrong?