Yellow Jacket head-scratcher

Admittedly, I don’t follow the Georgia Tech program that closely, but surely this isn’t correct:

In looking for another theme on the depth chart released Saturday by Tech officials, senior wide receiver Kevin Cone figures to be the only non-scholarship player to start. [Emphasis added.]

How many top-20 teams do you figure start walk-ons (not counting special teams, of course)?

At least he sounds qualified for the job.

… At 6-feet 2, he looks more like departed wide receiver Demaryius Thomas — bigger.

“I was about 200 pounds last year, and I’m about 210 now,” Cone said. “I just wanted to get a little bigger so I can be more aggressive. Last year, I was having trouble getting off press [coverage] and staying on my man [while blocking].”

Hoo, boy.



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7 responses to “Yellow Jacket head-scratcher

  1. Hash Slinger

    You are correct, the information is wrong. Cone is on scholarship. He originally transferred and was a walk-on but earned the scholarship last year. His brother is the starting left fielder on UGA baseball team, FYI.


  2. O-Dawg

    Reuben Faloughi was a walk-on for us, and has earned a scholly. I’m actually excited for him to get some playing time. I don’t think there’s that big of a talent gap. My $.02.