At this point, what else can he say?

I certainly don’t feel sorry for Steve Spurrier, but I’m beginning to appreciate why he continues to insist that his team hasn’t been distracted in preseason camp.  It’s about the only line he can take.

Consider what he’s been working through:

  • Weslye Saunders has been suspended for almost a week with no indication when he might return.
  • Lingering injuries to key performers like fullback Pat DiMarco, a team captain, and linebacker Shaq Wilson, the Gamecocks’ leading tackler last season.
  • Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward, in charge of the secondary, worked Tuesday without starting safety Akeem Aguste and backup cornerback C.C. Whitlock.
  • Defensive lineman and captain Ladi Ajiboye was late to that session because of what assistant coach in charge of defense Ellis Johnson said were issues about the hotel.

South Carolina hasn’t heard from the NCAA yet, but expects to before its opener Thursday night against Southern Miss.

And that doesn’t even count the self-imposed uncertainty of the quarterback battle between Garcia and Shaw.

Of course, if this is really what Southern Miss is counting on, all the distractions in the world won’t matter.


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12 responses to “At this point, what else can he say?

  1. Brandon

    Man, South Carolina is going to really be in trouble if they can’t get at least a couple of games above .500 in the first half of the season, we all know they typically go somewhere between 0-6 or 2-4 down the stretch, every…single…year.


  2. Captain Obvious

    Chicken fans can now blame the squandered national championship run on hotelgate.


  3. hailtogeorgia

    Okay, I’m a little confused.

    Ellis Johnson (who I thought was defensive coordinator) is now Assistant Coach in charge of Defense, while Lorenzo Ward (whose name I’ve never heard before) is Defensive Coordinator. Who’s calling the plays?


    • Ellis Johnson calls the plays. He’s the head honcho on defense. I can’t exactly recall where the confusing titles come from, but I seem to recall it having something to do with Ward’s hiring. Like we gave him a fancy title and a little more authority than the average DB coach in order to get him to Columbia, or something to that effect.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    Do Southern Miss fans actually think 131 yards per game allowed rushing is good? Our defense was horrible, and we managed 126 against a better slate of teams. Though, I guess if you rank 109th against the pass, 43rd against the run looks relatively good.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    “God smiled on the Gators…….not so much on the Chickens”


  6. I can only hope that Southern Miss. expects us to be a power running team. I get that they’re used to playing against Houston and Tulsa, but come on. Their corners are each about 5’9. I would expect lots of balls to go Alshon and Gurley’s way.


  7. Macallanlover

    This seems to play into UGA’s hands as well. SC will win, but I doubt they cover the 2 TD spread, a tougher battle than many think. SC has serious questions about their OL, and So. Miss’ strength is their front group on defense. I expect SC to try and attack UGA’s new 3-4 with a power running game so Spurrier will have to show some of his cards Thursday night. It’s about 80 hours away and I already have my microwave warming up, so I know CTG will have his popcorn ready!


  8. 69Dawg

    No matter what their problems they will be at full strength when we play them. It has always been so and it will remain so.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe SOS will learn to appreciate having an experienced QB return, and turn his attention to addressing the rest of the team’s problems.

    Naa. He gets perverse enjoyment out of embarrassing his starting QB, whomever it may be at the moment. Garcia now, Shaw next.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Maybe that’s why he is having a problem recruiting a first-class signal caller. The kids aren’t stupid (except for Garcia, for sticking around).