How many euphemisms are there for “hot seat”, anyway?

Clay Travis informs us that we’re “angry”.

Well, he may be sensing some emotional response on our part, but it’s not because “Mark Richt’s season narratives all have pretty much the same script”, whatever the hell that means.

Nah, we’re probably just irritated by assholes in the media repeatedly telling us how we ought to feel about a head coach who’s gone 90-27.


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  1. jw

    The sad thing is Clay actually gets paid for that crap! What a tool! Bunch of Feinbaum wantabe’s


  2. LD

    Getting out my editor’s pen:

    “Georgia fans are angry because hack sportswriters’ unsourced narratives on Mark Richt have pretty much the same script.”

    There. That’s more accurate.


  3. FisheriesDawg

    “Right now Richt is still the third best coach in the SEC. He’s just not, and never will be, on the level of Saban or Meyer. ”

    Maybe not, but his record against Saban is 2-3. Two of those losses were to a national title LSU team, so I don’t think there’s any shame in that. One of those losses was a highly competitive game on the road. They both have blown each other out in those five games. Head-to-head, they’re actually pretty even. It is funny that everyone’s perception of Alabama vis-a-vis Georgia comes from a single half of football two years ago.

    His record against Meyer is a pitiful 1-4 (should be a similar 2-3 if not for Shockley’s injury in 2005). But he was also 1-2 against Ron freaking Zook. It has a lot more to do with the orange helmets with the script writing standing on the field than it does with the man standing on the other sideline in that series.


  4. thewhiteshark

    He also makes the usual talking point about the gap between Alabama, Florida and the rest of the SEC as “widening.” There was a gap the last two years but with the losses that both teams had and the improvement of other SEC teams the gap is narrowing — that’s my projection anyway. Alabama and Florida have been beneficiaries of the CWM years at Georgia. If Grantham can fix the defense the Dawgs will be able to play with anybody. Does anyone remember where we were just two short years ago? — Georgia was ranked #1 going in and Alabama was coming off a 7-6 year with a loss to Louisiana- Monroe. Yes, they have had a great two years but college football is always in flux and things change.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      “Alabama and Florida have been beneficiaries of the CWM years at Georgia.”

      Good point. A 10,000 word essay could be written on the subject.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Mark Richt is no more, and no less on a hotseat than any other high profile coach in the SEC or for that matter in the country.

    And with all due respect to my peers, making excuses would not be necessary if we had won those games.

    I don’t hear Florida fans making excuses about losing to us.

    I think we better have much to cling to at the end of this season with pretty low expectations.

    I don’t have any doubt, none, that Mark Richt is a great person and a credit to football and to the University of Georgia as an institution, but ultimately winning big is the measure of a great coach in today’s market.

    Mark Richt is facing a similar crisis of image to the one that got Phil Fulmer, although things are nowhere near as dire for Richt. Yet.

    Complaining about media driven reality is valid, but pointless.

    It does chap my ass that Florida and Alabama are pulling away from us. But if you watch the replays of the SEC Championship game and the national championship game, it is quite obvious that Bama is a great, great football team, and far superior to any team Mark Richt has had at Georgia.

    They are the total package.

    Urban Meyer’s sometimes irrational responses to crisis make Florida appear vulnerable, but the record says they are only vulnerable to a superior team.

    And to this point we have not fielded that team.

    This has happened before, when it was Florida and Tennessee pulling away.

    Ask Ray Goff and Jim Donan what happened.


    • thewhiteshark

      Far superior to ANY teams Richt has had at Georgia? He’s had two teams that in other years or with the right breaks could have/should have been playing for the title. We’ll see if they don’t have some hiccups this year. They have a favorable schedule but you don’t lose that much on defense without it affecting the team.


    • IndyDawg

      “I don’t hear Florida fans making excuses about losing to us.”

      How many times did we hear “Bbbbbut Tebow was hurt!”


      • Mike

        That is one excuse, and not a very good one. The other “excuse” is more a set of reasons;

        1.) The emergence of Knowshon and

        2.) The youth of the Florida defense.

        UGA just flat dominated the LOS on offense. The following year, both teams were basically the same on offense and defense. That contest turned out a bit differently.


        • hailtogeorgia

          They weren’t basically the same on offense and defense in 08. 08 was the year where we had an ungodly amount of injuries on both the offensive and defensive lines, Sturdivant and Owens being just two of those. When you chalk a win up to dominating the line of scrimmage, and then the lines have a rash of injuries…it tends to change the game a bit.


        • Sort of agree with you there, Mike. That 2008 game left me with the weirdest feeling I’ve ever had after a UGA loss. Turnover margin has really killed us against you guys the last two years, and never was it more evident than in 2008. Nobody seems to remember, but our offense outgained UF’s that day. As lopsided as that score was, it never seemed like we were outplayed, moreso we kept handing UF’s offense 10 yards to go for a TD on a silver platter. Granted, I take nothing away from UF for that game as our defense could have certainly held them to field goals, but I never felt like we got the crap beat out of us as bad as the score was. Just one man’s opinion, but I fully believe that ’08 team was capable of beating UF that day if not for all the ill timed TO’s.


    • Macallanlover

      Sorry, this only makes sense if you base all your criteria on one thing: the MNC. Period. I know most people do, so there is no need to tell me I am in a small minority, but the fact is the only thing standing in the way of UGA having 1-2 of those faux titles is unexplainable. UF, LSU, and Bama were all afforded opportunities to play in the BCS finale while UGA was denied that due to pure quirkiness and political BS. (Yes, I know Bama’s 2009 season was an undefeated one, but so was Auburn’s 2004.)

      To take points away from CMR for that reason is just wrong. You can say you don’t like his style, his demeanor, etc., but it is hard to take him off the list of elite coaches in the country. The only crisis Richt faces is the irrational expectations of a small contingent of fans, a group that has little power and is vocal on the internet. It is that group, of mostly younger fans, that provided the spark for much of the media’s overblown reporting of CMR’s hotseat dilemma. This fringe group will never be satisfied with any coach for over 2 years so they should just be put on “ignore” until they find a legit reason for making a coaching change.


  6. dawg521

    I couldn’t help but notice an odd choking and slurping sound in the background the entire time I was reading that article…anybody else hear it too?


  7. H-Town Dawg

    I just love it when clowns like Travis construct a strawman argument such as “Georgia fans are angry at Richt” based on NO evidence…and then criticizes us for being “angry.” Ehhh, what? All this Saban-love reminds me of how they USED to talk about Spurrier. Funny thing, perceptions…


    • thewhiteshark

      Yep. There are some CMR haters about but they are a small minority of Georgia fans. On every poll I’ve seen the number of people who want Richt gone is pretty small — except the ones done by the nerds at North Avenue.


  8. 12-2



    10-10 vs SEC East last 4 yrs ONLY played 1 team

    Sounds like same script to me Bluto