Just thought I’d ask.

The SEC Power Poll (nifty new logo, by the way) is asking its voters to take part in a preseason poll – in this case, not to rank the teams, but the teams’ uniforms. So I thought I’d get your opinion on the matter. Which do you think are the best and worst looking uniforms in the conference?

There actually is an objective measurement for “worst”, believe it or not.  It’s this:

Like the sun, it's dangerous to stare directly at this.


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18 responses to “Just thought I’d ask.

  1. Pumpdawg

    Call me biased,but Georgia’s home uniforms are definitely the best looking in the conference.Possibly the best looking in the nation.On the other hand we’ve also been known to sport the most atrocious,god-awful uniforms in history.I think everyone knows the monstrosity to which I’m referring.


  2. Captain Obvious

    Is that a Gator unitard?


    • D.N. Nation

      Florida wore that nonsense in the 2005 WLOCP. The very definition of “fake juice,” only they actually won the game.


  3. I’d put our away attire at the top. It’s a simple, classic look that just implores me to hunker down.

    At the bottom I’d have to say the HillBilly home unis. About as picturesque as pool of vomit.


  4. JasonC

    Can you post a link?


  5. anon

    We’d be #1 if our silver britches were, you know, actually silver.

    This gray is bullcrap.


  6. Ward Eagle

    Are those onesies?


  7. Mike

    Dang that Florida jersey was awful. It was in 2005 that the UF players wore them, for only one game, the Florida/Georgia game. Thankfully, they have never again seen the light of day.


  8. BMan

    Dogs home unis are a glorious thing. If I were to choose my second favorite, the simplicity of Bama is nice, reminding you there’s traditionally nothing complex about a defensive ass-whooping. Auburn is pretty nice too, and when the Gamecocks stick to the white helmets and the maroon jerseys/white pants, it’s pretty good. They tend to screw with it every now and then though, but now I’m feeling hypocritical.

    If Ole Miss would put a simple “M” on their helmet, I think their unis would be hard to beat.


  9. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Let’s just discount that we’re all going to say UGA’s are the best. (I even like the black jerseys – but last year’s WLOCP unis were atrocious).

    I like Ole Miss for the colors and the shoulder stripes.

    I like Auburn’s for the classic approach – they’ve eschewed the crazy stripes a la WVU. I know they’ve had some periods with orange jerseys, etc. But I think their focus on blue and white is nice.

    I like Vandy’s current helmet logo.

    Pressed, I’d likely choose AU.


  10. anon

    Many linemen will wear a “onesie” type jersey that is extremely snug fitting so that the opposing linemen don’t have anything to grab.


  11. 81Dog

    I just wonder if the uniform pants that go with that hideous top are made from some kind of special Nike denim, and if they’re cut off just above the knee. Because that would be AWESOME. Just not in a good way for the Gators.


  12. Phocion

    Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia, LSU, Florida.

    Classic is classic, you just can’t beat it…Shoulder stripes done right are nice and the script name on the helmet is a classy touch…Silver(ish) britches are cool…Looks right under the lights…Hate them if you must but the standard issue looks right on a Saturday in the swamp (and the white helmets are a good change of pace from time to time, just not with the storm trooper get-ups)


  13. Paul Johnson

    I really like Vandy’s uniform. It looks just like Tech’s.


  14. Hobnail_Boot

    1) Georgia’s home reds/silvers.
    2) Tennessee’s home all-whites.
    3) LSU’s home whites/yellows.
    4) Auburn’s home blues/whites.
    5) Kentucky’s home all-blues.

    The rest range from so-so (Ole Miss) to boring (Vandy) to atrocious (Florida).


  15. Of course I like the UGA uniforms the best. Bama is almost tied though. Tradition comes first, every time. I also HATED seeing what we wore in the FL game last year, not to mention I began the game in the Florida section (no worse place on Earth,) and had to hear all of their jeers about it. But, FWIW, (not that I would EVER want to see this in real life, tradition’s best) the JAX jerseys combine AMAZINGLY with the black jerseys on my NCAA 11… An all-black look.
    Let me reiterate that I never want to see those awful red facemasks again in my life, but the all-black looks sick on the game.


  16. The one and only Billy Shears

    My issue is helmet logos.

    Ours, Auburn’s, Bama’s, even Kentucky’s are good.

    To me, the weird block lettering on LSU’s helmet logo always looked like something you’d make on a Radio Shack TRS-80 in 1982. I appreciate the colors, but I could never get over the dumb looking helmet.

    If Sakerlina made their helmets with the illegal interlocking SC logo they used for baseball, that would look good. The chicken logo is too busy.

    Ole Miss and Florida need to scrap the script. They both have used block letters in the past, and they should go back.