Shuffling the defensive line

Marc Weiszer has the new two-deep roster here.  No earth shattering developments, except on the d-line:

LE Brandon Wood, Abry Jones
N DeAngelo Tyson, Justin Anderson, Kwame Geathers
RE Demarcus Dobbs, Kiante Tripp

Wood has moved ahead of Jones, Tyson is back at #1 at tackle… and, hello, Kiante Tripp.

I don’t know if this is how Garner is keeping his players on their toes, or himself, but I suspect this isn’t the last change on the depth chart we’ll see.


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5 responses to “Shuffling the defensive line

  1. Cynical in Athens

    CRG has been pretty consistent throughout his tenure of playing guys who prepare the best week-to-week…Atkins, Owens and Weston alternated starting a lot over the last few years…didn’t Tripp have 2 or 3 sacks in a scrimmage? He has always been one of the most physically gifted guys on the team, just no position…maybe he can pull a Marcus Howard…


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d say those 3 starters are the most experienced D linemen we have. Looks like competition is ongoing. We’ll hopefully see every D lineman on the squad get playing time this week, ‘cept those being redshirted.


  3. It is really good to see that Wood, Tripp, & Anderson are making a run for significant playing time. That takes care of some depth concerns as does Faloughi at OLB.Our 2 deep looks very talented to me.GATA.


  4. JasonC

    Could Israel Troupe be one of the more disappointing recruits for UGA?
    Without looking, my guess is that Troupe is at least a RS-Soph or RS-Jr., and he is fourth at his position behind a QB that recently transitioned to WR.


    • Cynical in Athens

      He was, at best, a 2* recruit. Classic case of Chad Simmons over-inflating a guy because UGA signed him.