New Florida depth chart: a little bit of history repeating?

Nah, it’s not exactly 2007 all over again, but a look at the Gators depth chart reveals an astounding seventeen true freshman listed (granted, some of that figure is the result of the rather liberal use of “OR” – the latest cheezy trend in depth charting).  The reason that’s not entirely a rerun is because none of them are listed as starters.

It does make you wonder what’s going on with their sophomore class, though, as it seems to be largely supplanted by the newcomers.

I don’t wish injuries on any team, but I will be curious to see what happens if Florida suffers its share (indeed, that’s happened already to some extent on the offensive line).

One last thing:  anybody see where that short yardage offense will be coming from?

Maybe that explains why Stewart Mandel has gone out on a limb and predicted that it will be Georgia, and not Florida, in a BCS game this season.


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14 responses to “New Florida depth chart: a little bit of history repeating?

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    A few days ago, Corch claimed (roughly) it has always been his recruiting policy to say “if you come here, you’re going to play.” Now I understand why. A little advance spin from the man who calibrates ‘good morning.’


  2. UFTimmy

    The biggest difference is who the starters are. They’re not true freshman and true sophomores with little playing time. By and large they’re experienced players who have been around a few years. In 2007 they were all talented guys who had never played.

    And as you point out, Mack Brown is listed on the depth card at tailback, via the usage of “OR”, but he’s really 4th string. Rainey would probably come over from the slot before Brown started if there was a rash of injuries, so you can slide him to 5th if you want.

    As much as I’d like to say the short yardage will come from — gasp! — a tailback, it’ll come from Burton or another TE like player just like it did from Tebow. There just won’t be nearly as large of a threat of a pass.


  3. 81Dog

    Mandel picks UGA for a BCS game? I bet the people in Montana are scratching their heads and asking “Who?”


    • 81Dog

      of course, they could always just ask their neighbors in Idaho. UGA is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge in Idaho. Just ask Jared Zabransky, though be careful how you approach him. If you’re wearing red and black, he may just snap right into a fugue state.


  4. Dog in Fla

    The Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey with Irwin on keyboard and turntable.


  5. Mike

    Isn’t Mandel the same guy that proclaims Richt is on the hot seat?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      There does appear to be some inconsistency with Mr. Mandel, n’est pas?


        • Puffdawg

          You guys are confused… Mandel does not think Richt is on a hot seat. It’s just that he perceives Mike Bianchi who perceives Mark Bradley whos perceives Jeff Schultz who perceives that we crazed unrealistic mad fans of UGA are the ones who has CMR on the hot seat, nevermind that none of us have any bearing whatsoever as to whether he keeps his job.


  6. Bryant Denny

    Why are depth charts even published in the first place? I like the discussion that ensues, but if was a coach, I’d want to keep that information private for as long as possible. Which leads to this comment…

    Who actually puts a lot of stock in these things? Most internet gurus could publish a depth chart for their favorite team and get it pretty accurate.

    As for as the cheesy use of -or-, well, you gotta do something to keep the other side off balance? 🙂

    Have a nice day,