A thank you, and an observation

Last month was the best month evah at Get the Picture, in terms of traffic (261,000+ hits).  And for that, all I can do is shake my head and express my appreciation to every one of you who clicked a mouse in this direction in August.

But here’s an interesting thing:  in almost four years of posting, the two top months at GTP for visits were August and January of 2010.  That’s the month of preseason camp and the month in which Richt found his replacement for Willie Martinez.  And keep in mind that these months saw significant traffic spikes of about 30% over the average level here.  Is that what you’d expect from a fan base that’s put its head coach on a hot seat?



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15 responses to “A thank you, and an observation

  1. Captain Obvious

    Coach Fox is as much on the hot seat as Richt is. Go ahead and throw Perno on there too.


  2. UFTimmy

    It doesn’t apply here, but during the Zook years I checked websites after each game hoping he’d be fired.

    Maybe that’s why your traffic is higher 😀


  3. Chuck

    I believe it the press looking for a story that is not there. Majority of the DAWG nation wants CMR to be around for a long time.


  4. Senator, same here on the traffic spikes. Glad you put your finger on that.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m hoping to see a rejuvenated, re-focused coaching staff. I sure hope the assistants that didn’t get a pink slip got the message that poor fundamentals, excessive penalties, passive/dumb playcalling (O, D & special teams), etc. aren’t acceptable. There never were many Dawg fans who wanted wholesale turnover, but a staff shake-up was overdue.


  6. Mike

    I check every day. I enjoy the site a lot.

    Senator, you might have one more uniform topic to help you with traffic. Rumor has it that for at least one game this year, Florida will sport some “combat Nike” uniforms. Knowing Nike, those uniforms are likely to be simply dreadful. But that is not the best part.

    The rumor is that Florida will wear those unifomrs for the Florida/Georgia game.

    Fake juice?

    Maybe not, since this will not be sprung on the players right before kick-off. But in light of last year, I hate the idea of Florida wearing different uniforms for such an important game.


    • Mike, the first rule of fake juice is that it’s not fake juice if you win. 😉


    • Mike

      No longer a rumor;

      “Details on the uniforms:

      •TCU vs. Oregon State (Sept. 4): Horned Frogs open with Lizard-skin design uniforms.

      •Virginia Tech vs. Boise State (Sept. 6): Hokies’ black colors salute Corps of Cadets; Broncos’ Silver and Blue echoes Broncos’ blue turf.

      •Florida vs. Georgia (Oct. 30): Gator-skin design uniforms.

      •Alabama vs. Mississippi State (Nov. 13): Numbers with hounds-tooth check salute Paul “Bear” Bryant.

      •Miami vs. Virginia Tech (Nov. 20): Hurricanes don 1970s throwbacks.

      •West Virginia vs. Pittsburgh (Nov. 26): New duds for Backyard Brawl.

      •Ohio State vs. Michigan (Nov. 27): Red helmets for Buckeyes.

      •Oregon State vs. Oregon (Dec. 4): Beavers’ throwbacks salute ’67 team that beat Southern California, Purdue and Oregon.”


  7. Russ

    Count me as a regular lurker (and occasional poster). You’ve got a great site, Senator. Thanks for putting this together. To me, you’ve become a UGA version of what EDSBS was before it went “corporate”. Consider that a compliment.

    Woof, and DGD to you, sir!


  8. Your humility is becoming, Senator. Quickly deflecting our praise in order to have us ponder the inanity of the hot seat meme instead… That was deftly accomplished, sir.
    You run an excellent site. It’s not us; it’s you.


  9. thewhiteshark

    Congrats Senator. When I saw James Brown at the top of the page I knew your blog had great potential. I have a feeling CMR is going to shut some folks up this year and next but we shall see.


  10. UGAmuffinman

    Since David Hale left the “Bulldogs Blog” you, Senator, have been my primary source of Dawg football information.

    You have a great online personality (no homo) and post excellent stories every day, which keeps me coming back.

    Seth Emerson seems to lack the kind of personality that you have and Hale had (no offense to Emerson, he is still getting comfortable with everything I’m sure).