The Greatest Hypocrite Of Our Era

Oh, puh-leeze.

… That’s right, Meyer has instructed the Florida media relations staff to keep an eye on how many questions Brantley is fielding about Tebow.

“If I saw that was getting to him, he would be off-limits (to the media),” Meyer said. “It’s our job to get him ready to go play, but he handles it probably as good as anybody I’ve ever seen.

“The guy in front of him (Tebow), I thought, answered questions pretty well, too. But Johnny … the way he’s handled this, I love his statement, ‘I’m just a regular guy from Ocala that’s going to play quarterback.’

“That’s exactly who he is.”

Corch, you’re the guy who spent years feeding the Tebow frenzy (I owe GPOOE™ to your hyperbole, after all) and now you want it tamped down?  I can’t wait for that first presser and that first impervious stare:  “Guys, no Tebow questions.”

And I was so hoping that Clay Travis would get his chance to ask Brantley if he shared Tebow’s personal philosophy about pre-marital sex.



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37 responses to “The Greatest Hypocrite Of Our Era

  1. jw

    hypocrite/control freak!


  2. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Yes, Urban is a complete a-hole. We’re all agreed.

    But, given the beating Joe Cox was taking last year, it would have been nice to have the coach deflect some of that criticism – especially given one of the posts from earlier today.

    On one hand, the Dooley/Meyer media relationships are ridiculous, but on the other hand I don’t really blame them from trying to control the message and/or shield the team from the media. One need only go so far as the Mark Richt “Hot Seat” to get the feeling that it may not be a bad idea to be a little less accommodating of the media.

    And while I’m on it, Steven Hartzell needs to get over himself. His “stir up the natives” approach has worn thin on 960 (I’m referring to Ealey and Hot Seat talk from last week and this morning, resp.) He seems to think that the big city media mode works at 960 and that no one is going to call him on being fairly un-informed on UGA football and CFB in general. The boy has a lot to learn.


    • The Realist

      There is a difference in the media and the general fan consensus on the internet. Cox wasn’t hammered by the media. He might have been asked about fan criticism by the media, but David Hale was out there extolling the virtues of Joe practically all year.

      Protect the kids from my ramblings on the intertubes…fine, but being asked a question about former players? Is that really something keeping a kid like Brantley up at night?


  3. Dog in Fla

    Just another battle in Irwin’s “how many questions” war. Irwin had already given fair warning that his troopers are vigilantly protecting players from “internet people” and “scumbags” by closing practices,

    so to release some steam, Irwin Makes a Phone Call


  4. Tommy

    I’m going to take a different tack here. Yes, Meyer fed the Tebow frenzy — when Tebow was in Gainesville.

    The kid’s gone. Questions to Brantley that reference his predecessor are inane and increasingly irrelevant. Think about your own job — how much time should you have to spend talking about how the guy before you did it? Meyer doesn’t want these hack’s getting in his starting QB’s head. Is it really a shocker that he’s looking out for his QB over the 1st Amendment right of the media to ask asinine questions?

    Meyer and Dooley are pricks to the media, no doubt. (Although if you really want to see a master, check out Pelini’s work: But consider their priorities:
    1. Winning
    2. Recruiting
    3. Winning
    4. Recruiting
    5. Maintaining a top staff
    6. Not pissing off the AD or big-money boosters

    283,582,982,347: Playing nice with the media and fans.

    Jim Donnan could’ve crapped on Loran Smith to his heart’s content if he was beating Tech and winning 10 games.


    • Mike

      Remarkably wise


    • Puffdawg

      “Think about your own job — how much time should you have to spend talking about how the guy before you did it?”

      I’d love an answer from Robert Gibbs on this. And boom goes the dynamite… 🙂


    • Dante

      “Think about your own job — how much time should you have to spend talking about how the guy before you did it? ”

      I have to do that quite a bit, especially when defending a change in business process. I personally don’t mind though because I’m better than my predecessor at my job. If I weren’t, I could see getting defensive and being a Brantley about it.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Donnan did crap on Loran Smith to his heart’s content.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Next corch presser: “Chris Leak also took the sex abstinance pledge. So a Brantley pledge would be consistent with team tradition. And since all the fl players/fans agree Brantley has a ‘better arm’ than GPOOE™, he can rely on self-gratification. Next question…”


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch’s comments, beyond not wanting anyone to ask about Tebow, are incoherent. Paraphrasing: If I saw it was getting to him he would be off limits . . . but he handles it as well as anybody I’ve ever seen. Tebow was good, but I love Johnny’s statement. Huh?


  7. Anon

    Speaking of Urban, guess which school newspaper believes he’s a strict disciplinarian…
    Oh, and it’s the same newspaper that thinks our degrees are getting devalued by the arrests of football players.


  8. 12-2

    GPOE Tim Tebow won 2 national championships at Florida in his 4 years.

    John Brantley got great experience, including KILLING GEORGIA himself, and is a seasoned quarterback on a team who is 7-2 vs Georgia, with extensive playing time at QB, poised and ready for a good season. There are NO questions about John Brantley. You know EXACTLY what you get with him back there. A QB.

    Daily, then, we come in this blog and find that there is this great hatred and great jealousy of anything Florida.

    This is not the proper viewpoint on an opponent who OWNS US, winning 17 games the last 2 decades ALONE.


  9. 12-2

    We have had in the same timeframe, 0 appearances even in The SEC Championship Game BECAUSE of Florida.

    We had Matthew Stafford, whom Coach Richt threw UNDER THE DAMN BUS yesterday with his quotes about Matthew Stafford in the press conference that he WAS NOT ANY GOOD.

    Then, horrible Joe Cox.

    Now, Aaron Murray whom Coach Richt and Mike Bobo have stated that we should be looking at his high school videos (because he hasn’t even been able to practice for Georgia), and now more recently whom they say that we should ratchet-down our expectations of the season

    AND, PLAY WUSS schedules.


  10. 12-2

    Greg McGarity says we should be playing for Championships.

    Haven’t even BEEN to the damn game in 4 years in a row BEFORE this season.

    Instead Coach Richt said yesterday that he wants an EASIER SCHEDULE.

    While the EXCUSE-LADEN homers say that our goal every year should be 10-win season, in 14-game Seasons NOWADAYS.

    10-3 in other words.

    No SEC Championship game appearance even, in other words.



    Not 12-2, as anyone looking at THIS SCHEDULE this Season # 10 for the Coach Richt Era with 15 seniors this season and with 4-5 NFL Draft Picks as Juniors this season too.

    We are the # 11 program All-Time in 1-A wins.

    Instead there are

    18 teams Coach Richt does NOT have more wins than the last 4 years.

    We have a 1-year window this season, and Coach Richt says a day before the season starts that NOW don’t look at videos of Aaron Murray in high school from 3 years ago, but play WEAKER SCHEDULES, and oh by the way Aaron Murray is going to not do as well as Coach Richt said previously to today that he would.

    NOW he is cutting down the play book, that Coach Richt said he DIDN’T KNOW, and then said he did.

    Feed his head all you want.

    Play weaker schedules so you can be HAPPY and celebrate in the stands with our LOSING RECORD at HOME vs SEC East the last 4 years, so Coach Richt can get to 10-win season in 14-game seasons with then 18 teams Coach Richt does NOT have more wins than.

    By now, Bluto, you should have this down.

    Instead you come running in here every chance you get to tell the world what a wuss Florida is in every manner imaginable.


    • Richt didn’t say he wants an easier schedule. He said he could do without the long trips west. Big difference.


      • 12-2


        That’s a LIE.

        It’s all you people do on this blog. LIE.

        “Richt on Wednesday voiced his preference: that the Bulldogs play only one nonconference game a season against a team from a BCS conference.”

        “We’ve been doing it, but I don’t think we need to do it anymore, quite frankly,” Richt said. “I don’t think anybody in the league needs to do it. I think if we win our out of conference games and win the league, we’ll be in really great position.”

        “This league is strong enough and if you go overboard on that it may hurt your chances on being able to win the league title,” Richt said. “Even though it’s an out of conference game, it still takes emotion and energy and travel time and everything else.”


  11. 12-2

    Bluto, you look like a con artist, coming in here every day with your LAME EFFORTS to put Florida down.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky, it might be time to turn off somebody’s microphone.