Wednesday lunch buffet

One more day…

  • It sounds like the Oregon trip is destined to become the last of its kind, so savor it, Dawgnation.
  • My kind of focus“Richt again said his No. 1 message to his team this year has been fixing the turnover ratio. “Flip that stat and we probably win 10 or 11 games last year. Make them beat us. Let’s not beat ourselves.” Along those lines, he said, in practice players are disciplined for every turnover or penalty and then after practice their unit is also disciplined.”
  • Easily the wettest I’ve ever been at a football game.  It was as if God took a gigantic bucket of water and dumped it on Sanford Stadium.  Fun game, in spite of that.
  • Nobody blows smoke up your ass more than Houston Nutt:  “We’re in the people-helping business.” Nobody.
  • I hate to say it, but this is so similar to what we’ve heard out of Athens that it’s almost depressing.  It’s certainly a reality check about our expectations.
  • Some of the contributors at friend of the blog Saurian Sagacity have started a new blog here.
  • Paul reminds me that it’s about time to start surfing the South Carolina message boards.
  • Jerry Hinnen’s preview of the Auburn-Georgia game is definitely worth a read, even if you don’t agree with his ultimate game prediction.


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33 responses to “Wednesday lunch buffet

  1. Puffdawg

    Re: wettest game ever

    I suppose you weren’t at Texas Tech when we played Zebbie Letheridge and co. circa 1994?

    • I was wetter at the UCLA game. At least, I felt wetter.😉

      • HVL Dawg

        Wasn’t that UCLA game also Sanford Stadium’s first night game in decades?

        I was there with a good looking coed who became my wife 8 years later.

        • Cynical in Athens

          I think that the Texas Tech monsoon game was in ’96, and it was Donnan’s first win as Dawg coach.

          Byron Hanspard ran for 200 yards and the Dawgs just did squeak it out. Hanspard went on to rush for over 2000 yards that season and spent a couple of years with the Falcons.

          It was miserable, but a glimmer of hope after dropping the opener to Southern Miss and losing in Columbia.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            I was there ….most of the “boo-birds” had left by the middle of the third quarter. Last gasp drive-in a monsoon by the Dawgs from their own end zone. Bobo and Ward brought them down the field….Hines tumbled in for the score looking like Walker. Bobo was recovering from his leg injury at Ole Miss the year before. Didn’t take the kids because the boo-birds had lost all sensibilities of good taste. My best friend was the principle at Winder/Barrow and Philly Jones was moving up in the coaching ranks.

  2. NCT

    I remember that UCLA game. And if I’m remembering correctly, Tennessee ’88 was pretty wet, too. Rain has driven me out of the stands only once, and it was fairly recently. But it wasn’t just the rain. It was the cold and the third quarter, too. Ugh.

  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Sanity returns to the UGA Athletic Department. Thank Goodness.

    • DawgBiscuit

      +1 Mayor. You beat me to it.

    • Macallanlover

      Another sad day for CFB fans as we cater to those who prefer meaningless games/hollow victories over substance and interesting experiences. We fall to the level of the Florida’s, ND’s, etc. just as we were getting somewhere. Guess our new AD spent too much time around CUM. Maybe I should pour somescotch over him (no, not THAT kind) and plant some orange and white checker board panties in his car.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Fall to the level of Florida? Mac, last year they won the SEC East and were 13-1. The year before they were also 13-1, SEC East champs, SEC champs and won the BCS National Championship. Last year we were 8-5. Maybe we ought to be a little more like Florida and then we might win championships, too.

        • Macallanlover

          Think everything is measured on wins and losses Mayor? Like the guy who wins an election is the better person, regardless of ethics, sincerity, leadership? Really?

          Plus, we have 12 championships, to their 7 last time I looked.. You can aspire to be them if you would like, I don’t look up to them in any way.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I don’t want UGA to be FLA. I want UGA to be UGA without doing things that hurt UGA’s chances of winning. Traveling across the country midseason (Did you see what Richt said about that in a recent post?), starting the season out first game on the road as fodder for the stadium dedication game of another team, not playing any tuneup games, etc. are mistakes our Gator friends do not make and UGA should not make either. Fortunately we now have an AD who is not going to make those kinds of stupid blunders. God bless him.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              P.S. Yes, I care about UGA winning.

            • Macallanlover

              Just wow, we aren’t even in the same universe on this. Why not just go buy yourself some trophy and not play? Or join C-USA, or the MAC? Better than that, let’s go 1AA. We obviously don’t care about the quality of opponents or enjoy a good title fight, just want those Ws. We will certainly never agree on this, and comments like this and the game in Jax is the biggest weakness I have found in CMR.

  4. Derek

    There may have been games that were played in comparable weather, but there are no wetter games than this because its not possible. We are talking total saturation. This was my first game as a season ticket holder. They were my Christmas present and were supposed to be for Herschel’s senior year. Some remember where they were when the Challenger exploded or when Kennedy got shot or whatever. I remember where I was when I heard Herschel wasn’t going to be playing for Georgia in 1983. Total devastation.

    Anyway the tickets were front row seats in Sanford. Sounded good to a 13 year-old until we got there and you couldn’t see over the player’s heads and if you stood some jerk behind you bitched about it. It was even worse when the rain started. Because the water was blocked by the wall in front of the first row, the water rose to nearly the level of the seat. Sometime after halftime, Mother decides against sitting in the rain any longer so I didn’t get to see Charlie’s interception and yes I’m still mad about it. I do not leave Georgia Football games early, ever.

    • Dawgy45

      “I remember where I was when I heard Herschel wasn’t going to be playing for Georgia in 1983. Total devastation.”

      Me too. I was 13 at the time and my girlfriend’s dad was in the state legislature; she and I were paging in the House of Representatives that day. I had just walked into the house chamber when they stopped everything to announce Herschel’s decision. She and I were both devastated. But how lucky was I to have a girlfriend that loved UGA football and Herschel as much as I did?

      By the way, I just asked her and she agrees with me that last year’s ASU game was the worst weather we have been through at a game. Hey, I’m no dummy — I married that beautiful Georgia girl!

  5. X-Dawg

    One of my buddies snuck a 5th of Irish whiskey into that game. I may not have been dry, but I didn’t really care by the second half.

  6. Demosthenes

    I cannot imagine being wetter than last year’s ASU game. I sit 4 rows back of the wall, and water was pooling under us. I’ve been drier in the shower.

  7. aristoggle

    Nothin’ smells like a wet dawg …

  8. Russ

    I had that game circled on the calendar for several years before, and then my best friend in college got married on that day. When he told me the date, I was explaining why I couldn’t travel to an out of town wedding on that game day. He trumped me by making me the best man. At least the wedding was an afternoon affair so we could watch the game that night on TV.

    Who gets married on a fall weekend? Geez….I’m still bitter over that.

    • Mr. Tu

      Your friend got married on a Monday? As I recall, the game was on Labor Day because I had school the next day

      • Mr. Tu

        On second thought, maybe that was the Clemson game in ’82

        • Russ

          It was Labor Day weekend, but it was Saturday night. The game was actually moved to that weekend from an adjacent weekend. He had originally scheduled it on LD weekend so people could travel. I told him the game might be moved for TV, but did he listen?? Nooooooo!!

  9. Richt-Flair

    99 UF got pretty drenchy. Musta caused the Sanks fumble.

  10. Hobnail_Boot

    ’04 vs. Tech was pretty a pretty miserable combination of rain/cold. It’s the only game I’ve left my seat before the final buzzer.

  11. Cynical in Athens

    Speaking of Scu message boards…heard the State beat writer today on the radio, said that Stephen Garcia is the best QB in the SEC and that Scu will play in the SECCG, almost drove off the road I was laughing so hard….

  12. Dawgs 47 – Gaturds 0 or something like that. Anyway that was the wettest that I have ever been at a football game. Columbia has therecord for the hottest.

  13. Spke

    Wettest game ever? No doubt about it for me. The 92 (I think) UGA-UF game in the then Gator Bowl.