Proof that Atlanta isn’t as bad a sports town as you might think.

From Mark Bradley’s game blog of last night’s Braves-Mets tilt:

The Ramblin’ Wreck and the Tech cheerleaders are driving around the field. Getting booed big-time.

Maybe they could get Paul Johnson to throw out the first pitch soon.  Good times there, I’m sure.


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13 responses to “Proof that Atlanta isn’t as bad a sports town as you might think.

  1. FisheriesDawg

    I’m sure that stunt drummed up at least a dozen ticket sales for their upcoming season. Georgia Tech football+no Clemson or Georgia=one of the worst season ticket values in CFB.


  2. 81Dog

    If he threw out the first pitch, the Mini Skipper would probably insist on running the ball up to the plate. It’s how he’s always done it, nobody’s ever stopped it, and if you try and adjust to how he’s doing it, he already knows the adjustment to your adjustment. It’s like he’s a combination of the figure of Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction, the single minded devotion to routine of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman, the original wit of Kenny Bania from Seinfeld, with a big, steaming helping of the winsome charm of Walter Matthau in the Bad News Bears.

    After he runs the first pitch up to the plate, he’ll personally punch all 25,000 Braves fans in the mouth. Is that guy awesome or what? Never mind how many games GTU wins this year; I can’t understand how Navy or Georgia Southern ever lost a game with that guy calling the shots.


    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      Neither one (Navy or GaSoU) were in the ACC.


      • 81Dog

        I don’t understand your point, General. If the Mini-Skipper’s offense is so unstoppable, and he has the perfect counter to anything anyone can try to do to defend against it, how could it ever be stopped?

        Therefore, if it’s so unstoppable, how does anyone ever stop it? How has he ever lost a game?

        I realize the question is somewhat sarcastically posed. The correct answer (or one correct answer) would be “Because it can be beaten by teams with better players.” This makes PJ’s anemic recruiting since his arrival on North Avenue somewhat problematic, doesn’t it? But no, no problem. He’ll wave goodbye to Jaybo Shaw and just steal some other 2 star recruit from Furman or E. Tennessee State, and he’s off to the races again.

        So, if it isn’t talent of players, and it’s mostly scheme, how has he ever lost a game?


    • DawgyinNC

      +1 – 81Dog


      • etenndawgfan

        Appreciate the shout out to my alma mater (ETSU) but we havent had football since 2002. So if hes recruiting the same boys we are…
        I get your point though.


  3. Derek

    I think that this explains the inferiority complex that Tech fans have. When they are terrible, they are ignored. When competitive, they are despised. Can anyone think of another school that has a worse reputation in their own state, much less their own city, than Georgia Tech does?


  4. Russell

    gt tix=wuthless


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    More evidence that there’s justice in this cruel world!


  6. Dawg N Suds

    They were lucky there were some New Yorkers there or no one would have cheered them at all.