Thursday morning buffet

Time to chow down, people.

  • Dan Wetzel sez:  don’t hate Boise State, hate the BCS.  Yawn.
  • Speaking of which, maybe this is the angle Mark Richt should use to prepare the troops for Jax this season.  They weren’t exactly scared of the Broncos when they played them.
  • TAMU’s athletic director, on contemplating a move to the SEC:  “I was concerned with changing conferences that we may not be ready for the level of competition if we decided to leave.” Eat your heart out, Jim Delany.
  • Some SEC fun gambling facts.
  • San Diego State is buying itself a cupcake game.
  • In a move that I’m sure meets with Nick Saban’s complete approval, Penn State is starting a true freshman at quarterback.  I wonder if JoePa promised the kid he’d be there for his entire career.
  • This can’t hurt Georgia’s prospects on Saturday: The Louisiana defensive front is hurting. The last thing the Ragin’ Cajuns need is to have problems on the line against Georgia’s offensive front, possibly the best in America, but that’s what they’re dealing with as top pass rushing prospect, Terrell Richardson, has a head injury while Nate Douglas and Tyrell Gaddies have hamstring problems.”
  • Stewart Mandel’s explanation for his prediction that Georgia plays in a BCS bowl game and Florida doesn’t – “… I do believe Florida will win the SEC East, but with at least one or two losses. That means if the Gators lose in the SEC title game, they’ll have two or three losses. And after Florida fans’ meager turnout to last year’s Sugar Bowl, I figure the New Orleans game will take a different SEC team this year, in this case Georgia, which I project to go 10-2.” – is pure fantasy.  No way Florida beats Georgia to play in the SECCG and then finds itself pushed aside…
  • North Carolina is preparing to play LSU without as many as sixteen players suiting up?  Wow.


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17 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Captain Obvious

    Mandel has been drinking too much of his own homemade Montana microbrew. Please God, let VT beat Boise St. on Saturday. None of us want the entire CFB season ruined by constant Boise for NC talk.


  2. Irishdawg

    UNC is screwed. So very, very screwed.


    • NCT

      … for the LSU game, likely the season, and quite possibly for years to come.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Butch looked as if he just got out of solitary. He is definitely under some stress. “Umm you know, umm, you know, umm, you know”…… was painful to listen to. He needs a Calgon fix, quick! Hot seat anyone? Hey did Les catch a break or what?


  3. Irishdawg

    This is off-topic, but I followed a link on Dawgsports to the new Nike “pro-combat” (a ridiculous name when guys are wearing uniforms in ACTUAL combat) unis for this season, and no one should ever talk about how bad the black helmets were after seeing these things.


  4. Mike

    The good Senator writes;

    ” No way Florida beats Georgia to play in the SECCG and then finds itself pushed aside…”

    I tend to agree with you. That said, there is precedent for it. Since 1992, there have been several occasions where the loser of the SECCG did not get invited to a BCS game, (or New Years Day game pre-BCS), but another SEC team did.


    • D.N. Nation

      UT beat Florida in 2001, won the East, but lost in the SECCG. Florida went to a BCS bowl; UT didn’t.


      • NM

        2007 Georgia went to the Sugar in this same situation! Granted, that Tennessee team sucked and UT isn’t nearly the media draw of UF, but still…

        2007 Kansas to the Orange in the same type of deal. It happens.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Corch would squeel like a stuck pig, with espn giving him full access to the 24/7 echo chamber. Senator is on target.


  5. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    “Georgia’s offensive front, possibly the best in America”


    Based on what?


  6. ugafish

    Say UF and UGA both go 10-2 with UF barely beating UGA. UF then loses to Bama falling to 10-3 and ranked behind 10-2 UGA.


  7. You know what the real yawner is? Your constant BCS defending.


  8. Mike

    If a college football playoff was as compelling as March Madness, the lessing of the importance of the regular season might be worth the exchange.