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A good start

Yes, I know who the opponent was, but as I said to my friend at halftime, when’s the last time you watched a Georgia game and couldn’t wait to see the defense back out on the field?


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I got ‘yer Georgia-ULL preview right here.

Look, who are we kidding here?  You’ve got a middlin’ Sun Belt Conference team playing in Georgia’s home opener – Appy State rogue thoughts aside, the Dawgs ain’t losing this game.  So there’s your game preview (wait ’til you see what I cook up for Idaho State).

But there is one comment about the game I’d like to make.  Earlier in the week, Paul asked the musical question “what are you expecting to see on Saturday?”.  For me, it’s real simple:  I’m expecting to see a rise in confidence.  I’m expecting to see players start trusting their coaches again and vice versa.  I’m expecting to see a kickoff coverage game that’s drained of insanity and a punt return team that isn’t scared of its own shadow.

Let me see that and I won’t get too focused on the margin of victory, one way or the other.  But if Georgia’s going to have a good season, that’s where things have to start from game one.

Tell us what you’re looking for – and what you actually see today – in the comments section.



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