A good start

Yes, I know who the opponent was, but as I said to my friend at halftime, when’s the last time you watched a Georgia game and couldn’t wait to see the defense back out on the field?


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pretty dominating.


  2. AthensHomerDawg



  3. DawgBiscuit

    Can’t wait to see SOS throw his visor after Garcia is introduced to CTG’s defense.


    • If you think SOS’s O=ULL’s O…


      • BeerMoney

        If you think So Miss’s anything = UGA’s anything…


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Gamecock Man, the only time Spurrier/SC ever lit it up against Georgia was last year. Last year was hopefully the end of a trend for Georgia defenses. Other than that SC has beat us only with desire and defense since Richt came to Georgia. If you’re panning for nuggets between now and Saturday, I’d look for defense, not to the OBC. He’ll get the boys motivated, but his unit probably won’t determine the game.


  4. Schlagdawg

    5 first downs for ULL. For the whole game.


  5. Very impressed with the way you guys played tonight. Should be an exciting game this week. Murray had a couple of passes that would have been picked by a real defense, but otherwise he looked the real deal.

    Based on the way the Gators played today, which, admittedly, may be deceptive, I do think next week’s game may be the game for the East. I’ve never really felt like one of our games really meant that. Should be interesting.


  6. My wife noticed something similar, Senator.

    She said: “Honey, this is the first time in years that we watched a game and you didn’t watch our defense on at least x2 fast forward.”

    Basically, since we lost BVG, I stopped enjoying watching our D.

    Yes, this was an “easy” team, but its been about 3 years (2007 Sugar Bowl) since we made any game look easy regardless of the opponent.


  7. JC in Powder Springs

    Not the greatest opponent, but Dawgs didn’t lower themselves to the level of their competition. The D was impressive. CTG doesn’t take a play off – he’s involved from opening kick to final whistle.


  8. NRBQ

    I couldn’t be more impressed with Murray.

    His third-string QB dropped a 50-yard TD, and the int. came from a 35-yard pass that bounced off Durham’s chest.

    His numbers shoulda, coulda been 19/26/250ish with 4 TD’s and zero turnovers.

    Plus, he showed us Staffordish guts running the ball.

    The offensive line was less impressive. I expected them to blow huge holes through the LaLa defense all day, but the backs fought hard to find room. 10 carries for Caleb?


    • BeerMoney

      Re: OL, it looked to me that they were stacking the box quite a bit and trying to force Murray to throw. Plus, not having Ealey today did not help things.


    • Dawgfan17

      True Murray should not have had the int that was credited to him but he also got away with one later so that was a fair stat line. I liked the plays he made with his legs to escape when he was in trouble but still looked to make plays down field when he did. Only one pass by him that really looked awful. As for the D loved what I saw. Clearly ULL was over matched but for a change we took advantage of that and made sure to make it look that way. The one big play we gave up will be something that I expect Grantham to harp on to make sure it doesn’t happen again but anyone who has watched our D the last two years can tell that things are going to be different. How different against a better team I don’t know but it will be better than last year, of that I feel very confident.


  9. NRBQ

    Then they got what they wanted, ’cause he was throwing from the git-go.

    But with a big lead late, I expected a lot more yards rushing against a tired defense.

    UGA finished it off with the Muz running for one yard over and over.


  10. X-Dawg

    Loved some of the de-cleater blocks on the punt returns – saw at least 3 of those. Also got a thrill from Murray getting out of trouble when the pocket broke down.

    The Defense was fun to watch – finished every tackle with authority. There were a lot of gun-shy offensive players for ULA-LA before half-time. All the Houston hype wasn’t for naught – the dude is a player.


  11. Dog44

    Yes, we were playing a weaker opponent, but this quote from David Paschall’s article puts it in perspective…

    “Georgia had gone 22 straight games against Bowl Subdivision teams without holding the opposition to single digits.”


  12. 69Dawg

    Oh yea. With the TE LL had Willies D would have given up 250 yards passing. I know that the SCU O will be light years better but only one brain fart in this game was fun to watch. My wife kept asking why was I so excited when we didn’t have the ball? I told her it has been a long long time since we saw anything like this even against a weaker opponent.


  13. Brandon

    2004 Senator.


  14. ChicagoDawg

    You can only beat the team that is put in front of you and GA did that today, with authority. They did it about as convincingly as you can ask for, they thumped them.

    This was one of those games that was going to show some bad things about your team rather than a lot of good — kind of a lose or tie deal. I am proud of them, none of the sloppy play and poor executions that we have seen in the past couple of years against these types of opponents (easy 4th Quarter scores, endless penalties, and turnovers, etc.,). Lots of good reps for young players, good confidence boost, no injuries (that are known anyway) and something to build.


  15. Charles

    I, for one, was pleased to see a bunch of mean- spirited SOB’s on defense. Guys just knocking the crap out of people – full of piss and vinegar. That’s how SEC ball is played. God bless you, Todd Grantham.


  16. Tyler

    As far as murrays “should of been” int, apparently he was trying to throw it out the back so at least it wasn’t a throw that he was trying to squeeze in, don’t know why he didn’t just throw it out of bounds to the sideline, but still, not terrible decision making.