Mike Bobo’s sales job

Statistically speaking, the biggest surprise from yesterday’s game was Georgia throwing the ball 31 times in a 48-point rout.  Even though ULL was stacking the box, it’s not as if the Dawgs weren’t running the ball effectively, if not spectacularly.  Georgia averaged five yards per rushing play.

Nor would anyone confuse Georgia throwing the ball thirty or more times a game with a strategy for success.  Last year’s team was 2-4 in such games.  And yet that’s what we got, in a game in which A.J. Green was held out as a result of NCAA dithering.

I think Mike Bobo deserves a little credit here.  He certainly needed to get his green quarterbacks’ feet wet facing live game action, but he also needed to send Ellis Johnson a message that Georgia would have some answers to stacking eight men in the box.  The message was sent.  It’s now a question of whether Johnson is convinced of its meaning.

Of course, having A.J. Green suit up would make Bobo more convincing.  Let’s hope Bobo gets that arrow in his quiver back.


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22 responses to “Mike Bobo’s sales job

  1. kckd

    I think our offense has always been based on taking what the defense gives. We can tinker with it when a QB is struggling, like Cox did at times last year. But for the most part, I think we’ll throw when the defense is playing the run.

    IMO, no matter what Johnson saw yesterday, he’s gonna try and make Murray beat him. He’d be a fool not to and he’s no fool.

    • Macallanlover

      I agree, but the only disappointment I had about yesterday was the inability of our OL to dominate at any time. Take the pass when they give it, no problem, but a dominent OL should be able to find some creases in a team of ULL’s ability, even if they stack the box.

      It took us until Vandy last year to find our rhythm with the running game, hoping CSS solves this before Saturday because SC’s defense looked vulnerable against So Miss.

      Their offense looked diversified and capable of scoring 17-24 against anyone. Of course, I have never seen Garcia look that good for two consecutive games so maybe he got that out of his system. I am pretty sure with their offensive line issues, he will feel more pressure from UGA’s rush than he saw last Thursday.

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I’m not so sure about Bobo sending a message to Ellis Johnson. We have two freshmen QBs, one a redshirt and the other a true freshman. Looks to me like Richt and Bobo wanted to get them both playing time and real game experience passing the ball. Smart.

  3. 69Dawg

    I’m with you Senator. If we had come out and just pounded the rock with only an occasional throw, SCU would put 9 in the box for sure. Now while they will play run first they know they can get burned. AM’s mobility was another Ellis Johnson wake up call. While he won’t set any land speed records he sure looked like the best running QB since DJ.

  4. JC in Powder Springs

    Not sure CMB should get credit or blame. Looks to me like he’s been demoted and was little more than CMR’s shadow during the game.

    • Scott

      what makes you say that? I wasn’t paying that close attention.

    • GoonerDawg

      There was absolutely nothing going on during the game that supports your conclusion about Bobo and Richt. You are almost certainly reading far more into a particular interaction than is warranted.

  5. Patrick

    The NCAA should be ashamed. There is no excuse for failing to close out the investigations prior to the start of the season so that players and schools know where they stand. Absolutely ridiculous…

    Tell AJ he either can or can’t play.

    • fetch

      agreed. They had plenty of time to confirm or dispel AJ’s story. To not let UGA know where he stands is inexcusable.

  6. etenndawgfan

    Re: AJs status. Word
    Im getting from my UT buddies that are all into everyone elses buisness is AJ sold an autographed jersey on ebay for 1k. And he will be out several games. Anyone else hearing this?

    • Schlagdawg

      I’ve seen that story on a couple message boards. Still, wouldn’t that story also be pretty easy to check out?

      • Ricky McDurden

        Not to mention he’s profiting off of his own name and apparel. Why anyone for any team should miss game time for that is ridiculous. Maybe if this is the case, Richt held him out as an offertory suspension to try and get the NCAA off his back. Still doesn’t excuse the fact that this investigation has had a little over a month to be solved and they’re screwing with a player’s and a team’s ability supposedly over a jersey on ebay? I’d rightfully sue the hell out of them

      • anon

        The problem isn’t necessarily with the jersey or the sale itself, it is that he may have lied to NCAA investigators about it.

        Think Dez Bryant, circa 2009 . . .

        • If this story is true, AJ is, to put it bluntly, fucked. He could lose his entire amateur status over such a move.

          I really hope this is not true.

          • Macallanlover

            Have no knowledge if this is true at all, but if true, I don’t think it is a case of losing your amateur status. He received something of value just like the Bama player who got two games and had to repay the money. We also don’t know if he lied at all, the comments he made were a denial of being involved with the Miami party. Adams’ comments make me think it will be decided this week, and the issue isn’t a “major” problem.

            My guess is 1-2 games if it is the jersey on Ebay, less if it was simply talking to the agent, but not going to the big party. It can’t be more than what they gave party attendees. If he lied at some point, that could be worse but nothing has ever been reported about him not being honest.

            • Ricky McDurden

              Actually, nothing has been reported at all. I say we give AJ the benefit of the doubt until something directly from either of the two parties involved comes out. And remember who we’re dealing with here: the organization Michael Adams wanted oh-so-bad to be the president of. Ya, THOSE kind of people

              • Macallanlover

                True, but I think everyone is giving him the benefit of the doubt, the NCAA seems to be the target of everyone’s disgust. Make a decision, let’s move on. We can deal with facts and decisions, but the speculation and innuendo is distracting to the team and their plans.

  7. Honestly, this was the closest thing to a preseason game we were going to get.

    As a result, you test what needs to be tested. We know we can run the ball. We have 3 experienced RBs and a very experienced OL. What we needed to test were our QBs and our new/inexperienced WRs/TEs.

    I think Bobo was really smart on that count.

    Furthermore, we did so well throwing the ball, why not continue?

  8. Brandon

    It’s amazing how much smarter Bobo will get with some in our fan base over the course of the year if our defense plays well.