They don’t miss him at all.

So how’s that new, improved, post-Demaryius Thomas passing attack at Georgia Tech?  For want of a better word, Chantastic:

… On Saturday, Nesbitt completed one of six passes for a career-low 8 yards. The previous low was 12 yards in the Orange Bowl. The completion against S.C. State matched his lowest total, done twice before. He threw away two passes and tried to squeeze a touchdown pass to Stephen Hill through a tiny hole and missed. Nesbitt’s backup, Tevin Washington, also missed Roddy Jones, who was wide open down the middle of the field in the fourth quarter, on a play that would have been another touchdown. Tech ran that play successfully many times last season.



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14 responses to “They don’t miss him at all.

  1. Spence

    Defending ACC champs game not televised. Fans blame poor attendance on game availability on internet.


  2. Thomas was certainly the NFL Draftee we’ve said for months that we’ll miss the most this year. Dwyer’s the one who will be reasonably easy to replace.


  3. Anon

    We all got a chuckle at the tailgage when one of the articles in the Banner-Herald read “Nesbitt begins Heisman campaign”


  4. Moggs

    I wish they would have opened with UF. Now, that would have been a game for the DVR.


  5. JasonC

    Wait, didn’t Nesbitt complete another pass to the other guys?


  6. Captain Obvious

    Good News: Stephen Hill caught every GT completion.

    Bad News: He was the leading receiver with 2 catches.


  7. ChicagoDawg

    Senator — You are obviously miss-informed here and at risk of discrediting yourself. You need to realize that Stephen Hill is BETTER and this is all part of CPJ’s strategy. You need to get with the program.


  8. Scott

    Anyone watch the UF game? I did. They looked terrible and were fortunate to get those 3 easy scores TD’s interceptions. Some questionable calls by the refs (a sure safety not called and a personal foul on the 1 yard line) demoralized MU, and they just lost their poise late. Going into the 4th, the Gators had less than 30 total yards. Herbstreit said afterwards that UF has not looked right offensively since Dan Mullen left before last season.

    I hope it stays that way. The Gator rushing game had quite a few negative yardage plays.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    When i saw the title i just knew this was a Tebow article after the great showing of the UF offense.


  10. Dawgfan17

    FL struggled on purpose out of respect for Tebow to show the rest of the country how good he is even though he is gone. Now that it is no longer the first game without him they will prove that Brantely is the GPOOE since Tebow.