Georgia vs. Boise State? That was so 2005.

Dawg fans, remember all the dire warnings we heard about Boise State going into the opener of the 2005 season?

Now it’s become a shining example of what the Broncos have risen above.


UPDATE: Seriously, if you’re looking for some analysis about what makes Chris Petersen’s offense go, this is pretty impressive.



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28 responses to “Georgia vs. Boise State? That was so 2005.

  1. Brandon

    Nothing like some good ole commentary from ole 64′ to get the blood flowing.


  2. D.N. Nation

    ESPN admits that game existed? That’s a first.


    • Yes, they admit that it existed in a parallel evil universe in which up is down, right is wrong, and the Broncos are completely unbeatable.

      I mean… I am the biggest supporter of underdogs on the planet. I will even change my allegiance mid-game so that I can pull for the team not expected to win. But this article leaves me no option but want to see them humiliated, again and again.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I do not wish to be redundant as I said this the other day. However it bears repeating: Please let UGA play Boise State for the BCSNC. Pretty please, with sugar on it.


    • Brandon

      Haha, yeah they’d push for them to be in the game like crazy and then later use the fact that we “only played Boise State” to discredit us if we were the victor (or push for OSU or someone else who didn’t play in the game to be AP national champion). The more likely scenario however is that Boise State would get into the BCS instead of a 12-1 UGA or Auburn squad thus giving the national championship to the Buckeyes or whoever the other team was.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Just let UGA play in the game. We’ll win it and let the media try to discredit the win. UGA would be BCSNC and no matter who said what on TV they couldn’t take it away.


  4. ugafan

    Why do national writers continue to overlook Boise’s cakewalk of a schedule? It’s easy to get up for 1 big game a season. When Boise can handle an SEC conference-like schedule then i’ll consider them as national title contenders. GATA Hokies!


  5. Gen. Stoopnagle

    What makes Peterson’s offense go? Save for the sub-par competition, right? Right?


  6. Jim from Duluth

    So, that means if VT gets it done tonite, we can “dedicate” the game to Ms. 64?



  7. Yes, they admit that it existed in a parallel evil universe in which up is down, right is wrong, and the Broncos are completely unbeatable.

    I mean… I am the biggest supporter of underdogs on the planet. I will even change my allegiance mid-game so that I can pull for the team not expected to win. But this article leaves me no option but want to see them humiliated, again and again.

    I am feeling the need to quantify what these guys are saying….

    Point #1. This team is better.

    Before & During ’05:

    2002 – 27.15 MOV
    2 games against AQ Conf Teams (ARK, ISU*)

    2003 – 27.92 MOV
    1 game against AQ Conf Teams (Oregon St.)

    2004 – 21.46 MOV
    2 games against AQ Conf Teams (LOU*, OrSU)

    2005 – 11.69 MOV
    3 games against AQ Conf Teams (UGA, OrSU, BC*)

    Since ’05:

    2006 – 22.07 MOV
    2 games against AQ Conf Teams (OU*, OrSU)

    2007 – 20.76 MOV
    1 game against AQ Conf Teams (Washington)

    2008 – 25.00 MOV
    1 game against AQ Conf Teams (Oregon)

    2009 – 27.00 MOV
    1 game against AQ Conf Teams (Oregon)

    *Bowl Game

    So, based on margin of victory (2002-2005) the ’05 team certainly looked worse on paper… But still the margin of victory hasn’t risen to the level of previous years, even while they have gone back to scheduling only one AQ conference foe per season. The ’05 season stands out for one major reason to me. They decided to play more than one game against big league competition, and they got whipped.


  8. hayduke

    The smart football link is a great analysis of BSU’s offense, thanks for that.

    Strength of schedule certainly figures into their success, but BSU has only been Div 1-A since the mid (late?) ’90’s. That still pretty amazing that 1-AA school could achieve the successes that it has that quickly.


  9. Cojones

    Pom de Rue! These pundits have taken 5 years and one Ok game last play to raise this average team to new heights.

    Look at the bs pundits used in building them up before and the junk they are still spouting to cover their poor analysis of 2005. Yep, Boise is hoisted up again and ranked #3 whereas the team at #23 can still blast their ass! The ESPN and their troglodyte pundit followers (screaming “Me too, me too, me too”) don’t like the Dawgs and make all the worst excuses for not analysing our team. Screw them! This demonstrates how the rankings are a beauty contest for some underdogs and a putdown for the plowhorses of good solid exciting football like Va Tech.. I mean that these dumbasses who pick these teams the way they do have no shame. When they can’t admit that their guess is wrong then I don’t read them any longer and neither should any of you.

    The Coach’s poll has become more meaningful in the last two years, but they still have a Big 10 bias from Big 10 coaches who put SEC teams as low as they dare even when they border the ridiculous. Not to worry. We still have good football to watch and can say congrats! when another SEC team beats us. I feel sorry for the holes who take their opinions to new heights of self-congratulation.


  10. Prov

    If VT wins are THEY poised for a trip to the National Title Game?


  11. Boy, do I hope VT just curb stomps Boise State in this game. I’d like to squash this whole do they or don’t they deserve to be in the national title game debate tonight.


  12. FisheriesDawg

    Did Virginia Tech even practice in August? It sure doesn’t look like it. Beamerball is dead.


  13. For the love of all that is – don’t make me vote Boise number 1 in my BlogPoll vote.


  14. Irishdawg

    What the hell are these two teams wearing?


    • Schlagdawg

      I think they were concept costumes from the movie Tron, and Nike stole them, not knowing that they were meant to be thrown out.


  15. The Realist

    There is still 11:47 left in the fourth quarter, but neither of these teams impress me all that much.

    Virginia Tech looks like the same old VaTech. They’ll probably win 10 games on the season and go to a decent bowl, but they are by no means an elite team. Boise looks to be about an 8 or 9 win team in the ACC… if that. They have some really good players at spots, but over the course of a long season (even in the ACC), their depth would eventually catch up to them. Imagine if they had to line up against Georgia Tech in a couple of weeks, then North Carolina, then Miami, then Florida State for good measure. There is no way they make it through that stretch better than .500.

    This game would be out of hand had VT not spotted the smurfs 17 in the first quarter. Let’s remember that the ACC champion lost at home last year to the worst Georgia team fielded in over a decade… a team that went to the conference’s 8th (or 9th?) bowl bid. So, Boise being the basic equivalent of a better-than-average ACC team does not impress me all that much.

    Also, Herbie and Musburger openly campaigning for Boise to continue the narrative ESPN has tried to set up for this year is shameful. The ombudsman should rail on this broadcast. It’s completely one-sided, and the latest example of ESPN using their mouthpieces to promote their agenda in college football.

    Finally, the cow that licks himself on the Chick-fil-a commercial really creeps me out.


  16. The Realist

    The referees gave Boise 40 yards of BS calls on that last TD drive. The no-call on the block in the back was egregious. They should have started that drive on the 20… not the 45. Then, the late hit was bogus. Just bad officiating down the stretch. Boise might have scored anyway, but giving them that much of an advantage is a load of crap.

    F Boise. F ESPN. F Herbie. That is all.


  17. PNWDawg

    I’m by no means saying Boise State looks like a national contender but they played a pretty good game. It’s only week 1. Let’s not get our panties in a wad just yet. It’s ok to admit they are a good team.


  18. 2nd to last drive:

    * Refs fail to call illegal block in the back. Bogus. That’s 30+ yards right there.

    * The “late hit”… Um, the receiver was dancing in and out of bounds and nobody was blowing the damn whistle. Look at the reply: the guy had already stepped out of bounds once and gone back in, and the refs just let it. These late hit calls when WRs are toying with the sideline are BS. How the heck is a player supposed to pull up when they have no idea when the receiver is actually going to step out.

    Final drive:

    * Total pass interference on the last play.


    Other thoughts:

    * WOW am I glad we didn’t get Bud Foster. His defense was really nothing special. It looked like a classic Willie Martinez defense. If your front 4 don’t manage to deliver all the pressure, the opponents QB has a lifetime to find a receiver. It works fine if you have a dominant front 4, but if the OL stops them at all, its near automatic first downs.

    * This whole situation illustrates even more why there has to be a playoff. Across college football, the variance in strength of schedule is just way too huge for someone to potentially cruise to the title game having only played 1 (or sometimes no) hard games.

    USC for most of its run played against an abysmally inept Pac 10.

    The ACC is a joke and has been for many years.

    Boise State plays nobody. Va Tech will probably lose 2-3 more games this season, and this “big win” will eventually be regarded properly as a “decent win” only.

    The Big 10 has one, maybe two good teams (OSU and Iowa). Whoever comes out of that conference will have played 1 or 0 hard games.

    Basically the Big 12 and the SEC are the only conferences right now where most of the teams play 3+ tough games per year. So they reach the post season beat up and worn out compared to everyone else. And yet the SEC still wins 6 of the last 7 titles (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009… yes, Auburn is the 2004 champ if you’re behing honest).

    The only way to remedy this is an 8, or at least 4 team playoff. Then at least everyone has to win 2 or 3 “real games” at the end to get a title.


  19. D.N. Nation

    Lousy game, two lousy teams, two lousy coaching staffs. That should be the end of it, but of course it won’t.

    Joe Schad, Herbie, Pat Forde, and on and on: Be objective, you friggin tools.