In the pros, it’s a job. In college, it’s a passion.

God bless Alex Brown for saying this:

“That’s a rivalry you’re talking about right there with Georgia and Florida, ” Brown said, when asked about how the pregame feeling this week compares to “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” “Is the Saints and Minnesota a rivalry? It’s another game…”

And similar sentiments from a teammate:

… Saints fullback Heath Evans, whose Auburn résumé reflects participation in more than one Iron Bowl, said the upcoming aura is a very different animal.

“No comparison, and that’s just the honest truth, ” he said.

Preach on, gentlemen.  (h/t Marc Weiszer)



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7 responses to “In the pros, it’s a job. In college, it’s a passion.

  1. BenG

    Also, bless James Varney for calling the game by its proper name.


  2. brouhahasports

    College is the better product. Sorry NFL, but it is true.


  3. tywebb

    This should go without saying, but when it’s our hired/drafted guys against your hired/drafted guys compared with the guys who chose us versus the guys who chose you, yeah, there’s way more emotion to the latter.

    From the US point of view at least, college football is the Revolution, pro is Vietnam.


  4. Also call It the GA./Fla. Game. At 1 point I went to 39 out of 40 GA./ Fla. Games but I have never been to something called a Fla./Ga. Game. I don’t even know what that Is despite what Harmon Wages thinks It should be called.


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