Savor the moment.

From the Department of Early Season Statistics Can Be Fun:  Georgia ranks in the top ten nationally in six statistical categories, including rushing defense, passing efficiency defense, total defense… and turnover margin (yay!).

True, it may not last, but it’s not like the Dawgs were the only bunch to play a cupcake last week, either.



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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Were those player rankings vs. team rankings?


  2. Will Trane

    The 3-4 will be tested in the next three games. If they are 4-0 at the end of those games, throw out the stats. This team has a very tough early schedule that will answer some questions. Let’s don’t get to worked up over a 55-7 game.

    The running offense will be huge in those games. Must control the clock, number of plays, and score board. If they get behind, can they come back? If by passing, we will know how much the QB is maturing along with the receivers. We think most teams will focus on stopping the run so that the QB passes. Execution and no mistakes in the passing game will decide the running game…the clock, the score board. Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi State can score. How much? We will see where the 3-4 is in those games.


    • Macallanlover

      Dead-on, very stout tests the next three weeks for a D that looked damn good in the exhibition game. I really liked the position our defensive players were in to make plays on every single thing ULL threw at us. They may not have the talent we will face, but it did look as if our players knew their assignments. They will need to maintain that discipline on Saturday because SOS will throw the book at us.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I believe the next two opponents pan out well for CTG. In the NFL he faced talented QB’s frequently, like E. Manning and McNabb. He’s also accustomed to the bigger receivers, like scu has. Dawgs need to play smashmouth and use our terrific special teamers to control field position.


  4. Dawgfan17

    Hopefully Lakatos can help Grantham come up with a gameplan that will make the chickens look like they did when he faced them in the pizza bowl earlier this year.


  5. Has the exact time and channel for this game been announced yet?

    I hope it stays at the 12pm time. ESPN2 would be nice.


  6. Jim from Duluth

    Muckbeast – time and channel are official. The time was set back in July and ESPN opted to put Wisc. hosting a cupcake on the “mother ship” and UGA-SCU on the deuce.

    Does this mean we’re condemned to Pam Ward on play by play? Get your radios synched!



  7. The Dawgs first 3 SEC games Are against teams which I believe are as good as the final 3 SEC teams which the Dawgs will play. My opinion only.
    Do not give up on this team early on or get too excited about them either. It is a long season & they will be in the hunt. (That Dawg can hunt).