SEC Power Poll, Week One

It’s way too early for this to be a meaningful exercise (it would probably be more informative to do a power poll of last week’s SEC opponents), but at least it’ll be fun.

  1. Alabama. They came; they saw; they kicked ass.
  2. South Carolina. I put ’em here because they combined an easy win with the toughest cupcake opponent of the weekend.  (I know that’s not saying much.)
  3. Georgia. Well, why not?
  4. LSU. Extenuating circumstances no doubt, but it was still a win over a ranked BCS-conference school.   The Tigers epitomize the it’s-the-Jimmies-and-Joes-not-the-X’s-and-O’s approach to college football.
  5. Auburn. They played the exact game I expected to see them play.
  6. Mississippi State. Whipped up on a bad Memphis team.  That’s more than they could have done in years past.
  7. Arkansas. Before you get too excited, Hog fans, keep in mind that Willie Martinez shut out Tennessee Tech last year without breaking a sweat.
  8. Florida. It won’t last, but, damn, it feels good to rank the Gators here.  As bad as the offense was, though, don’t forget that the defense played quite well.
  9. Kentucky. Got by a bad Louisville team.
  10. Tennessee. Somehow, I don’t think the Vols will be leading the country in scoring defense after the Oregon game.
  11. Vanderbilt. Thanks, Ole Miss.
  12. Mississippi. You lose to a 1-AA school, this is where you belong, at least for a week.


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24 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week One

  1. UFTimmy

    Haters gonna hate.


  2. Macallanlover

    Throwing out the meaningless pre-season polls, this ranked list is pretty much what I saw as well. Bama looked very solid, so did UGA and SC. I wouldn’t have Auburn that high, and Kentucky will be dangerous with Lott and Cobb healthy so they may need to be higher. Florida will move up if their defense proves to be good, but the offense looked to have more than snapping issues.

    LSU was a surprise to the downside; Miss St a surprise to the upside. (If Saturday night’s showing was indicative, this could be Miles’s last in Red Stick. All that talent….stumbling, bumbling…..)


    • Mike

      Yea, the overall line blocking was terrible. As was the play calling.

      Next week against a decent USF team should be interesting.


  3. Brandon

    LSU is deteriorating before our eyes, Les Miles is probably the worst coach ever to win a national championship. We would have creamed them in the SEC title game if we’d have had the chance to play them in 2007, half the credit for their national championship should go to Kirk Herbstreit.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      Very few things in this world get my blood boiling quicker than this particular topic.


      • rbubp

        We just didn’t get the wind behind our sails that year, given the lucky bounces Tennessee pulled out of their butts like five different times against Vanderbilt and Kentucky.

        Considering all the upsets that had to happen to even get into that position–like Pitt beating West Virginia and Oklahoma losing to whomever they lost to–perhaps one could say that we got as much good luck as we were owed.

        Shoulda beat SC that year.


    • Larry Coker

      “… Les Miles is probably the worst coach ever to win a national championship.”

      Why hello there.


      • Brandon

        At least ole Larry went undefeated to win his NC, Les lost the last freakin regular season game of the year and still managed to get in.


      • Dante

        Larry Coker kept the wheels on his bus. Not only did Les Miles let the wheels completely fall off Saban’s LSU bus, he now turns around and makes fun of you for thinking a bus would need something like wheels to begin with.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Larry and Les. Two peas out of the same pod. Each won the BCSNC with somebody else’s players. Both teams were on autopilot.


  4. RawDawg

    Good point on Arky/Tenn Tech….Last year’s defensive performance was statistically the best defensive performance in the Richt era…yes, that includes the BVG years…


  5. Jim from Duluth

    Senator, your comments on LSU’s performance are likely the NICEST ones they’re hearing.



  6. 12-2

    You’re kidding me, right ?

    Alabama is # 1

    South Carolina is # 2

    Georgia is # 3

    God Almighty, son.

    Grow a Pair.

    Georgia, in fact, is the # 6 worst football team in our own conference

    Try reading the Polls


    • Mr. Tu

      If it is all the same to you, we will judge by looking at the actual performance of the teams on the field


    • anon

      Right, and the polls are so often correct. The pre-season ones, at that.

      Who other than South Carolina (really? You think their win was clearly better than Georgia’s?) do you put ahead of Georgia?

      LSU? Nearly lost to a UNC team with backups starting on D.

      Auburn? Their D looked pathetic in the first half.

      Arkansas? ARKANSAS?


  7. I’d argue with Florida at 7 if I could.

    As for the rest, well I’m just looking for a center that can snap the ball…


  8. rg

    well said, senator…
    we ‘re looking foward to next weeks poll,
    oh timmy-lizard, might want to add a dc, to
    your shopping list, just a thought…