I believe he can fly.

If you didn’t see the Navy-Maryland thriller, too bad for you.  The last play of the game is getting most of the attention, but for my money, Adrian Moten’s stop, tackle and strip of Ricky Dobbs was the highlight of the game.

Crazy good play.


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4 responses to “I believe he can fly.

  1. Bobby

    Navy should have won by three TDs.


  2. D^3

    Wait, you’re telling me that the Navy coach’s daughter with her hands on her head wasn’t the highlight of the game? Because that’s what half the highlight reel of that game on sportscenter consisted of…


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    It was a good game to watch, but bizarre. How many times can a team get to the 1 yard line and not score?!

    The daughter reminded me of those statues on Easter Island.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    That play by Moten was the best defensive play by a single player that I have seen since Pollack stripped the South Carolina QB of the ball in the endzone for a safety. I hope the WWL puts that play on the defensive play of the year award list.