Needing closure.

At this point, I’m sure you’ve all heard what A.J.’s issue is with regard to the NCAA.  Here’s hoping that it’s resolved in the very near future (today would be fine, thanks).

Stephon Gilmore and his mates in the South Carolina secondary did a nice job shutting down Southern Miss star WR DeAndre Brown last week, but their track record with Green isn’t quite as successful.

He made Joe Cox look like a stud.  I suspect Aaron Murray wants some of that, too.


UPDATE: Gentry Estes issues a word of caution.

… A few years covering SEC football and various NCAA matters has taught me this: Do not ever, ever, ever assume or speculate anything when it comes to the NCAA. While it’s likely Georgia will receive an NCAA RULING soon on Green, I think it’s premature to say for sure that he will be CLEARED to play against South Carolina. I know Dawgs fans may not want to hear that, but past precedent in NCAA cases teaches that it is very rare for a player to miss a first game and suddenly have the suspension announced as time already served. Usually the punishment is issued well before a player actually returns — if he has already missed a game.

Now, I just got off the boat here in Athens. So maybe past cases aren’t a true indication. Maybe this really is different, but I’m telling you, I’ll have to see it to believe it.

In terms of punishment, what Green actually did (and the general thinking is this will ultimately prove to be tied to the rumors of a jersey sale) isn’t as important as the perceived value of the violation. If reports are true that the nature of Green’s transgression was in the range of $1,000 (which I’m not completely sure — through sources — that they are), that in itself would probably mean more than a one-game suspension.

The NCAA said that Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus was actually down to miss four games, but mitigating circumstances (his mother died around the time of the trips to Miami) reduced it to two. Dareus had to make restitution for roughly $1,800.


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7 responses to “Needing closure.

  1. oh, it's a lady

    Bless his heart, making Joe Cox look like a stud was no small feat, but A.J. was up for the challenge.

    Hoping Murray can get in on this too.

    Mom did say as long as you preface it with “bless his heart” it’s okay to talk less than favorably about someone.


  2. Bulldog Bry

    What about the business of AJ’s dad losing his job? Wouldn’t that count for something in the department of ‘mitigating circumstances’?


  3. ugafan

    Mark Schlabaugh said that if the jersey was sold for more than $700 but not more than $1000 then it calls for a 3 game suspension. More than $1000 will add on one more game.


  4. NCAA

    We will teach those students to take our profit. Dillinger wish he had our set-up.