A penny for their thoughts

Classic photo:

AP Photo

Supply a caption, people.



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42 responses to “A penny for their thoughts

  1. Scott W.

    Bear:You could see the future in those glasses. JoePa: Why doesn’t he make that Joe get a haircut?


  2. Silver Creek Dawg

    Bear- “We got these Yankees whupped…”

    JoePa- “What have we gotten ourselves into again?”


  3. Andy

    Paul Finebaum reporting from the 1978 Sugar Bowl- “Pictured above is the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant and the good but never great Joe Paterno. Despite his 123-24 record, he has yet to win a national championship. I think there can be no question that if Paterno loses this game, he is squarely on the hot seat.”


  4. Dog in Fla

    “Bear can’t wait for a Chesterfield and My Cousin Vinnie can’t wait for some Acme all-you-can-eat oysters on half-shell.”


  5. Scott W.

    JoePa: Who farted?
    Bear: hehhehheh


  6. OnTap

    Paterno thought bubble…”Geesh, is this guy ever going to retire? I’d KILL myself before I coached at that age. What a wacko!”


  7. Bear – “This guy won’t last another 10 years”

    JoePa – “He does kinda look like a bear. Reminds me of my uncle Lorenzo da Bear. Not many Italians down here in Louisianna. My brudda had a townhouse down here, next to the bay, across the street from that great Sicilian place owned by those two guys from Philly. I’ll have to go by there. My foot itches.”


  8. Prov

    Bear: God I’m drunk.

    Jo Pa: God this guy reaks of booze.


  9. Keese

    Well, gaaaaah-leee


  10. ugafan

    Bear: Have you called your Momma lately?

    Joe: What’s a Momma? You mean Mudda? Get me some pasta.


  11. 81Dog

    “You’re dead to me, Fredo.”


  12. …just a couple of hipsters in V-necks.


  13. snotbubble

    Bryant: Paterno? Sounds like vegetable.

    JoePa: Aw hell, this is gonna suck. Maybe we’ll draw Georgia in a few years.


  14. TomReagan

    Sorry, not a caption, but a classic story from the Maisel article:

    Penn State and Alabama didn’t meet again until Paterno’s 10th year as head coach, on New Year’s Eve in the 1975 Sugar Bowl, the first college football game in the Superdome. Bryant handpicked the Nittany Lions to play his team.

    “Coach Bryant called and said, ‘Joe, I want to invite you to the Sugar Bowl,'” Jay Paterno said.

    “My dad said, ‘Coach, are you in any way authorized to make the invitation?'”

    Paterno, who had been talking to other bowls, didn’t want to take Penn State off the market on a false promise.

    “Bryant said, ‘Don’t worry about it. If I say I’m going to play you in the Sugar Bowl, I’m going to play you in the Sugar Bowl. Why don’t you trust me?'”

    Aruns Callery, who ran the Sugar Bowl at the time, confirmed to Paterno that if Bryant wanted to play him, the teams would play. No bowl made a move in the 1970s until Bryant decided what Alabama would do.


  15. ActuaryDawg

    1 photo. 3 icons. Bear Bryant, Joe Paterno, and Kim Jong Il’s glasses.


  16. TomReagan

    Bear: Damn, Joe’s looking a little old-fashioned over there. He may need to update his look if he wants to have any real success.


  17. DavetheDawg

    Joe Paterno: Liberace’s stunt double


  18. Bunch

    Caption: Bama-Penn State 2010 Pregame Coaches Photoop . . . as perceived by Coach Paterno in his senile state.


  19. Daniel Peck

    Caption: Simon and Garfunkle Reunion Tour, 2055


  20. MWO

    Bear is thinking- Jesus I’m glad Penn Wagers isn’t old enough to ref this damn game.


  21. CDawg

    Caption: “Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss”, Just not Quite.


  22. RawDawg

    Bear: “I’ve always loved your music, Roy. Pretty Woman is a timeless classic.”


  23. S.E. Dawg

    Bear: We’re gonna knock that sh!t eating grin off your face.

    Joe Pa: From what I hear you have a sh!t eating grin too but I can’t tell.


  24. Sanford222View

    JoePa: “I wonder how long I can rock these specs until they come back in style?”


  25. Brandon

    Background Music: “1979, we took a little trip along with Colonel Bryant down the Mighty Mississip, we took a little bacon and and we took a little beans and we caught the damn yankees in the town of New Orleans. Hup Two Three Four…”


  26. Section Z alum

    “Our uniforms are SO much better.”


  27. kckd

    Bear: I’m gonna coach until I’m almost dead.

    JoePa: I’m gonna coach long after I’m dead.