ACC, it must suck to be you.

When your conference’s best showing of the day was Virginia’s game struggle against Southern Cal, there’s not much else to say.  Every ranked ACC team went down to defeat yesterday, including Virginia Tech’s humiliation at the hands of 1-AA James Madison. Miami demonstrated – again – that the way to beat them is though the overrated Jacory Harris.  Maybe it’ll start dawning on people that FSU’s biggest problem on defense is that it has almost no talent on that side of the ball.

And so much for all that ACC Coastal-is-the-toughest-division-in-college-football talk.

So I have to say that Schultz’ headline isn’t exactly fair to Georgia Tech.  The Jackets didn’t look particularly worse than any of their brethren in getting beat by Kansas.  They just didn’t look any better.

A couple of special notes about the Tech game…  If you caught any of it (and I just saw snatches of it while the Georgia game was on), I hope you got the same chuckle out of the broadcast mention of the Nesbitt for Heisman website that I and my friends did when we heard it.  5 for 15 passing and 33 yards rushing is the type of performance from which legends are born.

And you’ve got to appreciate the special brand of sportsmanship on display by Tech at the very end of the game when it kept stopping the clock with offsides penalties.  I thought Kansas was on the verge of becoming the first D-1 team to gain a first down running the victory formation.  Too bad they ran out of downs.


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10 responses to “ACC, it must suck to be you.

  1. DavetheDawg

    Schultz states, “Georgia Tech doesn’t look ACC ready…”

    Dude, they are totally ACC ready.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    As bad as Tech looked they probably still win the ACC.


  3. Section Z alum

    biggest loser from ACC games yesterday was boise state.


  4. Julie

    Senator: How could they run out of downs? Reggie Ball and everyone else knows GTU games have five downs.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    With the way the D tackled and the O scored Sat, I think UGA is “ACC ready.”

    Maybe next week will be better.


  6. 81Dog

    what I want to know is this: if James Madison wins the rest of its games, will it be entitled to a spot in the BCS championship game? It beat VaTech in Blacksburg by a more convincing score than Boise St beat them.

    Maybe the ACC should offer to swap its automatic BCS slot with whatever conference James Madison is in.


    • Paul

      I’d take a MWC with Boise, TCU, Utah, and BYU as an AQ over either the ACC or the Big lEast.

      Thats why I think it’s crazy for BYU to go independent, but then again I don’t have a religion to spread the good word about.


    • Phocion

      Actually, JMU does have a shot a the title…in their division. Win out- or almost all of them and they will get a chance to prove that beating VT wasn’t just a fluke. Too bad the same opportunity might be denied BSU.

      Aren’t playoffs wonderful things?


  7. Phocion

    As for the ACC in general. Already this year they have demonstrated that they aren’t worth the AQ status that they are afforded. I can accept Miami as being decent…they did lose on the road to a team likely to bein the MNCG at the end, but the rest of them should be ashamed. VT, GT, FSU …terrible, terrible, terrible. Lord help them if their best hope is Clemson. We all know those shoulders aren’t broad enough for that kind of lifting.

    I believe that the ACC might have started the season with as many as 5 teams (VT, UM, FSU, GT, UNC)in the Top 25. My, how quickly that was reversed.