Columbia post-mortem

Let’s get the easiest thing out of the way first:  the better team won yesterday, no question about it.

The second easiest thing:  South Carolina won because Marcus Lattimore touched the ball 38 times, while Georgia’s entire offense was limited to 47 plays on the afternoon.  When you only run 47 plays on offense, your margin for error is more than exceedingly small.  It’s practically non-existent.  Unfortunately for the Dawgs, they were undone by mistakes (dropped passes, false start penalties and the Ealey fumble) in all three of their drives that took them into the red zone.

The third easiest thing:  Georgia’s special teams weren’t special.  Don’t get me wrong – they weren’t bad.  But they didn’t come up with a single big play in the return game and Butler was merely ordinary.  That wound up costing them field position in the fourth quarter that helped seal the deal for the Gamecocks.

That’s all the big picture stuff.  As the Talmudic scholar once said, all the rest is commentary.  But since this is a football blog, you get to read that anyway.

  • I presume that those of you who disagreed with my assessment of Lattimore after the Southern Miss game no longer do.  While Andy Staples may have been a little over the top with this assessment, the kid’s a hoss.  I’m somewhat amazed that Spurrier had the discipline to run him 37 times, but Lattimore the kind of back who makes the offensive line and the defense better.  He’s already South Carolina’s best player; if you’re a ‘Cock fan, you better pray he stays healthy.
  • Lattimore’s excellent adventure overshadowed what should have been the story of the day for Georgia, the continuing emergence of Aaron Murray.  Playing without his biggest weapon and facing what many describe as the best secondary in the SEC, Murray played a helluva game.  He averaged better than nine yards per attempt and didn’t throw an interception.  He looked poised in the pocket throughout the game.  It was nice that Richt was kicking himself in the post-game presser about opening the playbook up for Murray next week.  It would have been better if he and Bobo had done so for yesterday’s game.
  • The offensive line is a mystery to me.  They opened up run blocking well – Ealey’s two longest runs of the day came in the first drive – but bogged down as the game went on.  (And no, you can’t blame all of that on South Carolina stacking the box, although the Dawg linemen did face their fair share of that.)  On the other hand, pass blocking, at least until the very last series when the game was over for all intents and purposes, was never worse than acceptable and at times was superb.  The overall picture, though, wasn’t one of a line that’s supposedly one of the very best in the country.
  • Ditto the tight ends.  Aron White didn’t catch a ball and Orson only caught two.  Both had drops.  I never saw either contribute much on run blocking, either.  They needed to pick the slack from A.J.’s absence and really didn’t do much.
  • If there was a true surprise yesterday, it was how flat the defense came out playing.  Lattimore’s a good enough back on his own.  He didn’t need any help, but got plenty early on from a number of players who didn’t have enough energy to tackle properly.  Watching them get third and Willied on the Lattimore draw play in the first drive especially sucked.  Houston, Dent and Gamble were the only three I saw show up for the entire game.
  • Speaking of which, Justin Houston is a beast.  That is all.
  • Not a particularly stellar game from the safeties, to put it kindly.  Rambo looked out of place in pass coverage.  He hung Branden Smith out to dry covering Jeffery at least a couple of times that I saw.  Hamilton wasn’t much better.
  • Spurrier channeled a little of his inner asshole towards Grantham in the gracious way that’s marked his career – “That little inside zone play, the NFL doesn’t run that play. That’s a new scheme, I guess.” – but I bet he wasn’t feeling so cocksure as the third quarter progressed.  Grantham made some good adjustments coming out of the half and outside of the one long pass to Jeffery, did a good job of keeping things in check until the defense ran out of gas in the fourth quarter and let Lattimore finish off the game.  It’s too bad the offense didn’t pick up the slack.
  • ESPN’s production crew for that game – jeez, you guys were bad.  It’s not enough that you can’t keep Jones and Davie focused on simply calling the game, you have to encourage them to wander off the reservation with that pathetic Davie Jones’ Locker crap?  The sad thing was that Davie was actually making a few relevant attempts at analysis (good job calling out Rambo’s failure to cover), but didn’t stay on it.  Also, would it have hurt to show us what Georgia’s secondary was doing right in the second half when Garcia got out of sync?

Bottom line is, well… I guess I’m a little surprised at all the hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing I’ve read here and on the message boards.  I’ve thought all along that Georgia was headed to a nine or ten-win regular season at best.  Can’t say that what went on yesterday changed that.  Going into the season, Georgia always looked to be a team that was going to take an early loss, maybe two, because of the inevitable struggles with a redshirt freshman quarterback (or maybe more accurately, the struggles of getting comfortable with what said redshirt freshman quarterback is capable of handling) and wholesale changes on defense.  And that’s what we saw – at least that’s what I saw.


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  1. DawgSmith


    • alphdawg90

      It isn’t just a loss it’s how the team continues to lose….Effort and physicality were not there. I have never seen UGA be physically dominated by the Cocks in my 30 years of watching them play. Lose to them yes, but not be out muscled. Effort from the offensive coaches and the overall scheme was poor — again. Coaching and playing scared is most of the problem. I don’t see 10 wins as realistic and my thought that they top out at 9 is looking more shaky.

      • ugafan

        We are soft & were whipped on both sides of the line yesterday. Either mat drills are just shit or the rest of the conditioning program is. Maybe both. But we look weak still.

    • Lane

      Mark Richt – might not win all the games, but never lost a post-game prayer circle!

      Can you name the last SEC game that we came out and dominated whistle to whistle?

      I’m thinking long and hard, and to me it’s 2005 Tennessee in regular season, and 2005 SECCG. In the interim we’ve been pounded from start to finish by Tennessee (’07/’09) Florida (’08/’09) Alabama (’08)

      We’ve not been able to take Vandy or Kentucky and bitch slap them for years. This is a program in decline. You can see it in our 4 and 5 star guys walking during the play, or celebrating after holding an opposing player to just 2 yards.

      This O-Line is about on par with 2003’s only the coaching has regressed so poorly since then that we look much worse.

      At least we used to hit on defense. How badly do you wish Curran was back now?

      Great to see a stud running back allowed to play as a Freshman. Good thing we didn’t put Moreno in there and let him make any Freshman mistakes back in ’06 – as we saw with Lattimore today, that could have really hurt us…

      • The ATH

        I still say that Richt has never been entirely honest w/ why he Redshirted Knowshon. He claims he wasn’t ready – or wanted to let him develop.

        In reality, he wanted to give the carries to his bumbling trio of RBs hampered either by injuries or shots at Bourbon Street (I’m talking about you Danny).

        Richt = Loyal to a Fault. Maybe it’s fitting that our mascot is a dog.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    We only ran 47 offensive plays because the defense didn’t bother t tackle anyone. SC just marched up and down especially in the 1st half. Here comes Arkansas.

    • Georgia’s offense had three straight three-and-outs in the second quarter.

      • TennesseeDawg

        Lattimore doesn’t get 37 carries if we are stopping him either.

        • They scored 3 pts in the second half and 17 total.

          2/3rds of Lattimore’s yards were on the 1st and the last drive.

          Sorry, but the D played very well. Great? Maybe not. But its still a new scheme and they are still exorcising Willie.

      • rbubp

        +1. The defense was on the field too many times to be able to get off the field quickly. Even with not playing their best they held up pretty admirably.

        Personally, I think SC with Lattimore and an improved OL is the best team in the SEC East. And I believe wholeheartedly that if we’d have had Green we would have won. His mere presence de-conservativizes the playbook and stretches the field for the running game.

        Yes, our OL sucks at run blocking while great at pass blocking and has ever since that arsehole Searles showed up. New OL coach, please.

  3. Tough loss Dawgs, but I continue to think USCe is better than most “experts” think this year. I think they will be the Gators toughest home game this year (yes, even tougher than LSU). They are still South Carolina so they’ll find some way to blow it in the end.

  4. S.E. Dawg

    From what I understand Bo Bo said we were trying to play to our strengths. Then CMR says that they may need to open up the playbook and he thinks that Murry can probably handle it. I think they should at least had a plan B, when all else fails open up the playbook. Not bitching, just my observation.

  5. Another big reason we only ran 47 plays is because Bobo’s play calling is atrocious!

  6. kckd

    I just get tired of Richt and Bobo to a great extent saying “it was a good defense” and “we didn’t execute in the RZ”. We got in the RZ three times in a sixty minute game, less than one time a quarter. Is that OK for them? Is that acceptable.

    Thank God Grantham didn’t say “he’s a good back so that’s why we missed all those tackles”.

  7. DawgSmith

    CREDIBILITY CHECK. “energy to tackle”. Last season that was cause for an extended rant on Martinez. How about equal time for CTG’s lack of teaching tackling fundamentals?

    I have said it for 3 seasons we do not have an on the field leader. Unfortunately, I do not see anyone stepping up to that responsibility. Until we do, the defense cannot take their game to the next level. We only gave up 17 points is irrelevant. Their time of possession is the key stat.

    • CREDIBILITY CHECK. “energy to tackle”. Last season that was cause for an extended rant on Martinez. How about equal time for CTG’s lack of teaching tackling fundamentals?

      Jeezus, man, two games in, you’re ready to equate Grantham with Willie’s entire body of work? Can I at least watch one more game before I jump off the bridge with you?

      • rbubp

        Regardless what we think of the tackling last year’s defense gave up 37 points to and SC team without a decent RB. CTG has preached “no big plays” and that for sure has been effective.

        We’ve allowed 7 and 17 points in two games and yesterday gave the offense every possible opportunity short of a turnover in SC territory. Myself, I will take that every time– even without the turnover– versus the WM era.

  8. AthensHomerDawg

    We knew we likely split two of the first two SEC games…ok now we know which one we win. USC defense was more than up to the task. Garcia didn’t blow up and get frustrated so I guess that means he may have finally grown up. The Visor can poke CTG all he wants but I think it may not be wise. Dawgs are a good team…..there is enough Senior leadership on the D and on that O line to grow this gel this team into a very competitive one. For any doubters – I’ll be here next Sunday to take my licks post game Hogs. You be here to take your!
    Go Dawgs!

  9. gatriguy

    For all the bitching about Bobo’s playcalling and the the defense’s craptastic tackling, the most glaring observation I took out of yesterday’s game was how completely outclassed Mark Richt was in terms of managing the game.

    This is one area that has not improve one bit during his entire time in Athens. Spurrier might not be a better head coach overall(I don’t think his teams fight for him the way that Richt’s usually do), but there is no question who has a better feel for how a game is going and how the game needs to develop for his team to have a chance to win.

    I like Mark Richt to build a consistent program over the long haul, but on Game Day, I’d take Spurrier, Meyer, Saban, Mullen, Petrino, and probably even Nutt over him.

  10. heyberto

    Senator, great analysis. I have to agree with your final paragraph. I think the only thing that sticks out in my head, was the breakdown in fundamentals by the defense primarily. With all the conversation prior to the season, they looked like they weren’t even trying to tackle correctly. I suppose that could have been born out of a lack of confidence in their prowess with the new scheme, but who knows. I certainly think that will be corrected, hopefully quick.

  11. thewhiteshark

    I didn’t like the results but there are lessons to be learned and things to build on. I think Grantham will continue to deal with the tackling issues. The defense adjusted in the second half. Giving up 17 is enough to where you ought to have a pretty good shot at winning.

    Having said that — the defense looked flat. Grantham’s scheme wasn’t the problem. Players were in position to make plays and didn’t make them. It makes me wonder if the A.J. Green situation wasn’t a much bigger distraction than I thought. I know that’s an excuse, but the physical side of football is, to a large extent, emotional. If you are flat or distracted it will show. To their credit — the defense did play better in the second half.

    Murray looks like the he is going to be a good one. Bobo was just way too conservative. I’m glad CMR recognizes that — wish they had recognized it last week. Orson Charles’ drop was huge and then bobble on the next play was huge, as was Ealey’s fumble. If one of those drives results in a TD you’re looking at a different game down the stretch. Doesn’t mean the Dawgs win but they would have least have had a shot.

    I am concerned about the play calling on offense. I know judging Bobo’s play calling from the confines of the living room is pretty easy, but if I can call what’s coming I’m pretty sure the opposing DC knows what is coming too.

  12. TennesseeDawg

    We’re still in the running for a Fulmer Cup National Championship. Look at the bright side.

  13. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I don’t want to hang Ealey out to dry but if the Dawgs score on that drive where Ealey fumbled its an entirely different game in the second half. Defensively the scheme worked fine as the players were where they were supposed to be to stop the runner or receiver–the failure to tackle was the problem. And, yes, it did look like some D players were taking a play off now and then. CWM. Gone but not forgotten. Things will get better, though. This UGA team will win a lot of games once the tackling and effort problems get fixed and I have absolute confidence that Grantham will fix it. It is a shame to lose to Spurrier who is a real jerk. Now he’s only 2-4 against the Dawgs as a ‘Cock. By the way he acts you would think he’s undefeated. I want to reiterate that if UGA wins all the rest of its conference games the Dawgs will still win the SEC-East. The South Carolina team I saw yesterday loses to Bama and at least 1 more team out of the FLA, AUB, ARK group. Every time UGA won the SEC-East it had at least one conference loss. Beat ARKY! That’s the next step.

    • ugafan

      I disagree. Even if we scored there, we still weren’t going to have an answer for lattimore. We didn’t all day.

      • Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

        He got most of his yards on the 1st and last drive.

        They got 3 pts in the second half.

        We totally “answered” him in the 2nd half.

  14. I look at it this way: Coming into the season, we had two huge flashing-red-siren questions — the freshman QB and the effectively brand-new defense. The first of those questions, I think, has been laid to rest — even in a hostile environment in his first SEC game, Aaron Murray looked like a pro. Don’t see how Bulldog Nation can’t be incredibly bullish on him going forward.

    That leaves the defense — and yeah, they got pushed around quite a bit Saturday, but if you were thinking the transition to a 3-4 was going to be neatly wrapped up in the span of two games, well, that’s on you. There’s a lot of stuff to work on, to be sure, but at least we can hold out hope that things will improve under Grantham, whereas with Martinez, we knew that what we saw in week 2 was the exact same crap we were going to be enduring in weeks 11, 12, and 13.

    I don’t enjoy losing to the ‘Cocks any more than any of the rest of you, but I don’t see how anyone can say this renders the season unsalvageable.

    • AthensHomerDawg


      • Sanford222View


        I am glad to be reading some level headed comments here today. It is almost like most fans have forgotten the big question marks this team had coming into the season after we shelled a poor ULaLa team.

        Murray looks like he will be fine even though I expect a “freshman” moment at some point. The defense will continue to be a work in progress. Hell, even as poorly as the Dogs tackled they only gave up 17 points.

        There is a lot of football left to be played and the Dogs still have a good shot to win the East.

        Now I have to go “unfollow” some Dawgs on Twitter who I can’t bear to hear spew anymore overly negative crap.

    • carolinadawg

      I think the supposed difficulty in the installation of the 3-4 scheme is vastly overated, and yesterday’s game proved it. Our problems on D were not due to the scheme (i.e being out of position), they were due to poor execution (tackling). Its the same problem we have had for several years and I’m at a loss to undertand it. And I can’t understand the source of any “hope” that CTG can/will fix it over the next few weeks.

      With all due respect to the Senator, I simply can’t understand how anyone who watched that game can expect this team to win 10 games this season. The level of improvement that will be required to do that is mind boggling.

      • 69Dawg

        You apparently didn’t lesson to the opposing team talk about what happened on the runs. Their center out muscled our Nose. Now what was the biggest problem coming into this 3-4 transition but the fact we had no great candidates for Nose. The scheme is good but the players are not what we need to run the scheme against a real good Oline. SOS went against type for the first time in the history of the world and did not let it fly. Even the 4th or 5th time they gave the ball to that big back I and I guess the coaches thought that this is going to be the big play action. He ran the ball 37 times in his entire career as a football coach he has never run the ball that many times. He knew he had us out manned in the middle and there was nothing we could do about it cause we didn’t have Mount Cody.

        • Spence

          Amen. The problem is that we don’t have the defensive linemen to stop the run. Period. Everything else either looked good or is fixable. Rambo looked bad but remember he is a sophomore in his first year under a new system. Branden Smith is not a tackling machine.

          There is hope, despite how bad yesterday sucked.

        • carolinadawg

          If their center outmuscled our NT, then the same would happen in 4-3 formation. Regardless of whether our D-line is either not talented, undersized, or simply can’t tackle, the fact that there are 3 of them or 4 of them on the field at a time is irrelevant, imo.

  15. Brandon

    Bottom line is we got beat by a good team yesterday on the road. FSU got disgraced, we did not get disgraced. We were within one score until the very end. We had our chances in the red zone, we just didn’t make the plays offensively. Ealey fumbling had nothing to do with Bobo’s play calling, Orson Charles bobbling that pass and getting tackled short of the first down had nothing to do with Bobo’s play calling. If Ealey holds onto the ball and Orson catches that pass in stride we have an even chance of winning this game yesterday, despite the fact that we have a freshman QB making his first SEC start on the road with our best offensive player on the bench. Lattimore is legitimate, he is going to hurt a lot of people. The handwringing people must talk too much smack and are dreading their comeupence tommorrow at work or wherever, that’s the only explanation I have for the complete lack of perspective I have seen here and elsewhere from the tortured few. Word of advice: try talking less smack, you will find that your ego is less dependent on whether the dawgs win or lose, you can win with grace and lose with grace. I hate losing as much as anybody, but win or lose I’d rather be a Bulldog than anything else.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. That was semi-profound.

    • Julie

      Winning with grace and losing with grace — two things which are entirely foreign to Steve Spurrier. I’m just glad he played the game with all of the Whitney residents. He won’t be able to vacate with grace, either.

    • carolinadawg

      If a frog had wings…

      And had we had played Oklahome yesterday, we WOULD have been disgraced. SC is a good team yes, but not a very good team, much less a great team. We have as much or more talent at almost every position, and much better depth.

    • Boz

      Losing with grace? What a novel idea. It’s hard to do, but a ‘Congrats, game well played’ tends to put a cork in the most rabid Smack talker.

      • merk

        Also…I am sure that Grantham looked at old tape and NEVER saw Spurrier run a back that much. He had what like 12 plays with Lattimore from the SMU game to judge if he would have effect in the game. Grantham was most likely not expecting that. Yet the scheme had guys hitting him in the back field or within a gain of 1-2yrds. The prob was the guys falling on the ground after the hit and him gained 2-8 more yards.

  16. JaxDawg

    We can make excuses and there may some legitimate ones, but the SC Oline pushed our DLine around all day and to quote Lattimore “our OL was in better shape than their DL”.

    Senator mentions the big picture stuff – well here’s a big picture observation for you: we look soft and timid. we have no moxy. we do not attack, we react, and try to appear to attack. This both offensively and defensively. aside from Houston and a couple others, the D looked uninspired and while they held SC to 17, does anyone actually believe they played the type of game we know they are athletically capable of playing. Lattimore is good but he ain’t Herschel.

    The newness of the defensive staff and our RS QB offer enough promise that the boo-birds will be mocked for now, but we all see the clearly established pattern of off-field problems and a soft funk that somehow penetrated our program around 2006 and has never left.

    Richt is truly a saint, but I’m coming close to concluding what I’ve suspected for some time – Richt is no longer capable of competing for championships in a world where nice guys finish last. I was hoping that I never had to admit that.

    But it is what it is.

    • gatriguy

      Good point. It is a hell of a lot easier to tackle someone when you’re also moving forward, not standing still and trying to hold on when they run through you. Our LB’s still don’t move downhill.

    • Hackerdog

      It has long been established that criticism of Richt’s religion or niceness as leading to losses is foolish.

      The only off-field problem that affected the team on Saturday was Green’s absence. That hurt, but I don’t know how anybody can argue that it’s Richt’s fault AJ sold a jersey. Marcell Dareus took benefits from an agent. Is that Saban’s fault? Maurkice Pouncey took money from an agent. Is that Meyer’s fault? Have Alabama and Florida “lost control” of their programs? I think AJ’s actions, though clearly against the rules, are more defensible than Dareus’s or Pouncey’s.

      I agree that defensive fundamentals weren’t great. But I think the defensive coaches can improve them. It just might take more than 2 games to do it.

  17. Section Z alum

    it looked to me like we just never got traction. and though losing sucks, i was really impressed with how collected murray seemed to be.

    i’d like everyone on the d to play with the mojo justin houston has. (duh).

    bob davie did make the stunning observation that recruiting is important on at least two occasions.

  18. Dog in TN

    SC is a good team. No doubt about it.

    Offensive play calling was our biggest problem. With only one running back, the ball should have been put in Murray’s hand and it wasn’t. We continued to run when it was evident it wasn’t working. That is the biggest gripe I have.

    If looked to me that the coaches were afraid to open it up and give it to Murray. Pathetic. Grantham adjusted, too bad Bobo and Richt wouldn’t. Chances have to be taken sometimes and yesterday was the time and the coaches were too conservative to take a chance.

    • If looked to me that the coaches were afraid to open it up and give it to Murray. Pathetic. Grantham adjusted, too bad Bobo and Richt wouldn’t. Chances have to be taken sometimes and yesterday was the time and the coaches were too conservative to take a chance.

      Well said, brother.

    • anon

      Or that they decide that 3rd and long from inside the 10 is the best time to open it up with a QB draw . . .

      What does “baffled” mean?

      • rbubp

        It’s interesting that Spurrier seems to think that CTG never did adjust to running Lattimore on those inside zone reads.

        Seems to me that Spurrier never has had an “inner” asshole. He has a huge, giant outer asshole right under his nose–because that is the kind of jagoff who talks crap after his offense has been stuffed by our mediocre defenses consistently since he got to SCU. And even then when they do actually get a win, they score a whopping 17 points almost entirely off of the power running game.

        He’s gonna rub somebody’s face in it after he had to go out and win with a whopping 17 freaking points.

        Yeah, baby….make yourself look good while you can, OBC. You sure need to prop yourself up these days, because the only thing left on your moniker is the “evil” part. Genius is long, long gone after you got your ass waxed repeatedly in the NFL and now can’t even score 20 points regularly in college.

        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          Agree. I had begun to feel sorry for Spurrier at USC. He struck as a somewhat pathetic creature-a coach whom the game had passed by. I felt a little bit guilty for enjoying his travails as a Gamecock.

          But as you say, all it took to bring back the old jerk was one barely-did-it win over UGA with the best SC team in ten years and the best SC running back in 30 years.

          I’m glad SOS made his post-game comments. Now I can go back to hating him guilt free. It feels very good after all these years-like reconnecting with a lost love.

  19. Todd

    The biggest thing I saw…..The defense quit! Plan and simple. I have been saying this O-line is good, but not great. Up the middle on 3rd and 2 has never gotten Georgia a 1st down against South Carolina. They always have a stout D-line. Did anybody else notice how Alabama’s safties come up and hit? Or how about the way theie defense tackles?

    The biggest problem that I see for Georgia is lack of athletes. Say what you want about all this talent at Georgia……Bullshit! it ain’t there. I see no Rolando McClain, Joe Haden, Mt. Cody or another big DT, in Georgia’s roster. Face it, they problem has been coaching and evaluating high school talent. So so so tired of hearing about Rambo being a big hitter. He is the one who get knocked the @#$% out against Auburn. Not the wr. Jaker “hitman” Hamilton……riiiiggghhhhtt. He needs to be playing wr. No comparison to these two safeties and Thomas Davis and Greg Blue. The talent is leaving the state folks. Richt is picking up the scrap that is left after the big boys come in and get what they want. Try these Allen Bailey, Cameron Heyward, Mack Brown, Jeff Whitaker, Jarvis Jones( back after getting messed up on the west coast), Greg Reid. Kareem Jackson. The talent gap is widening in Athens and it is very obvious. Georgia has become a place for over-hyped high school athletes to get arrested and get a free degree.

    The positives….Aaron Murray looked pretty good. Mettenberger being in Athens would open up some QB draws that are not going to be called because Georgia has no back-up. Bobo was the convienant hire and it, just like willie, is not working.

    • Todd

      How about the penalties coming off of a TO? The wildcat formation that never was?????Why was Carlton Thomas in there when Ealy had the hot hand? Lattimore didn’t seem to need a breather.

    • MhpDawg

      “The defense quit! Pla[i]n and simple”
      I’m not pleased with the effort, but they were on the field ALL DAY! Is it possible they ran out of gas? I believe so.

    • Hackerdog

      Just picking a nit here, but Rambo (211lb) hit Mario Fannin, Auburn’s 228lb running back on the goal line last year. Using that play as an example of how Georgia isn’t physical is just plain silly.

  20. ConnGator

    “Playing without his biggest weapon and facing what many describe as the best secondary in the SEC, Murray played a helluva game.”

    Hmm, think I will take Florida’s secondary over Carolina’s. Though to be fair Florida has not been really tested yet.

  21. Scott W.

    The person I really feel the worst for is Aaron Murray. From the coaches to his teammates everyone left that kid in the lurch. I know that dropped passes are part of the game, but when he hits you in the hands, that’s kinda the fault of the receiver. TE constantly dropping passes while the star WR is out hurts. Bobo’s play calling was atrocious as mentioned already. Lastly it looks like he has been told to not play to his natural instincts which is if there are no options tuck the ball and run. I think that the Dogs still have a chance to be good not great but good.

    • 69Dawg

      Hell CMR told him three times in the La-LA game. I bet he heard it all week. He could have run a few times but hesitated and it was too late. The times he scrambled to buy time iron hands Charles dropped the ball. Even Durham drops the easy ones but catches the hard ones’ why because of focus.

  22. GoonerDawg

    There’s always something, isn’t there? If only so and so had executed in the RZ. If only so and so hadn’t screwed up. We have become a program of excuses.

    10-11 in the last 20 SEC East games. That is the defnition of mediocre.

    In order to match Donnan’s SEC record, CMR has to go 5-2 in the remaining SEC games.

    CMR fielded an unprepared and uninspired football team yesterday. Not to mention, the team was physically manhandled on both sides of the line of scrimmage – another disturbing trend.

    The arc of this progrma has been downward for quite some time. Sure, all of the losses can be explained individually, but taken as a whole things look genuinely awful.

    UGA is a middle of the pack SEC team right, and has been for the overwhelming majority of the time since 2005.

    Considering all of its inherent advantages, that is unacceptable. CMR currently is doing a horrible job.

    • JaxDawg

      well said. the truth hurts. but it is what it is.

      • ugafan

        “In order to match Donnan’s SEC record, CMR has to go 5-2 in the remaining SEC games.”

        Huh? Jim Donnan coached in the SEC for only 5 years & was 25-15. Richt is in his 10th and is 50-23. He’s already doubled Donnan’s SEC wins.

        Maybe you’re just using “new math”……

        • GoonerDawg

          Excuse me, for CMR’s last 5 years to match Donna’s 5 years.

          Point being: we are a long way away from the first half of CMR’s tenure. Other than the uniforms, nothing about the current team is in any way similar to the teams of the early oughts.

  23. baltimore dawg

    you know, i’ve thought all summer that we would definitely lose this game. but i find that i’m more frustrated by the loss than i would have anticipated because the opportunity to win was right there.

    i’ve never been one of the fire-bobo-now crowd, but he does bear a share of responsibility for the loss. the 19 year old brand-new qb playing in his first sec road game had a hell of a lot more nerve than his oc. you can argue that bobo had no way of knowing that would be the case, and that’s true, but certainly by the second half it should have been clear that he is more than capable of executing more of the playbook than they were giving him.

    and why keep pressing the run game when it just isn’t there? the 7-10 yard passing game was there all day, but bobo didn’t go to it consistently enough either to extend drives or to force ellis johnson to adjust to it.

    i’m still not in the fire bobo crowd, but this is one occasion that he deserves some criticism. i hope he learns from this game. i think there’s a good chance that we will be a damn good team in 4-6 more weeks, but that’s contingent on everyone’s improvement, including the coaches’.

    • I suspect Richt shares some of the blame, too.

      This goes back to my lost faith post from last season. Stuff like that doesn’t turn on a dime, even with new players and coaches.

      • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

        Yes it does !

        Lou Saban at LSU and Alabama.

        By the way whatever happened to Richt’s crying towel , Trinton Sturdivant. Why hasn’t he stepped in to save the day?

        • So tell me: When “Lou” Saban’s LSU and Alabama teams “turned on a dime,” was that before or after they lost home games to UAB and UL-Monroe, respectively?

        • When did you start following football, dude, last year?

          Saban’s – that’s Nick, not Lou, by the way – first ‘Bama team went 6-6, with a humiliating home loss to a Sun Belt team at season’s end.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Not agreeing with the “turn on a dime premise” mind you but the following year Bama won the SEC-West which is a pretty big one year turnaround. The way it was done was, of course, by reprehensible conduct (i.e. oversigning and grayshirting) but ethics was never the strong suit for Bama or Satan…er, Saban.

            • Even so, one year’s a lot longer than two games, Mayor.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Si, Senor. You may recall from an earlier post that I feel next year may actually be the Year of the Dawg. But I also think this year still has promise.

                • JaxDawg

                  we lose our 2 most impactful players after this year – Houston and Green. Plus a handful of other guys who will tinker with the idea of moving on.

                  Our dynamic duo at RB will return but are they really worth a damn?

          • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

            When did YOU start following football?
            The point being NIck Saban turned around quickly upon taking over and he did it at LSU and BAMA. So did Les Miles. And even Richt with Van Gorder turned GA around quickly.

            Mark Richt has had 5 years and no turnaround in sight! You guys I really love your apologies for Mark Richt.

            Where’s the Bottom?

            • I’m fascinated by Les Miles’ “turnaround” year. Tell us about it.

              • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

                The point being your boy Mark Richt has had more than enough time to effect the turnaround, but he has not. He has spent an extra $500,000 a year on new salaries for the defensive coaching staff. Still no championships in sight.
                Where’s the bottom?

                • Mrs. Georgia Football Returns

                  Asshole, answer the man’s question! When did Les Miles have a “turnaround” year like you said? Never!!!!! Cause you don’t know shiiiit about no football!!! So quit actin’ like you do!!! Now get offen that computer and start makin’ my dinner befo’ I slap a knot on yo head the size of Texas!!!!!!!

            • Anonymous


              Hey Mr. Georgia Football Returns, I bet Senator Huckaby and the Mark Richt Apologist won’t answer the question “Where’s the Bottom?”

        • Anon

          God, I would love to fight this person.

  24. Scott W.

    With all the talk about what CMR squanders, about what he doesn’t have and about how much he needs to be fired (which will probably reach frenzy this week). What does he have? He has a fan base that expects everything, gives very little and is constantly unsatisfied. Many things have happened in college football since 2005. CMR has remain fairly consistent. For this group think to occur that he now needs to be dismissed I think is horrible. Everyone looks to the neighbor to the west as an example of what needs to happen. There is another side to that story which resides in the same state. Are you going to dismiss the winningest coach in the schools history for middle of the road mediocrity?

    • GoonerDawg

      We have middle fo the road mediocrity right now. What more do you want the fanbase to give? Why is okay for a coach at a place like UGA to have an extended run of medicority, highlighted by a lack of dicipline on and off the field.

      Right now, this fanbase is littered with people like you as well. Peopl who like CMR on a personal level, so they are completely willing to ignore that he has not produced a quality on field product in quite some time.

      They ignore that three of the most talented players in the history of the program will matriculate without ever having played for an SECC. They ignore that the problems that plagued the team in 2006, 1st half of 2007, 2008, and 2009 continued to plague the team today. CMR is a very nice man – a very ncie man who seemingly is incapable of fielding a tough, SEC-championship caliber football team.

      I imagine it’ll have to hit rock bottom before anythign is done to salvage the situation.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        That seems a bit harsh GD. The 2007 team finished the season ranked #2 in the country and if the Vandy kicker doesn’t doink the ball off the upright against UT or the UK QB just runs into the endzone instead of screwing around lookin to pass against UT UGA is in the SEC Championship Game that year, too (and likely wins the BCSNC). The ’08 team won 10 games. The ’09 team had a game stolen by the refs and its 2 best players (Moreno and Staff) left early for the pros. Even with the bad D (which is still being fixed) that team probably would have won at least 10 games (maybe more) if those 2 guys are on it. 3 years ago Bama was 7-6. Look where Bama is now. Have faith.

        • GoonerDawg

          I look at Bama now and lose what little faith I have left. Like I said above, all our fans have left is excuse after excuse after excuse.

          In 2007, instead of focusing on inexcusable losses to Carolina and Tennessee, fans lament the failings of UK and Vandy. Sorry to break it to everyone, relying on UK and Vandy to win an SECC is a losing proposition from the start. Instead, maybe the team should hev beaten an avergae USC team at home. There’s a thought. I guess everyone has also forgotten that the 2007 team was lucky as hell to escape Vandy with a win. barely beating Vandy and UK – the new UGA reality.

          The 2008 got manhandled by the two quality teams it played, and then horribly lost to GT at home. The defense was consistently horrible all year.

          As for 2009, good players go pro. Good programs recover better than we did. Good programs also don’t redshirt players like Knowshon Moreno, but what can you do?

          Is it harsh? Yes it is. But football is a harsh world. Things have gone far beyond the point where CMR can bring it back.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown


            • GoonerDawg

              That was well reasoned. Why respond if you can’t cobble together a reasonable response?

              My concerns are valid, and the numbers don’t lie. The sky may not be falling, but UGA’s football program sure as hell is.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                OK, You want a reasoned answer. Here it is. A football program is more than just one game. It is more than one season, too (see Bama, ’07). We have a head coach who averages winning 10 games a season with the 4th highest winning percentage among active coaches. We had a problem with our D, the HC recognized it and took steps to fix it. The fix is a work in process. Even though we did not win the SC game the D looks like it is getting better. A CWM D would have given up 42 points to SC yesterday whereas the D yesterday, even with its flaws, only gave up 17. Once the D gets going better and the O catches stride this team will win a lot of games. We now have the best AD in the country. I am absolutely convinced that Greg McGarity was the real brains at FLA and now he is in Athens. We will not have any more stupid scheduling mistakes like flying across country the week before playing Bama or opening up on the road to dedicate the home team’s stadium. To win championships you have to have everybody in the Athletic Department on the same page and now we finally do. I actually fell better about the prospects for the University of Georgia football team and in all sports, for that matter, than I have in years.

                • Julie

                  In addition, we are always having to overcome the gross ineptness of the referees. How SC could be given a first down, even after a challenge on the play, after a gain of 8.5 yards is beyond me. Even the bad ESPN announcers made the right call.

                • GoonerDawg

                  The average win per season is a red herring. The current UGA team is a far, far cry from the teams CMR fielded 2001-2005.

                  Going 9-3 in 2008 with Stafford and Moreno while getting trucked by Bama and Florida, only to win the 10th in the Capital One Bowl is hardly cause for celebration.

                  Yesterday showed that CMR is still fielding a team that gets pushed around by more physical teams, can’t manage the clock, and hamstrings itself with unimaginative play calling.

                  UGA will likely go 7-5 this year, and fans like you will find a panoply of reasons to excuse the mediocrity. Every year, the failings are excused, instead of demanding excellence.

                  • Russ

                    If the team bus wrecks on the way to the stadium and half the team is injured, then we might lose 5 games.

                    Otherwise, I’d say we’re a lock for 9 games, more likely 10. We’ve cut down on the killer mistakes from last year, we’ll “regress to the mean” on turnovers (heck, we’re +1 I think right now), and CTG will light a fire under the defense.

                    • carolinadawg

                      10 wins? In the regular season? Or including a crappy bowl against a 6-6 team? The team you saw Saturdy is only going to lose 1 game out of of Arky, MSU, UT, FL, Auburn, KY and Tech? I was optimistic about this season before it started, but I don’t have that much optimism right now.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    GD, to quote Bill Clinton: “I feel your pain.” However, let me say a couple of things that may ease it a bit. I agree the program is not where it was in the 2002-2005 time frame. Ask yourself the questions: When did the football program start to slip? What changes occurred that would have caused the slippage? One obvious answer is that BVG left and CWM became the DC. Corrective action has been taken and that is still a work in progress. A more subtle answer also exists. DE became the AD in July, 2004. His mistakes were made below the surface and not as visible but I believe potentially even more significant in the long run. Some neutral observers now seem to acknowledge the scheduling flubs but there are probably many more things that went on behind closed doors that we will never know about. One thing is certain. DE and CMR were not on the same page. DE is gone now, too. The Athletic Department is now in the best hands it has been in since Joel Eaves. Greg McGarity is a really smart guy, a Bulldog alum and as I said above the real brains behind what FLA accomplished in football and basketball (he was Exec. Asst. AD in charge of both of those sports at FLA). Even if he did not do it himself (I think he did) he had a front row seat watching it happen in Gainesville and sure as hell knows how to do it. You may be right about CMR. I disagree with you but acknowledge the possibility. If you are right though, McGarity will figure that out real quick and CMR will be gone. You see, the HC is really not CMR. The HC is really the AD. CMR is the top assistant, in reality. You ask why the program slipped the last 5 years. Ask Damon Evans. He’s the guy who is really responsible

                    • GoonerDawg

                      Well, I certainly agree with your assessment of Damon. I thought he was fairly mediocre on several fronts. Don’t get me started on his treatment of the baseball team.

                      His football scheduling was beyond the pale stupid.

                      That said, my main concern with Richt is that he is not adapting to the modern college game. If we want to run a pro offense, we need to be much, much more physcial than we currently are. If we want to be a “finesse” offense team, then we need to move to more of a spread style offense. Straddling the divide isn’t really working.

                      Hopefully Grantham can right the defense. I think he can.

                • Scott

                  + 1 I think a lot of the posts are just an expression of disappointment after a first loss of a season. If Lattimore emerges like Knowshon did, our performance won’t look so bad. And Aaron Murray has come along way since the Spring Game.

                • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

                  There you go again with the “10 average win” stuff.
                  CMR has also lost an average 3 conference losses a year for the last four years. You cannot win any championships with 3 conference losses. If he was going to turn things around he would already have done so.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Really? It’s one thing to complain….it’s entirely different to complain AND have a solution in hand with that complaint. Who is your Champion Coach to replace CMR? Please introduce me. I’d like to read up. I know you must have him waiting in the wings for the opportunity to bring that NC trophy home to Georgia.
            God forbid we get on the coaching merry-go-round that has become Tennessee football.

            • GoonerDawg

              So, we should keep a a coach that isn’t fielding championship caliber teams, because we don’t definitively know of another that is out there. How does that make any sense? CMR is not doing a good job right. He is 12-8 in his last 20 games. I guess you’d rather continue on with that kind of stellar production, because there is necessarily some uncertainty in any replacement. That’s a winning attitude if I’ve ever heard one.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                You have no idea who you would replace CMR with do you? Until then stop “poor mouthin'” and give me one. Who is the replacement? Let’s not get the cart ahead of the horse dude. Read here Tennessee.
                You sound too much like:
                1. We have to do something!
                2. Firing CMR is something!
                3. HEY! Let’s do it!

                …….why does that sound so much like our country’s approach to health care solutions.

                • GoonerDawg

                  First, obliquley mentioning political problems in the context of the UGA football program is nonsensical. One has nothing to do with the other.

                  Second, I disagree with your general premise that I’m essentially shooting from the hip. As I’ve noted CMR is 10-11 in his last 21 SECE tilts. He’s 12-8 in his last 20 games overall. We’ve fallen so far behind UF and Bama as a program that competing with them for championships any time soon, is a laughable proposition.

                  Third, I could name any number of guys who I think are doig a good job at their respective programs, and who I believe would do a good job at UGA. I have a lot of respect for the jobs Kyle Whittingham and Dan Mullin are doing. However, I readily admit that I don’t know if they meet the criteria for a potential UGA head coach.

                  I do know that Mark Richt’s program has declined into medicority in the last 3 years. That decline started in 2006, and was momentarliy slowed in the second half of 2007.

                  Obviously you like him, which is your prerogative. However, instead of addressing the failings, which are a matter of fact, you’ve decided to make the argument about me. I guess I could do the same, but I’d rather discuss the more obvious failings of the football team.

                  • Macallanlover

                    Actually, the anology of making something worse than what you currently have is spot on to the discussion. Not saying trying to improve something isn’t admirable, but you should have a clue before you blindly throw a cure up that is worse than the disease.

                    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

                      What will happen if we don’t?

                      A Five year soldrift without a championship becomes a ten year period without a championship.
                      Could Muschamp or Smart do any worse?
                      Did you know there is a rumor LSU is interested in Muschamp?

                    • Mrs. Georgia Football Returns

                      What the hell does “soldrift” mean? Any how, there’s a rumor you better cook my dinner or else!!!! GET OFFIN THAT BLOG!!!!!!!

                    • Hackerdog

                      Yes. Muschamp or Smart could do worse. Next stupid question?

            • carolinadawg

              By your logic, Ray Goff should still be the coach.

        • Mr. Georgia Football Returns


          Bama and LSU are willing to make the changes necessary, Georgia is not.

        • Ron

          That goes both ways. If Vandy doesn’t fumble against UGA – we may have had a completely different season. In fact, if Vandy hadn’t fumbled – Richt probably wouldn’t even be here today.

    • Gives very little? I believe UGA is the second wealthiest athletic program (after OSU). That’s mostly from donations.

  25. Mr. Georgia Football Returns


    Wow! Your 100% right! Thanks for explaining it. I thought the problem was something more serious like this highly touted, experienced offensive line that to some are considered the “best” in the nation is really “bogus hype” and in reality “they suck” or that Grantham’s 3-4 defense was more like a Shanaya Twain song,”it don’t impressa me much”.

    Senator Huckbee and the Mark Richt Apologists c’mon let’s hear it. I need to laugh after yesterday. Let me hear you apologize some more for Mark Richt and blame somebody else. C’mon I’ve got my hand to my ear and waiting……let’s hear it. C’mon your killing me.

    LSU rumors say they are interested in Muschamp. Could Muschamp or Smart do any worse?

  26. Hogbody Spradlin

    How about two cheers for the defense, big picture wise? They held SC to 2 touchdowns on a day our offense only ran 47 plays.

  27. Will Trane

    Well let’s be honest here.

    TG installed a new scheme in the spring. He does not have all the players he needs on that side of the ball. The D showed up, but they could have played better. Why?The coaches had to know they would run the inside zone play based on Elliot (a great Oline coach…ask App State opponents), a QB who could cost you a game, and a RB like Lattimore. They saw it on the first drive. They shut it down for most of game untile the last drive. They never adjusted to it. SC has a complete roster. We do not. More on that later. Lattimore got almost two thirds of his yards on the first and last drive. The LB and CB learned in that game. You saw players that not quite turned the page mentally from a 4-3 to a 3-4. You do not wash that out in two games. They will.

    The O line played well enough to win.

    Here are the issues I saw…I never listen to UGA announcers or the TV guys. The RBs missed read. King is on the roster but he is never there…injury prone. A coach can not factor him into a game plan. Ealey, he missed last week for violations (one of a legion on this roster). Last week game would have been huge for him yesterday…seeing the field and contact. Well King he is down two. Can Jackson get out of his stance any quicker…that is why he is 3 down on the roster. Unless he has a 5 x5 lane he can not get into it.

    Now Green. 4 games last year. 4 games this year. What production do you really get from him…he is on the roster, but he does not play all the games unlike most of those Oline game guys. Hell they have fought thru injuries, sickness, and a substandard OC.

    I said last year and the year before CMR’s offense is not efficient nor productive. I recall a coach at Texas Tech that said if you want to win in the SEC you had better have a running game. Spurrier, Meyers, and Saban understand that. Where do you think Tebow got most of his yards.

    I’d like to see UGA get a A gap power play and make it work…see some pro teams “ball coach”.

    You would not need a wild dawg or wild hog or what ever you want to call it….normally coaches call it lack of players or incomplete roster. Think back to the spring game. What was the QB with the most potential at that time. Well, hell, he is not on the roster either.

    Here is a play call for CMR and Bobo…the AD and Board needs to meet with them Monday. Let’s discuss the lack of a roster due to violations which we seem to devote a lot of time and resources we could use building a winning program.

    If a player is never available due to violations, why waste a scholarship on him. There are legions of players in HS that will play. Find them.

    • Hackerdog

      I agree. With Green missing 8 games the last 2 years, we should obviously revoke his scholarship. Brilliant.

  28. Scott W.

    All I’m saying is this looks eerily like the Donnan situation. CJD improved the program and was a victim of his own success.

    • GoonerDawg

      Improved the program while never genuinely competing for chamionships. He was fired, and rightfully so.

      CMR no longer produces championship-caliber football teams, so the reigns should be handed over to a coach that does.

      UGA has all of the resources, and elements needed to regularly contend. CMR is not doing enough with what is available to him.

  29. Chuck

    Lattimore is amazingly strong for a kid that seems so skinny. He is a hoss, but I don’t see how he can last a season at that rate. I am not down on Murray, but he didn’t have a ‘helluva game’. It was adequate, and he wasn’t the reason we lost, but many of the ‘drops’ referred to were poorly thrown balls (not in stride, sometimes behind the receivers). I think the “we suck” posts are what really suck – we got beat by a team that is pretty good at their house. A team that has been a very difficult opponent for several years now, and a team that was favored by most booking services.

    If there is a good thing to take from this it is that this was an early loss that we can recover from.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And a team that has really good first team players but questionable depth. The South Carolina history is that they are damn good at the start of the season but fold down the stretch because of depth issues. South Carolina will NOT win the SEC East in 2010. We just need to take care of business the rest of the conference schedule.

      • ChicagoDawg

        I usually steer clear of predictions, but I will make this one. Lattimore will be out for the FLA game. I would bet my first born on that one. Why such confidence you ask? Well, that is just how the football god rolls…..UGA gets the best that SCU can muster and the Gators will get the scout team RB.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Yeah. Why can’t we play those assholes at the end of the season instead of first conference game of the year, when they are at their best? McGarity, look into that!

    • Regarding Murray’s game, everything is relative I suppose, but take a look at Doug’s comparison.

      I stand by “helluva”.😉

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      Lattimore reminds me of the great Eddie Gregory of the Tennessee Titans, north-south runner with power in tough situations.

  30. Russ

    Good assessment, Senator. I still think we’ll be okay. Sackerlina was just the better team yesterday, though we still had chances to steal the win.

    The defensive problems will go away. I don’t think CTG will put up with the “effort” he saw yesterday, and will fix it. Our OL has always been built around pass protection, but you’d think those hosses could also run block. I’m starting to suspect that they haven’t been taught how.

    Murray is the real deal and I look forward to great things from him this year & in the future.

    The ESPN production was atrocious! It must have been the same group that made our UGA promo spot (the freshmen AV club?). How many plays did we just miss? I still don’t know what the first penalty of the game was. Also, watching the “gee whiz” graphics for the score update from some other game, while missing the play from the game I’m actually supposed to be watching, is just bush-league. Davie and Jones don’t bug me as much anymore (the sad consequence of having a mediocre team the last couple of years), but who in the world approved that “Davie-Jones’ Locker” crap? Save it for halftime when I’m not watching, please!

    All in all, I think we have enough positives to build on, and I still think we can have an exceptional season. And best of all, Tech crapped the bed against Kansas, who previously crapped the bed against 1-AA North Dakota State.

  31. H-Town Dawg

    Great game by Aaron Murray. Gone are the notions that he’s the one who will have to be “carried” by the veterans. He’s already carrying the veterans and being the leader. We already knew he was the leader in the huddle and now he is leading by example in the way he’s playing.

    Marcus Lattimore is a great running back and can really help the Cocks rise above their usual mediocrity. However, it’s bogus to say that he’s the reason the Dawgs lost. I’m sorry, even with Lattimore’s big day the Cocks still only scored two touchdowns and a field goal. A Georgia offense should be able to outscore that. As far as I’m concerned, the primary causes of the loss yesterday should be assigned to lack of a running game and the play calling. It’s also true that some of the defensive players apparently were on vacation. But, again, they only allowed 17 points. That’s hardly a blowout. It just feels that way when our offense can’t find the end zone at all.

    • Prosticutor

      “But, again, they only allowed 17 points. That’s hardly a blowout.”

      Absolutely. If our offense had scored 2 td’s on top of that, we would instead be saying “Wow! Can you beleive they ran twice many plays as we did and we still won? Thank god for our new DC!”

      • Barry


        We stopped them in the second half until the last drive, when we ran out of gas.

        This was a winnable game for a team with a lot of questions. CTG made defensive adjustments; it was the offense, excluding Murray, that lost this game.

        One thing to note: we only had one (albeit devastating) turnover.

  32. dcdawg

    I feel we have the players to play with anyone in the country. What seems to be missing from this team is a lack of motivation.

    Look at the other great teams in the nation. Their coaches have instilled an aggressive and attacking mentality in them that show up in every game. They seem to go into every game with the attitude that they can and will win the game.

    Week in and week out you never know which team will show up for the dawgs. It’s the coaches job to have these guys pumped up and ready to kick off in someone’s a$$ for the entire game not just some of it.

    I do think CTG is headed in the right direction. CMR and CMB need to get some fire and let’s get this thing going in the right direction.

    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ChicagoDawg

    I did not buy into the dominant OL narrative of the offseason and especially the bit about depth on the OL. I think a lot of folks watched the AU, GT and TAMU games at the end of the season and thought the OL had developed into the 1980s Washington Redskins. The common theme with those end of ’09 opponents is that each one of them had horrid defenses. Not suggesting this OL sucks, but they are not a road grading unit. Period.

    As for the defense, we have to keep perspective that the ‘cocks only scored 17 points, which if UGA was to maintain that as a season PPG average, we would all be very, very happy. This type of average would be consistent with 2001-2005 era teams and would almost certainly rank in the top 20 nationally in PPG. That said, the yards after contact was painful to watch. Lattimore is very good looking back (physical w/ good balance), but he should not have looked that good. The 3-4 can be susceptible against the run and people need to accept that. You make tradeoffs with scheme and this is one of them. However, if you guess right on stunts you can shut down the run, but you can also run yourself out of plays and runners can get to the second level quickly. Lattimore was at the second level all day and the LBs were not planting him. The flip side to this is they were able to turn the heat up on Garcia all day, but unfortunately it did not yield the turnovers that were desperately needed.

    As for Spurrier’s douche baggery….he fails to recognize how transparent that comment was. He was desperately trying to reclaim his pride and manhood after getting pants’d in the NFL. I am sure he was elated to get the W yesterday, but he did it by turning into Vince Dooley and Pat Dye. His offensive attack was hardly innovative and yielded less than 20 points and only 354 yards of offense. Again, this won him the game and to his credit he suppressed his ego enough to win by doing it, which should have been enough satisfaction for him. But, he had to try and exercise all of the insecurity and scars that he is still carrying around after his Redskins experience with childish comment that anyone could see through.

  34. Scorpio Jones, III

    Judging from the comments we must have lost to South Carolina.

    We are not now, and not ever, going to be Bama.

    We do not have the institutional commitment and all that entails to be Bama.

    If we find a Herschel in the weeds somewhere we can be great for a while.

    South Carolina will have a great year, then go on probation.

    Unless we have a fundamental change in the institutional atmosphere, we are always going to be up and down, always have been, always will be.

    Unrealistic expectations among a minority of the fan base won’t change anything.

    We are who we are.

    Live with it.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Oh, and on another, related point….

      Anybody notice Oklahoma’s secondary play?

      Point being: Changing coaches does not change who we fundamentally are in the overall scheme of things.

      We are not Bama.

      • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

        Georgia has the second highest budget in the NCAAF. We can be anybody we want to be. But we have to be willing to make the change like LSU,Florida and yes, Alabama.

        • D.N. Nation

          LSU? Change? What change?

        • Prosticutor

          LSU??? You want the highly functioning retard as a coach??? Where is that program exactly going? And as I’ve said somewhere else around here, my LSU fans hope Richt and Miles both stay on the hot seat so they will have a chance of firing Miles and hiring Richt!

          • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

            The point “Gordhead” is that LSU is willing to make the change quickly when the head coach is not performing. I don’t believe Mark Richt is on the “hot seat” , Mark Richt is on the “NOT SEAT”. He and Les MIles are “NOT” getting the job done. Comprende? LSU is willing to make the change when that occurs very quickly. Capiche?

          • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

            The Rich apologist fail to remember that he has averaged 3 conference losses for the last four years. LSU would never hire him and neither would Florida or Alabama or Texas.

            YOu care more about Mark Richt than you do the Dawg Nation.
            What about the Dawg Nations integrity and character? Did you forget about that?

            • Mrs. Georgia Football Returns

              And you care more about makin’ a fool of yourself on that damn blog than you do about yore household duties for yore lovin’ wife (sob, sob). Mama was right, you are no good like just she said, always actin’ like a know it all when you really don’t know shiiiit.!!!!!!

  35. Macallanlover

    1. The scores was not indicative of how badly we were dominated on both sides of the ball. That was surprising.
    2. CSS did a good job when he arrived in Athens and had to juggle the OL with little talent and mucho injuries. The past two years our run blocking has failed us despite good talent and experience. Need to now question him.
    3. We wondered going in how the 3-4 would handle the straight on power-running game we would get from a few teams that were not spread oriented. Granted we may not have the best talent in the middle, but SOS seem to see the same weakness. Of course it helps to have a Lattimore to work with.
    4. I have always been an “execution” guy, not a “playcalling” person, but how many times do you have to hit your head against that brick wall before you get the message? Even Spurrier adjusted and gave a running back 38 carries. Time for CMB to be the OC and QB coach and CMR to take over playcalling.
    5. On the plus side, we also had a question about our RS frosh QB, I would say we have answered that question in a very positive way. Murray looks great, just wish we had a back-up with some experience.
    6. I had hoped to come out of September with just one conference loss, our backs are against the wall now. I still think the East winner will have 2 SEC losses so we need to get it in gear and hope SC does their usual late season swan dive.
    7. Like the Senator, I felt we would go 10-2 or 9-3 this year. While this still looks reasonable, things will have to fall our way. Arky looks like a shootout where we really need AJ so we seriously need that appeal to go our way. Lose this weekend and things could spiral downward in a way none of us want to think about.
    8. None of us should ever say other fanbase’s are “delusional”. We have an increasingly large number of fans who are every bit as stupid and overreactive as any in CFB. I can only guess it is an age thing due to lack of maturity and perspective. Reading UGA fan message boards makes me think the average age is 13, and it doesn’t matter if we win or lose. Sorry, just embarrassing.

  36. Todd

    Everybody talks about Alabama losing to UL-Monroe and going 6-6…….That ain’t looked back. Look around folks, evrybody is getting better and Georgia is getting worse. I am real tired of Richt’s excuses. When was the last time Georgia beat somebody they weren’t supposed to?? Been a long time and bottom line, that is what championship teams do. I don’t care how good people say Carolina is, champions don’t lose to Carolina. Why hasn’t Alabama tapered off? Because Nick Saban doesn’t make “in the arena comments” He males it happen. He is a dick, but he wins. Do you want a preacher or a coach? Nice guys don’t get crystal footballs, they are kept around making millions by a delusional fanbase. For all you loyalists to Richt, where is the bottom?

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns


      Great Todd! Good question “Mr. Mike McGarity, Where is the bottom?” Georgia is not “in the hunt”.

      • Mrs. Georgia Football Returns

        The guy’s name is GREG McGarity you idiot!!! I thought I told you to stay offen this blog!!! You make enough of a fool of yo’self in person without doin’ so on the internet, too.

    • NCT

      “When is the last time Georgia beat somebody they weren’t supposed to??”

      Wasn’t Tech a touchdown favorite on November 28, 2009? Or are you coming from the perspective that we are always “supposed to” beat Tech?

      • Russ

        Well, I’ll support Richt through just about anything, but consider me one that thinks we should always beat Tech. Always.

  37. Todd

    Where is the bottom? And do people realize that when Georgia gets there that it is 4 or 5 more years of patience

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns



      Pardon me but Mark Richt is getting paid $2.8 million plus endorsements and bonuses. Tod Grantham $750,0000. With those kind of salaries the Dawg Nation expects “big numbers” now ! Didn’t you get the memo?

      If we have to wait 4 or 5 years get rid of Richt and bring in Muschamp or Smart and give them a opportunity…………if you think Grantham is that good, then make him Head Coach.

      Mark Richt has been given enough chances. What about the Dawg Nations patience, character and integrity? We’ve already waited 5 years for the knucklehead Richt and the Richt Apologists to do something about the problem.

  38. HarvDawg

    Why in the world did we use our final timeout in the third quarter on DEFENSE??? And we were BEHIND? This made absolutely no sense to me.

    Why did we get away from the toss? And I will be curious to see just how many 1st and 10 74 yard bombs we can dial up this season….great job BooBoo. You are over your head on the sidelines just as you were under center. If you weren’t such a darn nice guy with a family someone would have probably burned your house down by now!

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      It was all fundamentals, penalties, coaching and then you throw in off the field issues and it makes Mark Richt and the Mark Richt Apologists look like knuckleheads!

  39. S.E. Dawg

    I don’t remember throwing to the RB out of the back field once unless I missed it. If the OL is not blocking getting it into Ealey’s hands somehow in space.

  40. We Drink This State

    The Dawg fan base should be riled up by the loss in Columbia yesterday. Blutarsky is trying to have it both ways, in using the new QB as a reason for losing, while also touting his “maturity” at the same time. An excuse is an excuse is an excuse. UGA was out-coached and out-prepared by the Gamecock staff. That alone is the most sobering thought to take away from the loss & does not bode well.

  41. Pingback: Leather Helmet Blog: Being Measured and Reasonable Means You Are Vandy

  42. I think CMR is like Paul Johnson, he can win ACC championship or SEC championship but not the BCSNC. CMR also has a though luck to boot.

  43. thewhiteshark

    The panic and anger at this loss is pretty silly. Did we really expect everything to change over night? In the history of UGA football how many undefeated teams have we had?

    While the tackling was problematic, giving up 17 ain’t bad. With last year’s D we lose 35-6. They at least stepped up and adjusted in the second half. I’m confident that Grantham will continue to work on the problems.

    Offense is the problem now. Turn Murray lose and let him play. One of our biggest coaching issues appears to be that we coach scared. CWM seemed to coach with a fear of the big play and Bobo is scared of the red zone turnover (which we had anyway). We shall see. There’s a lot of football left. It’s way too early to hit the panic button. Even with the issues we were in the game late.

    I think AJ was a huge distraction too. It’s tough to focus through that kind of stuff.

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      Mark Richt is getting paid $2.8 million plus endorsements and bonuses. Tod Grantham $750,0000. With those kind of salaries the Dawg Nation expects “big numbers” now ! Didn’t you get the memo?

    • Ron

      It’s not about losing. It’s how you lose. We lost yesterday becuase we outcoached, outschemed and outenergized. They wanted that game more. And unfortyunately, almost every loss over the last three years can be pinpointed to those same three problems. We’re consistently outcoached, outschemed and outenergized. Often, it seems like our talentt finds a way to win in spite of our coaches. Reference Vandy 2007, Kentucky 2008, USC 2009, etc…..

  44. Will Trane

    Yeah, I like what Spurrier said about SC running game and TG not being familar with it. I thought that is what Nebraska use to run. Also I thouhgt that is what the Seahawks ran last year with their new SC coach.

    I’ll say it again, Dawgs D coaches had to know that will see that with mature O lines, an O line coach like Elliott, and a RB like Lattimore. When you watch SC’s O line blocking play, the calls by QB re blocks, stretch blocks, and Lattimore’s timing and cut back (even though it is in the middle zone of the line ofscrimmage) it was simply outstanding football and a solid running game. Give credit to their O line, their QB, and Lattimore…he never miss read his blocks and the D line. You can not say that about Ealey and Thomas. Ealey had the blocks but did not get there and he fuubled away another carry into the end zone.

    It is hard for UGA to have a running game when you devote so little to it under CMR and the current OC. You had better get the running game going Dawgs, but then you need a running back who is on the roster and not on the not available roster.

    If AM cuts the ball a little sooner Durham never come back and is in stride. Could have been Green, but Green is not on the roster again.

    I still say the O line played well enough to win. #1 TB out, #2 TB still mulling his driving habits, the # 1 FB goes out…never stretch SC D to the side getting the LBs and CBs to commit more…use more men in motion and open up a shorter quicker passing game.

    But CMR had better get his OC coaching better or find a new one like the OC at Troy…that is the #2 QBs former head coach and OC…plus at Hoover Alabama as a OC

    There is a running back at South Panola that would bench King, Ealey, and Thomas now.

    Need a new RB coach and OC. Has some players, but not enough. Most of the offensive is dealing with offensive off the field issues. That could be why CMR is struggling and losing in the East.

    Have the will take away scholarship CMR. Let’s sacrifice a player rather than a whole team and program. Harsh? Not when you are currently hurting the whole team and program in the end.

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      If Mark Richt was capable of turning around the offense he would have already done so. He has taken a greater role in the offense starting last year and move Bobo to the sidelines……….nothing appears to be working.
      Wasn’t the offense’ performance why we chose Richt in the first place and his quarterback coaching skills? What happened?

  45. Cynical in Attica

    Fire em all! They stink!

    You’re telling me GA led by a RS Fr QB and a D under a new coordinator lost to the Cocks? WTF! This should never never never never happen. It’s unacceptable for a team w/ an RS Fr QB, a pretty good Soph RB and a defense with avg talent under a new DC to lose to USC.

    CMR is past his prime. He would never have a RS Fr QB and a D under a new coordinator lose to the Cocks. We wouldn’t stand for this type of mediocrity in ’01, why should we now. Unprecednted!

    Back when we were winning SEC rings, we would kill the cocks.

    Remember ’02? That team was loaded w/ talent and had BVG, the greatest DC since Buddy Ryan of the ’85 Bears. We smashed SC 13-7.

    Remember ’05? 5th year QB, awesome talent up and down. We crushed SC 17-15.

    Now you’re telling me an SEC opponent w/ an excellent RB, Jr QB, playing at home and coached by a legend is going to beat us?

    Fire em all!

    • Ron

      If I’m not mistaken, Alabama was led by a redshirt Freshman QB last year & they figured out a way to win. Excuses by our fanbase are becoming riduculous. Wake up!! We’re no longer relevant!!

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      Georgia has been “nice” to “Mr. Nice Guy”. On January 1, 2011 Mark Richt will have raked in over $30 million in salaries,bonuses and endorsements. I think it is obvious by now that Van Gorder was more responsible than Richt for the three SEC Championship appearances.
      #1 Letting Van Gorder go was Mark Richt first huge mistake.
      #2 Hiring Willie Martinez was his second huge mistake.
      #3 Tod Grantham and his 3-4 scheme may be his last mistake. Time will tell.
      So Mark Richt caused the problem to begin with.

  46. Ron

    It was as if Bobo didn’t want to lose by a large margin. The 3 and outs in the first half lost the game – not the fumble and not even the missed tackles.

    We scored 6 points against a defense that will prove to be simply average as the season progresses….

    Funny, I watched this game live yesterday but I swear that I’ve seen it before. Kind of like last year against UT, last year against Okie State, 2 years ago against Tech, etc….

    We consistently get outcoached and I’m sick of it. We are the University of Georgia! Expectations should be high!!

    We’re no longer ranked simply because we’re UGA. We’re unranked and nobody cares. Nobody is scared of playing us. And ultimately, anybody – and I mean anybody – could go .500 in the SEC at UGA.

    I’m sick of being softer than the other team. I’m sick of excuses. And I’m sick of losing to programs that used to look up to our program.

  47. First of all, damn my head hurts.

    Now, to the point….

    1. Obviously, we are weak in the middle of the defense. The Senator and I, being the geniuses that we are, kinda expected that.

    2. Georgia needs at least one safety that tackles like a safety…..without knocking himself out of course.

    3. Mike Bobo is bound and determined to give me a stroke or turn me into a raging alcoholic. I won’t allow it I tell ya.

    4. Run blocking becomes exponentially easier when the play book consist of more than 10 plays.

    5. Mike Bobo…..can we stop playing not to lose now that we have lost?

    6. I was a perfect 12-0 in my pick em picks. You be the judge of what that means.

    7. Kansas beat Georgia Tech…….

    Up next…..Arkansas.

    I will take Georgia.

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      I not sure I understand the comments on Bobo………..Mark Richt is in intimate contact throughout the game with Bobo………Bobo is on the sideline……….any decision made is immediately review by Mark Richt…………So how about a little “Bobo Lub”.

  48. lane

    Mark Richt – might not win all the games, but never lost a post-game prayer circle!

    Can you name the last SEC game that we came out and dominated whistle to whistle?

    I’m thinking long and hard, and to me it’s 2005 Tennessee in regular season, and 2005 SECCG. In the interim we’ve been pounded from start to finish by Tennessee (’07/’09) Florida (’08/’09) Alabama (’08)

    We’ve not been able to take Vandy or Kentucky and bitch slap them for years. This is a program in decline. You can see it in our 4 and 5 star guys walking during the play, or celebrating after holding an opposing player to just 2 yards.

    This O-Line is about on par with 2003’s only the coaching has regressed so poorly since then that we look much worse.

    At least we used to hit on defense. How badly do you wish Curran was back now?

    Great to see a stud running back allowed to play as a Freshman. Good thing we didn’t put Moreno in there and let him make any Freshman mistakes back in ’06 – as we saw with Lattimore today, that could have really hurt us…

  49. As far as I could tell everyone, fans, players, & coaches thought the game plan s/b run the ball, control the clock, & keep Garcia & Lattimore off the field. Play action passes to keep the D honest.
    Obviously that did not work because of lack of execution not because of the game plan.Now we have to let Murray have full control & see how plan B works. I expect to see a wide open offensive game plan for ARk. It is up to the players not the coaches to make the game plan work.

  50. Mike

    I thought UGA played very disciplined one offense, save for the fumble. I was impressed with Murray and the play calling that created some good spaced fo the WRs.

    The defense needs work. Don’t be too hard on Spurrier with his comments about the defense. Lattimore essentially said the same thing. He commented that the UGA DEs were play wide and that left them vulnerable to the inside gashes. He was surprised that UGA never adjusted. The ability of a coaching staff to make game day adjustments is crucial. Whether the new UGA defensive coordinator can do this will be an interesting story to watch from here on out.

    • He commented that the UGA DEs were play wide and that left them vulnerable to the inside gashes.

      That’s great, but did you notice that when Cornelius Washington crashed inside, Garcia burned him outside with the read option?

      • Mike

        Spurrier might be a good coach after all?

        Many people had opined, you included, that the 3-4 was vulnerable to a I-formation, strong inside running game. Especially if the NT and inside LB’er are not suited for the 3-4.

        It is too early to tell if that is the case here, but most people expect the UGA defense to have some more growing pains.

  51. Cynical in Attica

    Down w/ Bobo! Or shoud I say BooBoo?

    Why does he tell his best RB to fumble on the 5?

    Why does he instruct his Fr QB to underthrow Durham on a go route causing him to slow down to catch?

    Why does he teach his Fr QB to throw behind his TE on a crossing route?

    I’ll tell you why, he doesn’t really care about the Dawgs. Sure, he grew up in Moultrie, played at Georgia, destroyed his leg at UT in ’95, led the team to a 10-2 record in ’97 and spent over a decade on sidelines as an assistant, but he doesn’t care.

    It should be obvious by now, he’s a Goff guy. He signed with Ray in 93. Played for Ray 93-95. The only reason he sticks around is the money and to create the behind the scenes situation that will bring Ray back.

    That’s why he is constantly sabotaging our efforts by telling his best players to dump.

    • Dawgwalker07

      “Why does he tell his best RB to fumble on the 5?”

      You’re dumb if you actually think this happened. There is no hope for you, and you should stop talking.

      • Cynical in Attica

        Really? You really believe a Sophomore RB coming off a suspension, running between the tackles, against a team that has consistently produced NFL talent on D for the past several years and is coached by an experienced and well respected DC would just happen to HAPPEN TO fumble? C’mon. Clearly its the coaches fault.

        • Curiosity

          I’m sorry but I just have to ask. How’s the food in there? Do they let you have TV privileges for all the games or just some of them? What did you do to get thrown in? Were you actually guilty? And…please pardon the question..but is there a problem with other guys trying know..?

      • Scott

        I think Cynical’s post was meant to be satire….at least I hope so.

      • JaxDawg

        it’s spelled s.a.r.c.a.s.m.

    • Saying 10+10 = 2 doesn’t mean 2+5 = 2.

      Exaggerations and hyperbole doesn’t change the fact that Bobo’s offenses have sucked.

  52. 69Dawg

    Attention. If you don’t like the team change teams. There is no punishment for doing that. We are what we are and unless you donate 1 million plus to the University your opinion DOES NOT COUNT so get over yourselves.

    Did the O Line block for runs like my dead mother? yes. Do we have and have we had midget running backs since Dunn was soo good at FSU? Yes. Does every DC in the SEC East and most of the SEC West know what we are going to do? Yes. Can they stop us if we don’t execute? Hell yes.

    Did we know that our personnel was not suited for a 3-4 but we would try to make do since Willie’s wasn’t working? Yes. Do we have midget DB’s cause that’s what Willie had us recruit? Yes. Does the 3-4 require safeties to hit like LB’s? Yes. Can midgets do that? No. Can you take a LB that has been taught for 2-3 years to read and react and make him a human missile in 2 games? No.

    The point is we are screwed on O because it is not going to change. Our only hope is that CTG can get the D to attack. If CMR has had the little talk with CTG about his colorful language and side line demeanor then we are screwed on D too.

    I don’t want to fire Mark Richt, I’m 63 and lived through Dooley and the rest so Mark is at least as good if not better than Dooley ever was, BUT Mark seems to be tired and not at all motivational. He seems like he has turned into a Special Ed teacher and that no one should be criticized because it might damage his self worth. If we play like crap I would at least like the coach to have the guts to say we played badly and it was the coaches fault and we will get it straighten out or we will find coaches who can. I would never put it on the players if they were doing bad, those player would merely cease to play.

    Not I feel all better.

    • Scott W.

      Ding Ding Ding +1

    • D.N. Nation

      “If we play like crap I would at least like the coach to have the guts to say we played badly and it was the coaches fault and we will get it straighten out or we will find coaches who can.”

      Richt blamed poor coaching in his presser. No, he didn’t say he was going to fire anyone.

  53. 8305Dawg

    This was a pretty strange game. If you had told me before the game that Murray would complete 67% of his passes for 192 yards and no picks, I would have been pretty happy, and probably would have expected to win. I was really impressed with his play. As others have mentioned, at such an early stage in his career, he’s already an improvement over Joe Cox, and it would have been nice if Richt/Bobo had allowed him to throw more in the 1st half.

    I’m afraid to say that our Offensive Line doesn’t appear to be nearly as good as advertised. For a unit that was picked to be one of the best in the nation, they struggled to open up many holes for Ealey. Some of this may have been due to fact that SC often packed the box in an effort to stop the run, but you would expect a dominant OLine to get more of a push than it did.

    In my opinion, we currently lack an offensive identity. When we we had our backs against the wall and needed to put together a sustained drive, we seemed unsure of whether to lean on the run or the pass. After the Tech game last year, I was damn near certain that with all of our backs and OLineman returning, we would be a power running team. It’s still early, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I’m hopeful that our identity will eventually be that we rely on Murray to win games for us — I think he will be that good — but it’s still a bit early to rely on him. Our only hope for the immediate future is that the OLine gels after spending more time practicing together, that Murray grows into a playmaker as the coaching staff continues to give him more responsibility, and that A.J. gets back soon so that we have a player that can bail us out when we desperately need a play.

    As for the Defense, I agree with what many others have said. I’m encouraged by the fact that our players were in better positions to make plays than they were under Willie Martinez’s defense last year, but it’s frustrating to see us continue to miss so many tackles. Lattimore is certainly a stud, but one would think that after watching him break tackle after tackle we would have eventually found a way to get him down at first contact.

    One area where we have definitely improved from last year is in the pass rush. As the game progressed, we got better and better at putting pressure on Garcia, and sacking the QB 5 times in 22 drop backs is quite impressive.

    My apologies for the dissertation.

  54. W Cobb Dawg

    The D didn’t bring their A game and didn’t wrap up well, but I thought CTG did a good job of adjusting for the 2nd half. That’s far more than can be said of the O coaching staff.

    This was just another of the many games when the O doesn’t show up. Whether it’s a penalty, turnover, wasted TO, poor play call, etc. they find ways to screw up.

  55. Spence

    Look, this is not difficult. We have two dudes that were playing DE in a 4-3 that are now playing DE in a 3-4. We lost 3 legit defensive linemen to the draft. The personnel loss plus the change in system means that those dudes in the trenches are going to struggle. I love Demarcus Dobbs and hope he can step it up, but the line on the whole is going to struggle mightily against the run. That won’t change this season, unless a freshmen steps up.

    That said, the defense gave up 17 points and was on the field all day. I’ll take what I saw yesterday over anything I’ve seen for the past 4 years from WM.

    I also expect UGA fans to freak out all year long. So it goes.

  56. Scott

    Total Offensive Plays- why do we always get so few? While 47 plays is just ridiculous, it seems to be a regular complaint after games.

    Out of 120 Division 1 teams, Georgia ranked:

    2010 — 1o9th in total offensive plays (57 plays)
    2009 — 117 (61.0)
    2008 — 108 (63.5)
    2007 — 107 (67.4)
    2006 — 114 (59.1)
    2005 — 115 (62.9 )

  57. Dog in Fla

    After another loss in which they make a true freshman look like the second coming of George Rogers, the UGA coaching staff lines up for their post-game press conference (NSFW if you work on Sundays) in which their challenge is to try to find the keys to the Greyhound for the trip back to Athens

  58. shane#1

    Three myths about the 2010 Bulldogs. 1-“The O line should just line up and blow people off the ball”. Ain’t gonna happen against a good SEC defense with a solid DC. Good DCs know how to stop the run, you don’t hold a job long in this league if you let people ram the ball down your throat. 2-“All Murray has to do is get the ball to his playmakers and manage the game”. That is all well and good, unless your best playmaker is on the bench. Murray will have to step up and win some games. The coaches have to take a chance and turn him loose. Murray can win some games for UGA, he can also lose some. “Nobody ever learned anything by winning a game.”- Coach K 3- ” Willie is gone, Grantham will bring back the Junkyard Dogs”.New defense, that has a weakness in the middle. We all knew there would be hiccups.It may take another year for the D to dominate, as I believe it will. In the meantime the O has to take up the slack. I believe Murray is a playmaker so let Him make plays. Oh better get Mason ready in a hurry, just in case.

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      This is the third straight year this O-line has not been able to pick up the slack with the exact same players! That’s the point. They are not going to pick up the slack. And what about Richt’s crying towel, Trinton Sturdivant? Where was he if he is so good?

      • Mrs. Georgia Football Returns

        That does it!!! Where’s my rollin’ pin? I’m gonna whup you but good lessin you get off that damn computer now and do your chores!!!! My Mama was right about you!!! You don’t know nothin’ and always act like you do!!!!

  59. Todd

    would love to have a qb that can hit guys in stride.

  60. Richt babies his players that is why they are soft. He is overprotective of the players.

  61. Prosticutor

    I’m starting to wonder how many people complaining on here have actual jobs, or even a life. If UGA wins the MNC, I still have to go to work the next day (much like I do right now after watching the game). Some of the comments are reminding me of stalkers I prosecuted in the past.

    • anonymous

      Well your on here aren’t you?

    • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

      This site is nothing compared to the AJC sites. Check them out.

    • Scott

      Another over-zealous prosecutor. Isn’t there a stolen helmet case you should be getting ready to try?

      • Prosticutor

        Scott, that would be former prosecutor, but you may still call me Sir (joke implied). And if it makes you feel better, I don’t live in a big football city, but I did let go the local QB and WR on a flimsy weed charge. And Mr. Georgia Footall, you still need to get a life outside of the “Dawg Nation,” or whatever that truly is. For me, it’s the diploma on my wall, not a dozen Saturdays out of 365 days. But enough of that, the real world calls in a few hours. Go Dawgs!

        • Mr. Georgia Football Returns

          Maybe you should be concerned with the Dawg Nation and less about Mark Richt.Worry about yourself and quit worrying about everybody else Tort Boy.

          • Prosticutor

            Not worried about Richt, not worried about Dawg Nation, and certainly not worried about myself. Life is good. Hmmm, “Tort Boy.” After the big day I had, I kinda like it!

  62. Chuck

    People are pissed because of pathetic tackling, insane timeout wastefulness, and playcalling-by-number on offense.

    People thought we’d lose some games coming into the season because AM would throw some picks, our defense would be confused sometimes, and we’d drop one or two games against really good teams.

    Instead, we’re looking at the worst SEC East in a decade (or two) from the bottom of the pile already, and it has nothing to do with our new scheme or new QB. Our D played with awful fundamentals and our offense played like tepid water thanks to our perennially anemic OL and an offense that is scared of its shadow.

  63. DawgBiscuit

    The facts: since 2006 we are 1-3 against Florida, 1-3 against Tennessee, 2-2 against Kentucky, 3-2 against South Carolina, and 3-1 against Vanderbilt. Our coaches have to answer a question: Is it acceptable for the University of Georgia compete for 3rd best program in the East with South Carolina and Kentucky? Should we settle for a 3rd “rebuilding” year out of the last 5, when we didn’t even win the East in either of the other 2 years. Yes, we lost yesterday, but there is still a lot of football to be played. The last time we lost to SC we wound up with a Sugar Bowl victory and a #2 final ranking. Hell, LSU won SEC and BCS titles after losing 2 conference games. So get up and rub some dirt on it. Figure out where we failed, improve it, and get ready for Arkansas. If we coach and play up to our potential, we can still have a very good season. Let’s get off our asses and get after their asses. Go Dawgs!

  64. Dawgfan17

    1)The D didn’t quit if they did then they wouldn’t have only given up 3 points in the second half.
    2)Murray is going to be a very good one, he completed 67% of his passes on a day when he had very little running game to help him out and there were a few huge drops by the te’s/wr’s that would have made a difference in the game. Was he perfect, no but he will get better and showed great poise for his first sec/road game ever.
    3)If AJ plays that game and is his usual self UGA wins a 21/24 to 17 game and everyone on here is talking about how UGA will never lose again. Don’t get too high or too low over one game.
    4)With improvement in tackling this D will be a VERY good one. If that type of tackling can hold an SEC team to 17 points then I can’t wait to see what they do when they tackle better.
    5)Our special teams were way to quiet. With the talent we have on special teams I expect them to really affect the game and they didn’t at all. Special teams were a draw and that needs to change. We should win the special teams battle every week.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Cogent analysis. #8 would have made a big difference in the game. The SC defense would have had to defend the whole field more and not concentrate on the run as much.

      • Dawgfan17

        One thing that does worry me but is easily fixable is I just read that Anderson/Geathers did not play Saturday and only combined for 9 plays against ULL. How did they not play more against ULL with it being such a blow out? How did we not try putting them in when it became obvious that USCe was going to try to run it down our throats? Either the coaches don’t trust them at all or this was a huge mistake on the part of the defensive coaches. Anyone notice who else played nose on Saturday beside Tyson, I usually watch games 2/3 times but was so upset after I deleted it off the DVR so can’t go back and check for myself.

  65. I don’t think SC is the better team.

    I don’t think Lattimore is as much of a beast as the numbers show. ~110 of his 180 yards came on the first drive (when we came out flat and Spurrier had his pre-scripted plays going), and the last drive (when our D was exhausted from the offense’s repeated 3 and outs).

    We held them to 17 pts, 3 in the second half. We have FAR too many weapons on offense not to be able to score 18 points or more.

    We lost because of Mike Bobo, and by extension, Richt letting Mike Bobo continue to:

    1) have a job

    2) call games the way he does.

  66. 12-2

    9 or 10-win season at Best, Bluto ?

    All but 2 of the Coach Richt Era seasons, have been 14-game seasons.

    9 or 10-win season means we lose 4 or 3 games. Let’s see, we are 1-1 now and face Arkansas.

    And, the reason why with 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors we lose AFTER this 2010 season, that in the Year # 10 of The Coach Richt Era, that you conclude that we are a expected to win only 9 G.D. games Bluto ?

    9 is 9-4 and no SEC Championship Game for the 5th year in a row.

    10 is 10-3

    You make me sick Bluto

    Man up

    Get a pair

    • carolinadawg

      Actually, in only 2 seasons with Richt as coach have we played 14 games, 2002 and 2003. Winning 10 games these days, including a bowl, isn’t the kind of benchmark that it was in the days of the 11 game regular season. Nonetheless, I find it hard to believe this team will win 10, even including a bowl game.