Aaaaand… the third funniest thing I’ve read today.

Nothing like seeing Paul Johnson mock his own team.  I’m down with that.


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15 responses to “Aaaaand… the third funniest thing I’ve read today.

  1. russ

    okay, that’s funny!

  2. Go Dawgs!

    I sat two rows behind a douche in a Georgia Tech hat at Williams-Brice Stadium. As soon as he was about to start chirping about the first-quarter score, I started getting scoring updates from Lawrence, Kansas. And I let him have it. Thank goodness for the Kansas Jayhawks. They got me through Saturday.

  3. shane#1

    Nothing like dissin’ your own players in public. How about “I didn’t coach well enough.”? Bear would have said that to the press, then given the boys uncut hell at practice Monday. And while your at CPJ, how about telling Furman to back the hell off A J Green? I am sure the kid feels bad enough without trashing him in print.

    • Paul's Johnson

      If any of you bothered to read the post-game comments, CPJ clearly stated that it was his job to get the team better prepared to play. Its clear from the 1st game that he’s not happy with the effort he’s getting from some positions—and likewise I don’t expect the kids on the flats are getting soothing rhetoric and a pat on the head–unlike other coaches I could name. Our guy’s not perfect but his sense of urgency is as obvious as his pulse. Can we say the same about your guy?

      • Julie

        Maybe if your coach didn’t have such a “sense of urgency” promoting the sorry excuse you have for a quarterback for the Heisman, he could have spent a little bit more time on game planning.

      • Macallanlover

        I don’t think a Techie is qualified to comment on CFB, especially when it comes to coaching expertise. The guy you named your field after sold your program down the river and made you irrelevant for the past 4+ decades. Now you have marketing campaigns promoting free weenies to get them to semi-fill your bandbox of a stadium in a metro area of 4 Million.

      • rbubp

        I can say this about your guy–he hasn’t won jacksh*t compared to ours. And losing to a freaking junior high program like Kansas just shows how far you pansies have to go.

        You better have a sense of urgency when you lost to Kansas. Hope you can manage to beat Duke.

  4. shane#1

    Pauls Johnson, this is a Bulldog blog. I know you are a Techie and probably not too bright, but Vince’s picture at the top of the page should have tipped you off. If you want fair anf polite treatment go somewhere else.

    • Paul's Johnson

      Wow, had no idea this was a “bulldog blog”. Thanks for the hint. (sarcasm now turned off).

      BTW, I thought the CPJ quote was funny as well. Typically blunt and acerbic. I’m confident our guy will address what ails us.

  5. shane#1

    Won what? Is this another “moral victory” for the Yellow Jackets? Don’t bother turning off the sarcasm, it’s above your head anyway. BTW, if you haven’t picked up on it, our team lost and we are pretty pissed off, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time with you.

  6. 81Dog

    well of course, the Mini Skipper is going to crap all over his players. He’s got the perfect offense. All those goobs have to do is run it just like he says and they’ll win going away every week. If there’s a failure in the execution, it can’t be because it’s a bad plan. It can’t be because he didn’t teach them what to do, because he’s the greatest, most astute teacher in college football. The only remaining possibility is, as he pointed out “the players just didn’t execute.” In other words, the dumbasses didn’t do what I told them to do.

    Looked to me like the Hive was melting down after Kansas. Pepper Rodgers was a hot commodity for a couple of years on North Ave. once, too. Right up to about the time he got fired, as a matter of fact. They loved him so much at that point that he had to sue the cheap SOBs at Tech to get them to pay him what he was owed on his contract. Stay classy, PJ. And start scouting out good commercial litigation attorneys. I’m just sayin’…..