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Being proactive in a social media age

Going back to this quote from Bruce Feldman,

… Teams now control more of the access in getting out their coverage. They don’t “need” the newspapers as much as they once did. But with all of that, you also have more accessibility to the players and people involved through technology, which means there’s more potential pitfalls for the colleges to cope with. The Marvin Austin and A.J. Green stories grew out of social networking situations.

… I’m wondering about something.  Richt has said that the program monitors things like whether the players are staying on top of license registration, but is anyone keeping an eye on what gets posted on their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds?  If Chris Hawkins courted A.J. on his Facebook page as he claims he did, had someone at Georgia been tracking that, could the whole mess have been avoided?

I’m certainly not a social media guru – I don’t have a Facebook page – but I have access to someone who is.  My 21-year old who’s a senior in Athens assures me it wouldn’t have been hard to keep up with their exchanges, if Hawkins’ story is true.  I’ll take her word for it.  Maybe it’s something worth attending to.  By the way, should anyone in the athletic department be looking for someone to start tracking social media, she’s happy to offer her services.



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SEC Power Poll, Week 2

You know what I’m grateful for this morning? That I don’t write a blog for an ACC school. God help anyone trying to put together a power poll for that conference right now.

Here’s how the ess-ee-see looks to me:

  1. Alabama. If it’s possible to toy with a team while simultaneously kicking the crap out of it, that’s what Alabama did to Penn State on Saturday.  I still don’t see the Tide going undefeated – that revamped secondary has yet to be tested in any true sense – but I don’t see any school in the West finishing ahead of them, either.
  2. South Carolina. If running the ball and stopping the run is still the key to winning in this conference, then you have to like USC’s chances this year.
  3. Florida. Given a second straight week of offensive struggles (I assume we’re done with the Brantley for Heisman talk, right?), this is merely a lukewarm endorsement.  But the Gator defense is playing well and they’re getting it done on the turnover front.
  4. LSU. It’s hard to tell if the defense is back, since that was Vandy they dominated.  But it sure looks like they’ve got a quarterback problem.  You wonder how far they can go working around that.
  5. Auburn. It wasn’t pretty and Mississippi State has some obvious shortcomings on offense, but an SEC road win is never anything to sneer at.
  6. Arkansas. Hogs 2, Cupcakes 0.
  7. Kentucky. They haven’t lost and they’ve beaten a BCS conference school, albeit a sorry one.  That gets ’em this spot in the rankings.
  8. Georgia. Conventional wisdom before week one:  is the team good enough to work around the learning curve of a redshirt freshman quarterback?  Conventional wisdom after week two:  is the team good enough to compliment the talents of its redshirt freshman quarterback?
  9. Mississippi State. Auburn exposed their weakness at quarterback, but this team looks like it has a defense that can play a little.
  10. Tennessee. The Vols played their guts out in the first quarter and a half, left everything on the field, had their crowd into it, had Oregon looking confused… and still lost by five touchdowns. That’s Tennessee football, 2010 edition.  Sure, the Vols won’t see another offense the rest of this season as talented as the Ducks, but how likely is it that an already thin team won’t lose a few more players to injury?
  11. Mississippi. Masoli looked good.  The secondary didn’t.
  12. Vanderbilt. That didn’t take long, did it?  At least they didn’t have to worry about the refs this time.


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