Ride the pony.

Denard Robinson’s performance against Notre Dame gives new meaning to the term “eye-popping”.

Check out these two stats:

First, per Bruce Feldman,

Denard Robinson amassed 94% of his team’s O on Sat. Vince Young’s highest gm was % was 84%, same as Tebow’s. Pat White’s was never near 80%.

And it’s not like it was 94% of a little bit, either.

… 502 yards, Denard Robinson compiled more offense by himself than any TEAM in the Top 25. Closest was Arkansas with 499.

Holy smokes.

The big question is whether he can last all season without RichRod getting him killed.


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  1. 69Dawg

    The kid is evil fast. Rich’s job is saved if the kid doesn’t get broken in half. The Big Slows worst nightmare has come true.
    Only OSU and their QB should stop them.


  2. Boz

    RE: Arkansas – I thought it was interesting that Arkansas was still going for the jugular with less than 4 minutes on the clock, and ahead by 3 touchdowns, and having Mallet bomb away against the mighty ULM.


  3. Jace Walden

    I watched that game. There was absolutely no question as to who the best player on the field was. I thought they might stick him in on defense too.

    I’m pretty sure Notre Dame is still trying to tackle him.

    I am not a Michigan fan. In fact, I hate the Maize and Blue. But this kid can straight up play.


  4. Anon

    Not that they have the same talent level, but it is interesting that Michigan hands this kid the keys and says go to work, while we have a staff that yells at it’s qb after making a hell of an athletic play

    our offense needs to play to the strengths of its qb.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Offense scores 48 and coaches tell Murray to be more conservative. Offense scores 6 and coaches want to open things up. Let’s call 3 time-outs to talk it over.

      Maybe Murray should just call his own damn plays.


  5. Section Z alum

    i have no love for rich-rod. man seems like a class A douche, and i am still bitter about the sugar bowl. but i always liked michigan because they played physical ball, had huge linemen, used fullbacks and tight ends, and it’s a great school. so i was rooting agin’ ’em. but that kid was a FREAK. don’t know if anyone saw their first game, but last year’s qb forcier got booted down to third string. kid moped like a baby and sat by himself on the bench.


    • Macallanlover

      I would say Forcier has a weak case, even his friends have to be happy that Robinson is at the controls. Didn’t see any of this until the end but it turned out to be the best of the 3:30 games…..by far. Glad to see Meechigan picking up the pace, that conference needs some competition. If they get stronger, and with Nebraska coming in, the Big 10+ will be legit again. That is good for CFB.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      After the first game this season, Forcier was quoted by annarbor.com as saying he was outta there.

      Good luck at whatever 1-AA or DII school that will take you kid.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    The difference between Rich Rod and Mark Richt/Mike Bobo? He trusts his blue chip quarterback to make big plays on the road. Granted, Robinson’s played before, but I just feel like grumbling.


  7. 81Dog

    before anyone can maim Shoelace, they’re going to have to catch him. I hate Michigan, and I hate RichRod, but that kid has been pretty awesome the first two games.


  8. Dawgfan17

    Normally I would say no way a qb can handle that load but the guy reminds me of Barry Sanders in a way, you might be able to get him down eventually but nobody gets a clean shot on him. His body is not taking the pounding that a guy normally would running it that much. The biggest concern I would have is if the kid turns his ankle while trying to make someone look stupid. But if I’m RR I don’t hold anything back, until the score is out of hand then I get the kid out of there and get my backup lots of snaps to a) protect Denard and b)have the backup ready in case he gets hurt.


  9. If you believe Michigan’s running backs coach, Notre Dame’s defensive strategy was to take the running backs away, force Robinson to keep the ball, and then beat the hell out of him on his runs. If that’s right, then: (1) ND deployed the dumbest defensive strategy imaginable; and (2) Denard’s carries will go down as defenses focus on him and force the mediocre running backs to beat them. That said, I’m a little skeptical of this claim because Michigan’s running backs coach has an incentive to explain away the fact that his charges were so poor despite having a superstar next to them in the backfield.

    What’s impressed me most about Denard is that he is accurate as hell as a QB. To me, the Pat White comparisons sell him short because White was not nearly on this level as a passer, certainly not in his first year as a starter. That said, White had Slaton next to him; Michigan is hoping that Dee Hart verbals so they have an above-average running back next year.

    By the way, you’re welcome for keeping Denard out of Gainesville. You think that Urban might have found some uses for him?


    • By the way, you’re welcome for keeping Denard out of Gainesville. You think that Urban might have found some uses for him?

      That thought had crossed my mind. I also thought about what Paul Johnson could do with him, seeing as he can actually hit a receiver with a throw on a consistent basis.


  10. Robinson’s talent as a passer would be wasted in Johnson’s system (at least the system that Johnson has run at Tech and Navy; I can’t comment on what he ran at Oregon). Robinson illustrates the point I tried to make during RR’s dark days last year: if he gets his offense up and running, then it’s better than the flex bone because it has more passing elements and it’s therefore harder to defend.