SEC Power Poll, Week 2

You know what I’m grateful for this morning? That I don’t write a blog for an ACC school. God help anyone trying to put together a power poll for that conference right now.

Here’s how the ess-ee-see looks to me:

  1. Alabama. If it’s possible to toy with a team while simultaneously kicking the crap out of it, that’s what Alabama did to Penn State on Saturday.  I still don’t see the Tide going undefeated – that revamped secondary has yet to be tested in any true sense – but I don’t see any school in the West finishing ahead of them, either.
  2. South Carolina. If running the ball and stopping the run is still the key to winning in this conference, then you have to like USC’s chances this year.
  3. Florida. Given a second straight week of offensive struggles (I assume we’re done with the Brantley for Heisman talk, right?), this is merely a lukewarm endorsement.  But the Gator defense is playing well and they’re getting it done on the turnover front.
  4. LSU. It’s hard to tell if the defense is back, since that was Vandy they dominated.  But it sure looks like they’ve got a quarterback problem.  You wonder how far they can go working around that.
  5. Auburn. It wasn’t pretty and Mississippi State has some obvious shortcomings on offense, but an SEC road win is never anything to sneer at.
  6. Arkansas. Hogs 2, Cupcakes 0.
  7. Kentucky. They haven’t lost and they’ve beaten a BCS conference school, albeit a sorry one.  That gets ’em this spot in the rankings.
  8. Georgia. Conventional wisdom before week one:  is the team good enough to work around the learning curve of a redshirt freshman quarterback?  Conventional wisdom after week two:  is the team good enough to compliment the talents of its redshirt freshman quarterback?
  9. Mississippi State. Auburn exposed their weakness at quarterback, but this team looks like it has a defense that can play a little.
  10. Tennessee. The Vols played their guts out in the first quarter and a half, left everything on the field, had their crowd into it, had Oregon looking confused… and still lost by five touchdowns. That’s Tennessee football, 2010 edition.  Sure, the Vols won’t see another offense the rest of this season as talented as the Ducks, but how likely is it that an already thin team won’t lose a few more players to injury?
  11. Mississippi. Masoli looked good.  The secondary didn’t.
  12. Vanderbilt. That didn’t take long, did it?  At least they didn’t have to worry about the refs this time.


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9 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 2

  1. UFTimmy

    I am going to throw out some blind optimism that the offense plays like it did the second half and not like it did the first six quarters of the season.

    Intermediate passes to open the run game = win.


  2. Objective Bama Fan

    Look, obviously I’m a Bama fan, but I respect Georgia. The team that showed up against USC was not Georgia. The Georgia football I remember controlled the line of scrimmage and hit you in the mouth. I had high hopes for you guys this year, and Georgia can still turn it around, but they have to learn to wrap up when tackling. Richt needs to quit being so conservative on offense. The quarterback looks good; take the handcuffs off him.


  3. Macallanlover

    This early in the season the only positions that look pretty certain are Bama at #1 and Vandy at #12. In between is a jumbled up mess that will get more scrambled as we move along. My gut instinct is that Florida and LSU look high and UGA and KY may be too low.

    How did LSU get in this position at QB? Tough sledding ahead for The Hat.


  4. Xon

    Is it just basic philosophy of a power poll that puts UGA this low? They are the highest ranked of the teams with losses?


  5. Bo

    We are not in Top Half of SEC. Since our last SEC Championship Game appearance in 2005, we are 10 wins and 11 Losses VS SEC East with only 1 Opponent we played, Florida. How is this good that UGA is not in the ACC ?


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