If Chris Rainey’s calling, pick up the phone.

Otherwise, he gets kinda upset.

Christopher Rainey, 22, of Lakeland, a wide receiver for the Gators, was charged with aggravated stalking of a woman he has been dating on and off for about three years.

Gainesville Police said the incident began when the woman fell asleep and missed a call from Rainey.

Officer Jesse Bostick said Rainey went to the woman’s home and she talked to him for about 10 minutes, then told him to leave. According to Bostick, Rainey sent a text to the woman that said “Time to die.” The woman called police after receiving the text.

I’m so looking forward to the next Red and Black editorial about how Urban Meyer keeps his players’ behavior under control.


UPDATE: Events like this are what God created Twitter for.


UPDATE #2: You mess with Chris Rainey, you mess with Gator Nation.

The alleged victim appeared in court as well, and indicated that she was not afraid of Rainey and her intention was not to have him arrested.  Instead, she’s concerned over the media coverage the arrest has garnered.

“People all over the country have been calling my cell phone,” the woman said. “I’m not afraid of him. I’m more afraid of all the repercussions.”

By the time they get done with this in Gainesville, she’ll be the one facing charges.


UPDATE #3: I guess this means Steve Addazio isn’t taking Rainey’s calls, either.


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40 responses to “If Chris Rainey’s calling, pick up the phone.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Per the Gator faithful, Corch is not tolerant for crimes against women (no seriously, that’s what one told me). I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat to see what happens.


    • D^3

      Lol bry, I know exactly which saurian you speak of.


    • Mike

      Chris should be punished, imo. And he will be, the severity depending on the severity of the trangression. Further, I do beleive that Meyer has consistently applied discipline. Not trying to get into a Florida/Georgia pissing contest because neither program can cast a lot of stones.


      • Gen. Stoopnagle

        Meyer punishes them, but he does it pretty selectively. I recall he had a stoner play in an important divisional game vs. SC, then suspended him for the next game (knowing of the transgression before the SC game) which was versus a non-conference foe not named FSU.

        I vaguely recall other instances, but this specific instance comes to mind.


        • Mike

          I think you confused Meyer with Zook


          • Hobnail_Boot

            It happened in 2006, a full 2 seasons post-Zook.


            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Isn’t Corch the guy who was only going to sit Spikes for a half because of Spikes’ intentional gouging of Ealey’s eyes. That is until a media firestorm made Spikes (of all people) come forward and voluntarily accept a 1 game suspension. And that was for intentionally trying to injure someone. Yeah, Corch is a really tough disciplinarian all right.


        • Rob A

          Marcus Thomas was the Gator’s best D-linemen that year. He was indefinitely suspended after failing his second drug test. He appealed to the school, claiming that the second failed test was related to the first test. The school’s drug committee (not Meyer) reduced the suspension to two games. Meyer let Thomas back on the team, but subjected him to a mandatory curfew, drug classes, and review of all out of town trips. Thomas broke all three conditions by going on an unapproved trip to disney on Halloween. Meyer then immediately kicked off one of the best players on his team in the middle of a championship run. But I guess it all depends on how you want to spin it.


    • 69Dawg

      I am sure Urban will suspend him for as many games as they have cup cakes.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Oh come on Senator. It’s not like he five fingered a scooter helmet or exited an alley in a menacing manner.


  3. Biggus Rickus

    “The texts are coming from inside the house!”

    Seriously though, if true that is f-ing creepy.


  4. Brandon

    No scooter involved, no problem. Per Red & Black staff.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Are we sure this isn’t like, the University of Florida at Clearwater or something? Because I’ve been told repeatedly that the Florida Gators don’t have any disciplinary problems. I’ve even had it explained to me why Gator players firing shots into the air from assault rifles in parking lots isn’t as big a deal as Georgia’s rash of drunken misdemeanors. So, surely there’s been some sort of misunderstanding here.

    Perhaps Rainey was just trying to text her a review of the album “Time to Die” by The Dodos, an indie-folk group.


    • Mike

      I have a different theory. Once they get Rainey’s cellphone, I’m sure they’ll discover that the immediately preceding text message read, “A time to live and,” and the following two text messages read, “A time to plant and,” and “A time to uproot.” This is Biblical, folks. It’s right there in Ecclesiastes. That or he was quoting The Byrds who were covering Pete Seeger who was paraphrasing the Bible.


  6. D.N. Nation

    I don’t see any problem with this. Rainey’s just using the D.E.N.N.I.S. System.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    He can beat the hell out of her and transfer to UT.


  8. Regular Guy

    Al Gore invented Twitter.


  9. ugafan

    That’s all he did? Just threaten to murder his girlfriend? Psssh. Riding the bench for half a game will learn him!

    I mean at least he didn’t sell a jersey right?


  10. Dog in Fla

    Upon hearing of the conundrum of concussed Chris, Huntley prepares himself to put on his Gator helmet and call the States Attorney who will then put on his Gator helmet


    and magically, upon saying the words yada yada yada, it will all be taken care of


  11. BMan

    Texting threatening messages to his girlfriend is pretty bad. But if had withheld his middle name when the police arrested him, then he’s a real menace to society.


  12. UFTimmy

    The latest articles have quotes from the girlfriend where she says she never felt threatened and signed papers not to press charges, she just wanted the police there to mediate.

    Either way, I hope he’s kicked off the team or suspended for a very long time. While I can’t recall any issues with the law, he’s not been a choir boy since being here.

    Honestly, I don’t see Rainey as a big loss. As fun as his shakes were, he got caught from behind a lot for a speedster, and didn’t really seem to care about blocking. Our offense just doesn’t work without perimeter blocking.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Translation: I’m OK with him getting thrown off of the team because he’s turned out to not be an elite player.


    • Scott

      UF Timmy,

      You left out the part about her saying that the reason she wanted to drop the charges were because she feared for her safety from UF fans, many of which have already called her cell phone and left threats. Spin Timmy Spin.


      • UFTimmy

        I think both of you have me confused for a Gator homer. I think my posting here refutes that.

        Go Dawgs!:

        My post contains two points. The first is I think he should be heavily disciplined.

        The second is that I don’t believe it will impact the team as much as a player with as much name recognition as Rainey has would normally. The two points are not related.


        All the facts are not out yet, but according to some reports she signed papers at the time when the police first showed up saying she did not wish to press charges. I think that would be a little too soon for phone calls to start.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Well, which is it? 1) A lovers’ spat with no threat but simply a misunderstanding with a poor choice of words and she really didn’t need help (in which case he probably would not really need heavy discipline), or; 2) a real threat and he should be gone from the team and probably the school as well, only it doesn’t matter because he’s really not that good? You pick. Those are the choices you actually laid out.


  13. Normaltown Mike

    Curse this texting phenom.

    If it was a phone call or voice message, Jackie Chan could argue that he said “time to dye” as he was planning to make some tie-dye t’s.


  14. Brandon

    SAT Question:

    Stalking and Terroristic Threats in Gainesville are as to:

    a. Beating an off-duty cop in Knoxville.
    b. Emerging from an alley on a scooter in Athens; or

    c. Humans v. Zombies is to North Avenue, Atlanta.

    Think hard Red & Black readers.


  15. UFTimmy

    Here’s an update for you Senator:

    Steve Addazio says Rainey is “no longer a part of the team.” #Gators


  16. Anon

    Meyer reports that Rainey’s cell service has been suspended for the Tennessee game.


  17. gatriguy

    1% of 1%


  18. H-Town Dawg

    Nothing says “classy” in Gainesville like death threats to the girlfriend. Just one more reason to despise the Gators and their fans. Call the exterminators…